Friday, 10 December 2010

A song of life

Be the peace within your soul
Breathe deep, breathe love and be
Radiant lights all shining stars
One big family

Touch each other with this light
with love we'll surely be
Singing songs of purest love
With joy and harmony

Celestial music in your soul
Pure divinity
Angels singing in your heart
Set the angels free

Every flower every birdsong
Every Mountain, every tree
Everything within our hearts
In stillness sit and be

Sparkle with a love of life
Embrace each soul you meet
Shine with love and be the light
Bless each day you greet

Accept yourself for who you are
So blessed for life are we
Dance timeless in eternal bliss
Breathe deep, relax and BE

Natures Gift to a Weary Soul

Oh Weary Soul, come, rest your troubles in my heart,
Know they will be safe
Within the sparkling wheel
Of creation and love.

Oh Weary soul, tread your toes upon my soft grass,
And feel my touch
Caress your gentle spirit
A sweet kiss of life.

Oh Weary soul, cast your eyes and gaze upon my sky
And see my beauty,
Your hopes and dreams,
Reflected in my light

Oh Weary soul come listen, to sounds you would pass by
And hear with joy
As sweet melodic birdsong
Sings to your heart.

Oh Weary soul awaken now, to beauty all around
Come forth with love
And breathe new life
Created in my arms.

photo dec.10


The words that are unspoken
I hear.
The emotion barely touched on
I feel.
With depths of awareness
I heal.

The things that are hidden
I see.
The clarity of vision
I hold.
A story not yet written
Is told.

The veil of illusion
I break.
With self observation
I know.
With truth of reality
I grow.


Sunday, 21 November 2010

A heart song

In gratitude

Anam cara soul friend
You touched this soul with light
Opened up this heart to love
When all was dark as night

So numb this human body
had walked round in a daze
Going through the motions
Everything a haze

Then one night it happened
I saw you in a dream
My heart exploded into light
Remembered where i'd been

And all of nature called out
The planets, earth and sky
All the rivers and the seas
And my heart heaved a sigh

Embraced within the presence
The love of our sweet mother
This love expands and reaches out
To each sister and each brother

And as the sun keeps rising
My heart it opens wide
And deep compassion fills my soul
Light sparkles from inside

And deep within my beating heart
This vision still holds true
To bring this planet back to peace
I share my dreams with you

In oneness and in unity
This garden that I see
is paradise for every soul
A song of harmony

And through the silent stillness
This feeling way down deep
This resonance within my soul
I won't go back to sleep

With everything that is below
And all that is above
My heart expands with peace and joy
And rests within Pure Love

Beautiful life

Children of the universe
Creating all we see
Each one of us is so unique
With potentiality

Be still and in the silence
The angels they will sing
And guide you with their strength and light
Their sweetness they will bring

Connect with our Great Mother
Feel her love and breathe
Open wide your beating heart
And it will never leave

Touch the earth, be humbled
This garden shines so bright
Be thankful for each moment
And sing with pure delight

The beauty it is endless
Feel it deep inside
Open up express yourself
Love will always guide

Immortal spirits on this earth
Wrapped in a human shape
Give to life the best you can
I stand in awe, agape

Friday, 19 November 2010

A beautiful morning

A ruby sun rises
A Cold frosty morning
Be with the stillness
And watch the day dawning

The birch trees are shining
The rainbow dew glistens
Give thanks for the moment
The universe listens

Each moment is sacred
Each breathe that we take
Each thought that we think
Is what we create

I touch the sweet earth
And breathe with a sigh
My heart opens wider
Pulsating third eye

Such beauty I feel
Such beauty I see
I taste the sweet moment
And sit here and be

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Joyful souls dance

Hearts wide open loving giving
Bodies move in time
Sweetness, softness gently flowing
Dance with love and shine

Sparkling souls with love expanding
Radiate so bright
Breathing, touching, holding, feeling
Stand naked in the light

Look deep into the eyes of truth
such vulnerability
Breathing slow, relax and sigh
Love flows so easily

Dancing gently softly sweetly
Miracles unfold
Deep inside this beating heart
Breathing with rose gold

Deep peace and sweet serenity
The angel bells all ring
So grateful for this life so blessed
As love and beauty sing.

Friday, 12 November 2010

A joyful song

The twinkling of sweet angel bells
Sing to each heart that listens
Breathing deep, the morning air
The sunlit dewdrop glistens

Robins sing their morning tune
The crows they caw along
A hawk it whistles in the sky
The dawn she sings her song

Winter sun and driving rain
The rainbows shine so bright
Dance to the rhythm of the wind
In clear and sparkling light

Give to life the best you can
In stillness sit and be
Breathe with love give all you can
And trust in what you see

In truth and beauty angels sing
Dancing to their song
Open up your heart to love
And life will sing along

Love burns brightly like a flame
Each cell alive with light
Radiate with inner joy
Shine like a star tonight

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

A heart Song

The story of your heart song
Learn to sing it raw
Go within your beating heart
And open up the door

Allow yourself really feel
The fire that burns bright
Sit and breathe and radiate
That love into the night

Keep focused on the source now
the wobbles will subside
Know the joy inside your heart
and keep it open wide

The spinning vortex flashes
Sparkling with light
And blue spots dance around the room
A mesmerising sight

Sit inside the stillness
And offer out your love
With everything below you
and Everything above

Watch it all unfolding
no need to push or force
Just surrender to the night
And let it take its course

Embrace each single moment
for what that moment brings
And do what gives the greatest joy
Is what the heart-song sings

Its time to drop the masks now
and know yourself as love
And learn to fly on angel wings
As peaceful as a dove

The power of joy

Open your heart to the beauty inside
Allow it to be both your compass and guide
Archangels will tinkle their bells to your song
And life will support you and help you along

The power of Joy is what comes when you find
A road to the soul that brings peace of mind
In stillness the source will point out the way
Be loving, be kind be respectful and play

And Nature will sing you her favourite tune
Delight in the sunshine and dance with the moon
Bring laughter and smiles to all that you meet
Be gracious and bless each day that you greet

There'll be days when you wibble and wobble along
Be kind to yourself its just part of the song
Know your own worth and with each passing day
Connect to the source and trust in the way

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

A mystical dance

A Pounding heart races
The sound of the drum
Pulsating rhythm
A resonant hum

The fire is burning
Feel the heat rise
A strong vibrant life force
sparkling eyes

Move with the rhythm
Of this sacred dance
Dive into the mystic
deep into trance

Heart now wide open
Exploding with bliss
Singing with angels
Breathe love,blow a kiss.

Let go and surrender
Go deep and fly high
Hover in stillness
Breathe out with a sigh

Thursday, 28 October 2010

Shining light

Be kind, be true, be good to you
In stillness sit and be
Open up your tender heart
And let your love run free

Sisters, brothers holding hands
joining hearts in song
All connected in the light
The love it shines as one

Light up your face with total joy
And smile at all you see
Find the peace within your soul
Where you can learn to be

Return to childlike innocence
Enjoy each single day
And one day you may be surprised
When life shows you the way

Don't ever underestimate
The beauty in your soul
Express yourself, enjoy your life
Be happy and be whole.

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

At the cabin

Catch a train in morning light
Dawn chorus fills the skies
Floating off in sleepy dreams
The sun is on the rise

Hoeing weeds in heavy rain
A robin starts to sing
The clouds float on, a bright sun shines
A red kite on the wing

A heron flies through crimson skies
The clouds tinged with rose gold
A blaze of fiery autumn light
A marvel to behold

An old man on the riverbank
His fishing rod in hand
Speaks of nature and of peace
This place we understand

In the woods the trees explode
A deep red, golden hue
The emerald grass it sparkles bright
The lake an azure blue

Sit with love and gratitude
Be as the evening sky
Give a little smile to life
And sigh a little sigh.

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Ride the waves

In the meadow feel the heat
burning underneath your feet
Rising up to to touch the sun
Connecting with all life as one.

Spinning spirals ever turning
From wise sages, always learning
The racing of a heart that quickens
In the stillness opens, listens

Bonds of friendship never lost
In love we trust, there is no cost
Keep on loving, keep on learning
The heat that rises, keeps on burning

Holding thoughts of pure intent
Some things it seems are heaven sent
Keep the channels open wide
On waves of light learn how to ride

Accept the darkness of the night
Howl at the moon that shines so bright
Arms outstretched pray to the source
Trust the guidance on your course

Feel the heartbeat of the One
Chanting the eternal OM
This miracle of life we see
Open, flow and learn to be.

Monday, 25 October 2010

Fluctuating energies

The world turns on its axis
The rumble of the night
Prayers for peace and unity
The bright beams of moonlight

Trembling in the darkness
A place at times I go
Breathing slow and breathing deep
allowing love to flow

Arms outstretched in stillness
Connecting with the One
The angel bells they twinkle
A deep resounding Om

Retreating into silence
The stillness runs so deep
The vital flowing life force
Preventing any sleep

The scent of sweet aromas
Blue lights that flash so bright
The ever spinning vortex
Spins late into the night

A heartbeat races, quickens
Re centre, balance, ground
Keep on breathing, feel the peace
As life keeps spinning round

Friday, 15 October 2010

trusting the magic

Sit gently in the sunrise
So radiant the glow
Breathe deep into the golden rays
Relax into the flow

Venus light, the morning star
Twinkles in the sky
Feel the light within your heart
And watch the sparkles fly

In the meadow feel the earth
So soft beneath your feet
The holy wind blows through your hair
So gentle and so sweet

Sit and gaze in wonder
This feeling deep inside
Be at peace feel love and joy
A heart that opens wide

Trusting in the magic
So radiant and bright
Dance and sing and shine with joy
Connected by the light

A hawk it hovers in mid air
And calls out whilst in flight
Breathing deep, an open heart
Beams out with love tonight

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Drifting through the night

So silently the twilight falls
A velvet cloak of night
Flying through the universe
On shining beams of light

Sweet Pegasus your wings unfold
Through starry skies take flight
Breathe deeply and immerse yourself
In neptune's bright blue light

This ship we call our mother earth
Spinning here in space
Wake to all the wonder
and beauty of this place

the waxing moon a sliver
Will be full in a while
The sun's light shines upon her face
a silver crescent smile

Sink into the nightime
The quiet gentle sound
And as the night sky drops its cloak
I feel the earth's heart pound

Sunday, 10 October 2010

The magic of an autumn day

So deep inside the heart now
Opening so wide
Expanded love just let it flow
From this place deep inside

Anchoring the energy
In rose gold shining light
Pulsating beaming life force
Magic shining bright

Call upon the angels
To gently guide you through
Twinkle as the starry sky
And sparkle as the dew

Touch each soul with kindness
With peace and unity
Surrender to each moment
Allow yourself to be

Reach out to mother nature
Connect with all as one
Be the love and harmonise
Shine brightly as the sun

Friday, 8 October 2010

The beauty of Autumn

The dragonflies dance,
A hawk on the wing,
The swallows all swoop and dive
as they sing

The warm wind that rustles
the bright golden leaves
That light up the path
As they fall from the trees

The green meadow sparkles
I dance and I sing
And throw up my arms
To embrace everything

An open heart glows
And radiates love
Connected to all
that's below and above

And as the sky darkens
And turns into night
Sweet melodies touch
And hearts fill with light

So touched by all life
And blessed for the chance
To feel so much peace
And joy while I dance

So blessed and enraptured
And filled with such bliss
I bow to the stars
And blow life a kiss

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Autumn Sunrise

Breathing deep & breathing slow
With each breath relax let go
Feel the heat beneath your feet
Become the sound of each heartbeat

Feel the tremble deep within
The spirit cloaked in human skin
Vibrations raised in joyous light
Pulsating life force burning bright

Sparkle in the starry sky
Embracing life now, heave a sigh
In the stillness sit and be
Feel the wind move silently

Radiate with dazzling light
light up the sky and sparkle bright
Breathing love into the one
The rising of the morning sun

Brothers sisters of the light
Holding hands and shining bright
Sweet angels in a timeless dance
No longer living in a trance

Sunday, 3 October 2010

Enjoy the dance

Electric blue and violet light
Colours flashing bold and bright
Rainbows shining, The Essenes
Slipping in and out of dreams

Blue tits on the window ledge
Turtle doves coo in the hedge
An owl hoots loudly in the tree
A red fox runs alongside me

Voices chanting, ears are ringing
Listening to the angels singing
Smile at everyone you see
Find the still point, sit and be

Become the music that you hear
Be the love, let go of fear
Dance and twirl with sheer delight
Light up the stars and shine tonight

Connecting with all hearts as one
breathing slowly, chant the OM
Feel the sparks of magic fly
Let go relax and breathe a sigh

Friday, 1 October 2010

An Autumn Gathering

The wind blows through the autumn leaves
All swirling round and round
Mesmerised the colours spin
And land upon the ground

Walking in the autumn rain
Each drop feels fresh and new
No matter what the weather brings
Always enjoy the view

A gathering of kindred souls
Leaves magic in the air
Each one has a tale to tell
So much we have to share

The cheerful smiling faces
The sparkling friendly eyes
The gentle warmth of each embrace
Love wears no disguise

The open hearted sharing
Of dreams within our souls
Expanded light, all rising up
And shining in rose gold

Buzzing with the energy
Of synergy and light
Each part of the one-ness
Shines so very bright

How blessed are we to be here now
Together all as one
Soul stars twinkle in the rain
And sparkle in the sun

Appreciate each moment
For what that moment brings
And learn to leap off hilltops
And fly with outstretched wings

Thursday, 23 September 2010

Autumn play

Dance amongst the rainbows
Reflecting diamond light
Each colour radiates with joy
And sings with pure delight

Sit amongst the flowers
And listen to the bees
Feel the wind arouse the soul
And rustle through the leaves

Wake to sparkling dewdrops
That glisten in the dawn
And say a prayer of gratitude
As each new day is born

Shine down silver moonbeams
That radiate with light
As all the stars light up the sky
This gentle autumn night

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Grateful for....

Waking up to clear blue skies
A deep red ruby/gold sunrise
Birds that sing from lofty trees
The wind that rustles through the leaves

The rain that falls, a fragrant rose
Making rainbows with a hose
Connecting with old friends and new
The morning air, the sparkling dew

Reaching out with hearts of love
Twinkling stars in skies above
The moon that shines on through the night
A chance to radiate with light

Learning, loving, living, breathing
All the giving and receiving
The guidance given on the way
Living life with joy each day

All the beauty that I see
A chance to sit and learn to be
A peaceful heart, a quiet mind
To love, to nurture and be kind

Monday, 13 September 2010

Fairy dreams

A key that fits a lock
A gate already open
There is no need to knock
For those who are awoken

A fairy skips on through
And does a little dance
She sings a little song
And drifts into a trance

She wakes next to a well
That twinkles in the sun
And with a flick she waves her wand
A wish for everyone

May all beings be at peace
May joyful laughter be
The natural way to live each day
With ease and harmony

May each heart be filled with love
May every mind be free
May there always be clear vision
May beauty always be

And in the dew of morning
The sparkling emerald green
The sun rose up above the hills
And golden light was seen

The spirit fairy dancer
Sings a joyful song
And offers out these words to you
That you might sing along.

Sunday, 12 September 2010

The story of a wand

There was a tree that shed a branch
That lay there on the ground
Until one day it called out loud
That day the branch was found

The branch it talked and gave a name
And there a story starts
Of how one day a conker tree
Shed a little branch

The rain had come, the wind blew wild
The tree it swayed with might
And dug its roots into the soil
That dark and stormy night

The night seemed never ending
The tree it held its own
But when a branch fell to the ground
It gave a little moan

It thought its days were over
That there would be no light
And so its roots held firm and strong
And danced right through the night

Suddenly the storm it passed
The skies became so clear
And through that night the conker tree
Overcame its fear

The tree looked out with sadness
As the branch lay on the ground
And so it came to be that day
That branch was to be found

The branch was whittled gently
A wand it came to be
But always it remembers
Its connection to the tree

The moral to this story
If there is one at all
Is learn to dance right through the storms
Don't be afraid to fall

And if one day whilst walking
In woods of sparkling gold
A branch calls out, a wand is made
A story may be told.

Saturday, 11 September 2010


See the beauty with your eyes
Breathing in the rose pink skies
Angel feathers soft and white
Drift silently into the light

Golds and reds and orange hues
Float in skies of azure blues
Shimmering golds and emerald green
Sparkles from the fairy queen

Wings outstretched and soaring high
Looking out with Eagle eye
Bring joy and love to all around
share the magic you have found

Rustling leaves, the spirit breeze
A heaving sigh, the life force breathes
Beating hearts they open wide
Become the love thats held inside

Each and every breath we take
Creates the world we wish to make
bring forth the colours in your mind
Be beautiful, be gentle, kind

Make a difference, shine so bright
Use your heart to guide you right
Surrender to the starry night
Melt in this bliss and be the light

Serve with kindness and with grace
Bring a smile to every place
Connect with every star above
Bring to the world a gift of love

Sunday, 22 August 2010

peace love and joy

Wrap yourself in starlight
Shine on with the moon
Open as a flower
With sweet and deep perfume

Keep your heart wide open
Radiate with light
Beam with love out to the world
And keep on shining bright

See beauty in each moment
Arrive within your skin
Be at peace, enjoy the flow
Love the place you're in

Create with love and joy
Give to life your best
Treat everyone with deep respect
And take some time to rest

Thursday, 19 August 2010

Keep breathing

From a rugged mountain peak
Spread your wings and soar
With eagle eye see from above
Bring peace where there is war

Hover silent in the air
Do not make a sound
Know these wings can hold you
High above the ground

Sit upon a pure white cloud
Stop a while and rest
Gentle, strong with open heart
Be love at its best

Give thanks for every new day
Another chance to fly
Spread the joy within your heart
Breathe slow, breathe deep and sigh

Sunday, 15 August 2010

Fields of Lavender

Lie down in fields of lavender
Where I may watch the sky
And be at peace among the bees
And watch the clouds float by

Breathe deeply in the fragrance
So sweet upon the skin
Wear a cloak of angel dreams
Love the place you’re in

Let go ,let go, surrender
To the beauty that’s inside
And from the highest mountain peak
Spread your wings and glide

Catch a thermal, feel yourself
Rising ever higher
And free yourself from all constraints
Flying with white fire

Alive and fresh I lie here
Peaceful, calm at ease
And dream of fields of lavender
The buzzing of the bees

Thursday, 12 August 2010

A leap of faith

In sweet awakened journeys
A rememberance of the soul
Going deeper every day
Let go and lose control

Breathing in the sunshine
With hearts so filled with love
With mother earth below your feet
Light shining from above

Be at peace extend an arm
To everyone around
Hold in your hand the lamp of light
That’s passed from underground

Letting go into the void
A strange time for us all
Don’t be afraid, just take the leap
And jump into free-fall

Brothers, sisters holding hands
Standing in the light
All hearts being joined in love
So radiant and bright

Be present in the moment
For each has much to show
No matter what each moment brings
Its helping us to grow

Trust in your heart it tells you
That love will light the way
Be thankful for the peace and joy
That life brings you each day

Saturday, 7 August 2010

I am a flower, I am a bee
I am the river that flows to the sea
I am the clouds that drift through the sky
I am the butterfly fluttering by

I am the leaf that floats on the breeze
I am the wind that blows through the trees
I am the branch from which the leaf springs
I am the bird that perches and sings

I am the fox that weaves through the night
I am the moon who beams out her light
I am the owl, I am the bat
I am a mysterious magic black cat

I am the soil, I am the earth
I am a new life coming to birth
I am the innocent trust of a child
I am a witch sometimes daring and wild

I am a reflection in which you all see
I am all you and you are all me

Thursday, 5 August 2010

Being with nature

Oh sweet gentle wind
Blow through my human skin
I will stand in stillness
And breathe what you may bring

Sweet Mother Earth
On your sweet soil I dance
Without a care in meadows sweet
I fall into your trance

Wise trees of the wood
What magic you have seen
I breathe you in, your air so sweet
Cloaked in emerald green

Beautiful sky so blue
With heart shaped clouds you bring
You fill my soul with peace and joy
I raise my arms and sing

River running by
You teach me how to flow
And gently with the current
Into the sea I go

Monday, 2 August 2010

Dance in the light

Lighten up your heart
Dance within the light
When you're strong and centred
Everythings alright

Each person that you meet
A part of your reflection
Strive to reach self unity
And see your own perfection

When we see the blocks
We never knew existed
Its only then we realise
This is how we've resisted

So celebrate your life
be glad for who you are
No matter where the journey leads
You've come so very far

Keep an open heart
Its easy now to see
That with this self acceptance
Comes self unity

Love all life

Each time that we surrender
We learn to be more humble
To yield to life and trust it all
Although the skies may rumble

When all you feel is love
For your sisters and your brothers
Learn also how to love yourself
As you would love all others

Learn to love each moment
for beauty you will find
Allow the deep tranquility
To hush your chattering mind

In your heart a diamond
Shines so very bright
Reflect your love out to the world
And fill it with your light

Sunday, 1 August 2010

Thank you life

Thank you for each moment
The passing of the day
Thanks to all the friends I have
That guide me on my way

Thank you for the words
And all the love thats given
Thank you for the life I have
The work that keeps me driven

Thank you for the wind
That blows right through my soul
Thank you for the shining stars
When nights are black as coal

Thank you for the sunrise
The brightness of its rays
And thank you for each moment
The passing of the days

Thank you for the journey
For nature at its best
Thank you for the stillness
When my mind is at rest

Thank you for the love
That open hearts do show
Its teaching a new way to be
Its helping me to grow

Saturday, 31 July 2010

Healing the self

Driven by a mission
That called out in the night
Something pulling at the soul
Reaching out for light

With a sense of purpose
And firm determination
Listening to the inner voice
Downloading information

We do not choose what surfaces
It comes out of the blue
And as it comes I write it down
and share it all with you

It isn't always easy
The path at times is steep
It takes a lot of courage
To go so very deep

The time has come for healing
The old wounds that we find
Until we are awake and whole
With clarity of mind

It may not be that easy
but when the peace is found
You'll find a place of harmony
where all is safe and sound

Thursday, 29 July 2010

With love, we grow

Going through a rebirth
Contractions squeeze so tight
Flowing with emotions
The grief hits hard tonight

Finding strength not easy
But something I must do
Until I reach self unity
The angels guide me through

The beauty locked inside me
Trapped in this cocoon
I hope that an emergence
Will happen very soon

Each time that my heart opens
And love begins to flow
I touch these deep emotions
Through all of this, I grow

The peace that I keep touching
Will one day fill the earth
It starts with self, with no one else
Its part of the rebirth

And with a flowing gentle love
A healing will take place
And one day soon a peaceful heart
Will fill with joy and grace

Its through the stiller moments
That yet more light is found
Connecting with the heavens
Rooted to the ground

And when I stop and focus
The vision that I see
Is all hearts filled with peace and love
The world in harmony

I’ll keep on writing through this
And sharing all I can
Its something I'm compelled to do
Its part of who I am.

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

The stars always shine

I know beyond the cloudy skies
That the moon will always rise
And the stars still shine so bright
in the darkness of the night

My heart still beats so deep and slow
surrendering and letting go
And with quiet introspection
Looking at my own reflection

When the morning comes around
You'll find me kneeling on the ground
Talking with the butterflies
Watching hearts float through the skies

Hearing rustles in the trees
Flowing with the soft cool breeze
Arms outstretched heart open wide
With each wave I'll learn to ride

And on the back of unicorn
I won't give up and be folorn
I'll do my best and give my all
And hope that I wont hit a wall

I know that really we're all one
Holy spirits having fun
Sparkling in the radiant light
Surrendering into the night

Life will always be alright.

Monday, 26 July 2010

Walk in Beauty

Walk in beauty each day of your life
No need for struggle, no need for strife
Let go of your fears and leave them behind
Relax and be still and just quieten your mind

Release old emotions into the wind
Feel the sun shining and hear your soul sing
With nature connect and raise your vibration
Bring all that you can into harmonisation

With the breeze in your hair dance with the Tao
Be as light as feather and to life, take a bow
Radiate peace send it out through the earth
Treasure and value all life and its worth

Each moment is precious so open your eyes
With eagle vision, soar up through the skies
Open your heart and pure love you will meet
Let it flow freely and softly and sweet

Be the temples of light that you are
Send out your love to those near and far
Feel yourself sparkle, sit and be still
Know you’re always guided by love’s divine will

Saturday, 24 July 2010

Breathing love

A waxing tender moon
A heart now filled with light
Breathing a soft gentle love
Intentions burning bright

Visualise the joy
And peace for all to see
As the laughter fills our hearts
The earth in harmony

The beauty that you see
You know can only stay
The fog is lifting once again
You see the light of day

Stripped down to the core
There is only love
Connect now with the earth below
Bring light down from above

Feel your heart expand
Breathe in the clear still night
Acceptance now for all you are
radiate your light

Stay in the present moment
Spread joy to all you see
And clear your mind of cluttered thoughts
Relax and simply be.

Friday, 23 July 2010


Trusting always trusting
a heart beats slow and deep
I'm praying now I'll stay awake
And won't go back to sleep

Any blocks to peace now
Have melted into light
Only love and pure sweet joy
Remain with me tonight

The energy now rising
Surrender to the night
And pray to the great spirit
To guide with second sight

The circle ever widens
With open hearts we touch
We share our love and beauty
Because we care so much

And all together in the light
We're following the way
We breathe the love within our hearts
And face a brand new day

I sit and say my thanks now
For all the love thats given
and All the love that is received
And clarity of vision

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

The winding path

Though the path may be winding
Know when you fall
With soft gentle strength
You learn through it all

It takes courage stand up
your heart open wide
And follow the voice
that whispers inside

Share all your joys
Light up all around
Breathe with the earth
Your feet on the ground

Create all you can
Whilst following the way
And Make sure you treasure
Each moment, each day

Try not to miss
The sun set and rise
Don't walk around blindly
Wipe the dust from your eyes

And with each little signpost
That points out the way
Be sure to find time
To let go and play

As night draws a curtain
You let out a sigh
And watch the moon waxing
So bright in the sky

Sit there and bathe
in her sweet beams of light
As your energy rises
To meet her tonight

Sunday, 18 July 2010

Following the light

Eagle wears white hawks disguise
And hovers over clear blue skies
With tears of joy you wipe your eyes
Expanded heart, love starts to rise

Open slowly tender flower
Melt with softness, gentle power
with sweet fragrance, open wide
This place of peace so deep inside

Glow with colour shining bright
Let the rainbows find their light
Touch the source and be as one
Turn your face towards the sun

Find your treasure deep inside
On gentle waves of light you ride
The blue star guides you on her course
Flowing gently with no force

Thanking spirit for the call
With humble gratitude to all
And bless each thing you see with love
All that's below, All that's above.

Saturday, 17 July 2010

Gentle Soul

Breathing slowly, breathing deeply
Sweetened soul at peace completely
No more tugging, no more pulling
Gentle softness, calmly calling

With sparkling eyes look to the skies
Its all a dream and nothing dies
Feel the spirits gentle breeze
flowing now through life with ease

Hold out your arms, embrace it all
Allow yourself to slowly fall
Land in the meadow, soft and sweet
Feel the grass beneath your feet

No manic chatter in your mind
All of that you've left behind
Serenity she waves and smiles
She's seen you walk for many miles

Awakened child that you've become
Turn your face towards the sun
For many mountains you have climbed
Through the vortex in your mind

Melt into the warm night air
You no longer have a care
No jabbing of internal fight
Hold out your arms, embrace the night

And in the sweetened dew of morning
Hear the birds awake and calling
With purest heart you bow and pray
Love is guiding all the way

Friday, 16 July 2010

Return to innocence

Returning to innocence
Laugh like a child
Enjoy every moment
So magic and wild

Fly with the wind
Embrace all the love
On sweet dew soaked earth
Watch the clouds float above

Dance out your joy
Your heart filled with bliss
Wave at the moon
and blow it a kiss

See yourself walking
on bridges of light
With angels beside you
Dream sweetly tonight

Friday, 9 July 2010

Let your spirit shine!

There’s no mistakes.. in life we learn
To watch the ego growl and burn
There is a choice to let it be
Light up your heart and you will see
With joy and love, each passing day
Will guide the steps along the way
No longer will you spin around
Keep falling flat upon the ground
To gain in strength and see the light
And learn to use your second sight
Release the fears that do not serve
Become the witness and observe
And laugh at days when you are weak
It doesn’t mean that you’re a freak
The ego fights to take control
But there is light within your soul
Just watch and laugh and learn and grow
And joy and peace you’ll come to know
Be kind to those who sit and judge
As all reflections get a nudge
Just love yourself for all you are
And twinkle brightly as a star
In your heart a diamond shines
Its sparkling light will heal the mind
And join all hearts in rose gold light
And know the darkness of the night
Befriend the things that you would fear
Shekinah’s wind is always near
To blow you with a gentle breeze
So you may hear the rustling leaves
Just laugh and live and learn and play
And let Great Spirit guide the way

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

A Wild Nature Child

Does it make your heart glow
To gaze upon a rainbow
Does it make your passion rise
To feel the warmth of summer skies

Do dewdrops shine like diamond glass
When you lie down upon the grass
Does Great Spirit sing to you
In deep lagoons of Azure blue

Do the rocks with smiling faces
Guide you through the stony places
Do woodland nymphs dance in the night
Underneath a bright moonlight

Do you sense the rustling leaves
When you gaze up at gnarled old trees
Do crows pull out their brightest feathers
To give you signs in stormy weather

Does the buzzing of the bees
Keep you praying on your knees
Does the spray of sea air mist
Engulf you in ecstatic bliss

Do you clap your hands in sheer delight
to see a shooting star at night
Do bolts of lightning, rumbling skies
Excite your soul, light up your eyes

Do you wake with joy each day
Jump out of bed and want to play
And give the world your sweetest smile
You are alive wild nature child

Sunday, 4 July 2010

a torch of light

A butterly emerging
Sits upon a rose
Silently unfolding wings
Every day she grows

Being led by nature
The gentle soothing breeze
Following the blackbirds
The buzzing of the bees

A sudden flash of lightning
Strikes with pure connection
And in the sea of ectascy
She sees her own reflection

Now tender with her new wings
Resting for a while
She sighs into the night sky
And gives the stars a smile

All this gentle power
Each breath forms new creation
Of clearest light & total love
and purest of intention

Silently she whispers
In gratitude, with grace
To the miracle she calls her life
That's brought her to this place

Her passion is now forming
Into words of light
And with compassion burning
her torch is shining bright.

Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Shekinah's wind

Shekinah's wind moves quietly
It whispers of divinity
With these eyes I look and see
Eight herons fly in unity

They glide into infinity
Flying slowly, gracefully
With all the beauty that I see
I sit with pure humility

On bended knees amongst the weeds
Surrounded now by bumble bees
Covered by the shady trees
Breathing deep into the breeze

A beating heart now opens wide
A wave of love, a rising tide
Shekinah's wind moves deep inside
And on these waves of light I ride

Monday, 28 June 2010

Held in the arms of the Great Spirit

With soft calm strength true words are spoken
There is no pain, no hearts are broken
Love and friendship still remain
Cleansed in the truth of gentle rain

Today my spirit sparkles new
I sit and rest, enjoy the view
And blackbirds sing their sweetest song
As nature carries me along

Another feather I have found
From the crow, dropped on the ground
It symbolises all the love
Great Spirit sends from up above

I sit and watch as butterflies
Flit all around, light up the skies
And moths as huge as hummingbirds
Help weave magic into words

Be at peace and rest a while
Its time to find your inner smile
The tired eyes that have known no sleep
Will rest before another leap

Tomorrow brings another day
Another step along the way
Another chance to sit and wonder
As miracles unfold in splendour

The gentle wind its soft sweet dance
Blows through me, I sit entranced
With gratitude, my breathing slow
Send out the love and spread the glow

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

The Kiss of Bliss

Feel your spirit start to hum
To the beat of nature's drum
Melt into the golden sun
The joining of all hearts as one

When angels touch with fingertips
Know your spirit has been kissed
Ride the waves of heavens bliss
Close your eyes and make a wish

The sweet caress of gentle wind
The universe begins to sing
And messages Great Spirit brings
Unfolding of a fairy's wings

Ride on the back of unicorn
And sit and watch the rising dawn
Breathe in deep the early morn
The dewy mist, a new day born

Sparks they shine from star drenched hair
A torch of peace held in the air
A spirit shining, naked, bare
Its in the love for life we share

Compassion burns within your soul
How wise they are those knights of old
A story now starts to unfold
And magic shines in hearts of gold

A truth so gentle, falls like rain
There is no fear, there is no pain
for open hearts can only gain
The way back into love again.

Monday, 14 June 2010

A stroll down the mountain

Strolling down the mountain
I smell the morning rain
The clearing mist, the fog it lifts
I dance with life again

Down inside a cavern
The womb of mother earth
I learn of crystals and of peace
I learn about rebirth

Deep inside the stillness
My heart beats deep and slow
With purest love and clear intent
Awareness starts to grow

I wipe away the raindrops
So soft upon my skin
And look back on the months now passed
And see where I have been

And in this present moment
The stillness of the night
I sit with childlike wonder
As I breathe in the light.

Thursday, 3 June 2010

Being with Nature

Oh sweet and tender gentle night
Touch the earth and breathe her light
With softened heart that glows so bright
Learn to flow with second sight

Pound out a rhythm on the drum
And send out love into the One
Into a trance I gently float
A beam of light becomes my boat

Breathe down deep let out a sigh
With spirit wings we learn to fly
Connect down deep with mother earth
From her womb ideas give birth

Great Spirit calls out loud to me
To calm my soul and I will see
That all the things you’re called to be
Are mapped out in your destiny

So live, enjoy and be at peace
May inspiration never cease
Tread lightly on this mother earth
For through her soil there is rebirth

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

keep on keeping on

To serve with love and joy and grace
To navigate through time and space
To touch our bliss and grow our wings
To see the beauty in all things

To know ourselves right to the core
To seek out peace where there is war
To give and love with heart and soul
To keep creating for the whole

To keep on laughing, keep on loving
To keep creating out of nothing
To open til our souls run bare
To bring forth what we have to share

To be at peace expand the love
To fly on eagles wings above
To reach on out and join in force
To ride barebacked on freedoms horse

To give and love with all our might
To keep on pushing through the night
To follow with our intuition
To learn to see with clearer vision

Hold your own through all the shifts
Life will always share her gifts
See magic moving all around you
I guarantee it will astound you.

Sunday, 30 May 2010


We’re on our way, the journey’s begun
Talk to the wind, melt into the sun
Keep the mind focused on love and good service
With loving humility live life in earnest

Through all the shifts and the twist and the turns
Be loving, forgiving, be open to learn
Be all you that can, don’t hide behind bars
You know in your heart that we’re all shining stars

The gifts we’re all born with to share with the world
Use them with goodness and life will unfurl
Surf your way gently through waves of resistance
Be open to magic, of this our existence

So talk to the wind,
feel the sun on your face
And know that you'll one day
Fall into Grace.

Friday, 21 May 2010

In the Meadow

You can sow all your seeds in neat little rows,
I still love the places where the wild flowers grow.
Look at the tulips all standing like soldiers,
The wild flowers grow through the cracks in the boulders.

The bluebells they call me and I sit and listen,
And sit with the dewdrops at dawn as they glisten,
Obey all the rules of society's creation,
Or be who you are and enjoy your reflection.

Relax and be happy to be who you are,
Or be cut and arranged in a vase or a jar,
Our lives on this earth are so short you see,
You can grow as a tulip or branch out like a tree.

Be trained to grow around somebody's window,
Or let the wind blow you
Out here in the Meadow.

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Simply Be

You know that life's quite easy
If you would simply be
There's beauty in most everything
If you would only see

The sunshine and the laughter
Will raise you to new heights
Your heart it will be joyous
Filled with love and light

And if you get a bad day
When you are sad and blue
Don't be too harsh upon yourself
You know that you'll pull through

All it takes is knowing
That everythings okay
Allow the love that flows through you
To guide you on your way

Find what makes you happy
And then in time you'll see
That life itself is easy
Allow yourself to be.

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

The seeds of creation

In the hazy midday heat
Feel the earth beneath your feet
Open heart send out your love
To all around, below, above

Balanced now and harmonised
Taking life now in your stride
Shining bright and flowing free
New life bursts forth creatively

Through the chaos and destruction
Knock down the walls before creation
In time all things come to an end
Before they are rebuilt again

Watch your thoughts and be aware
Choose them wisely and with care
Within each thought a seed there lies
When it fruits don’t be surprised.

Surrender to the mystery,
And all the things your eyes can’t see
Let go and drift on down the stream
Gently taken by the dream

Wish for good and you will find
That good will come to you in time
All these seeds inside are growing
From the dreams that you are sowing

Friday, 7 May 2010

The Morning Star

A true heart is pounding
The sound of the drum
The energy’s rising
Face to the sun

Exploding with colour
Rainbows of light
The morning star calls
A message to write

When your spirit calls you
Some strange intuition
Will guide and will lead you
To follow a mission

Take note of the voices
That whisper to you
When gentle wind blows
Its message through you

Your heart it will open
And love will start growing
From Earth to the Heavens
With strength will start flowing

So reach out your arms
And melt into love
Become as the earth
The stars up above

The start of a change
Comes only with you
Let go of your pain
Allow love to flow through

In every direction
Become as the one
The starlight inside you
The big glowing sun

And rainbows will guide you
With bridges of light
And the moon will shine down
And brighten your night

Be open and soften
To each changing shift
And soon you will see
Through curtains of mist

When spirit it calls you
To follow a mission
Be sure that you listen
To your intuition

Your spirit will take you
On some strange adventure
Just open your heart
And stand strong in your centre

Thursday, 6 May 2010

A flower in the desert

A flower in the desert grows
In isolation she still knows
The sun still shines its golden light
And in the darkest of the night
The stars like diamonds always shine
She has no need to sit and pine
The desolation resonates
She still feels love,
she still vibrates
And now she knows she needs no one
To pick her up and take her home
For she knows in isolation
She's still part of this creation

Saturday, 1 May 2010

Opening up to love

The loving universal source says
dry your eyes and set your course
With kind and loving pure intent
On winds of change your dreams are sent

Spin through time all senses lost
Melt in the sun, become the frost
Feel the pound of each heart beat
As mother earth gives off her heat

At the core of our earth mother
She cries for us to love each other
Don’t get caught up in discontentment
And lead yourself to deep resentment

Instead she cries for us to bleed
To open up and voice our needs
To find ourselves and be at one
For us to know we’re always home

And once you find that love inside
Don’t hold it in with some false pride
Release the beauty in a stream
Of flowing words and rainbow dreams

And don’t forget to send your love
Out from your heart straight through the earth
And send it out into the skies
And know that love wears no disguise

Friday, 30 April 2010

Moving from grief

Melt into rays of streaming sunrise
Peer through the cracks of sleepless tired eyes
Volcanic eruptions, ash fills the skies
The time has now come for a Phoenix to rise

Cast the old emotions aside
The tears have been shed, the brain has been fried
Time for the eagle to fly free in the skies
Time now to wipe the tears from my eyes

Where do we go to in rainbow filled dreams
Tired of falling apart at the seams
Explosions of light emanate from my heart
Somehow just knowing I'm alive is a start

Tired of pushing, tired of pulling
Like some shooting star that feeling of falling
stand in my centre solid and strong
Allowing life now to just pull me along

Sunday, 11 April 2010

Thanking the Great Mystery

Thanks for the love that flows from my being
Thanks for showing a new way of seeing
Thanks for each new beautiful day
Thanks for the garden in which we play
Thanks for the souls that guide with their light
Thanks for the darkness from which we gain sight
Thanks for connections surrounding us all
Thanks for the times when I slip and fall
Thanks for the strength to get up again
Thanks for the joy of the dance in the rain
Thanks for the magic, the stars in the sky
Thank you for showing that we do not die
Thanks for my family thanks for my friends
And thanks for the journey, its twists and its bends
Thanks most of all for this gift of living
And for all the love, the receiving and giving.

Thursday, 8 April 2010

out on the porch

Alone at night I hold a torch
Drinking tea out on the porch
listen as the wise owl sings
watch him fly with silent wings

Drifting off and under trance
watch the late night fairies dance
watch the starlight in the sky
Connect to it with inner eye

drift off into golden dreams
Of azure pools and magic beams
Reflecting out with diamond light
Shining on the world tonight

hear the future, see the past
See the changes flowing fast
Slipping through realities
hear sweet music in the trees

I lose myself become the night
Disappear into the light
And everything’s so clear and bright
Out here on the porch tonight

Monday, 5 April 2010

A rhyme

This rhyme may seem like just a token
For the ones that are are awoken
links of old will not be broken
Golden words they will be spoken
You may think you’ve just been smitten
But these words they will be written
Words will form from ages past
And words of truth will always last
With courage now shed no more tears
For open hearts they hold no fears
With gentle strength & with your light
Illuminate the darkest night
We know the tests prove hard and long
They are there to make you strong
Trust your heart it is not wrong
And friendships borne from trust will grow
There’s more to learn, there’s more to show
The bridges built from rainbows stay
And love & truth will guide the way

Friday, 2 April 2010

Going with the flow

Hear the wind whisper as you fly on angel wings
Harmonising with the world, a song inside you sings
Catch a falling leaf that dances with the breeze
Smile at crocus fairy rings growing under trees

Stand and light a candle in the meadow of the runes
In hollowed out old yew trees where the bards would play their tunes
Take a sacred moment in reverence and prayer
To thank the Great Mystery for all that you can share

Sit amongst the bluebells and look upon the sky
Feel mossy earth beneath you and watch the clouds drift by
Stand upon a mountain outstretch your arms and breathe
Wave your magic wand up there as magic you will weave

Lift your eyes in wonder at the magic all around
Breathe in the light, sun on your face, your feet upon the ground
Be thankful for the miracle that life brings you each day
And for all the guidance you receive following the way

Let your heart burst open and let your love run free
See the river of your life flow to its destiny
A phoenix rises from the fire, purified in flames
Raise your arms for you are free and pain no longer reigns

Thursday, 1 April 2010

Trusting the Great Mystery

I find myself back with the pull of the moon,
Again in the fire I tremble and swoon
I breathe and re focus I let go and pray
And trust the Great Mystery will show me the way.

When your heart is wide open, the love is astounding
I cannot breathe, my heart has been pounding
The universe grants us this life that we make
I have to refocus and give not just take

I slow down my breathing, relax and let go
And let all this beautiful energy flow
I send it all out with compassion and love
With all that’s below me and all that’s above

And all of this journey I may one day pass on
If I thought for one minute it might help someone
Emotions I touch on, though so hard to show
if I’m not open, how are we to grow

And laughing with joy at the peace I can find
If I just let go and stop using my mind
I stand in the sunshine and breathe in the air
And let the wind gently blow through my hair

Sunday, 28 March 2010

Honouring the child inside

Remember as a young child,
What it was to feel,
That trees could talk
And fairies danced
And all your dreams were real

Remember as a young child
The magic that you felt
Examining the undergrowth
The earth on which you knelt

Remember as a young child
The music that you heard
That made you want to dance and twirl
And sing to every word

Remember as a young child
Thinking you could fly
Jumping off the tallest chairs
Reaching for the sky

Remember as a young child
Watching rivers flow
Observing ripples that you made
With stones that you would throw

Remember as a young child
How it used to be
When every night the sandman came
And angels you would see

Remember as a young child
How you would want to write
And once the coloured pens came out
You’d want to write all night

Remember as a young child
The joy in every day
When life it seemed was one big game
You couldn’t wait to play

Never lose that inner child
The one who loves to play
That playful child you are inside
Seems to know the way.

Friday, 26 March 2010

Wrapped In Serenity's Arms

Serenity, this peace and calm
Wraps me in her gentle arms
So sweetly lost within her charms
I sigh and drift away

The angels blanket me with love
And from my heart flies one white dove
The mystery lifts me above
I turn and kiss the stars

Falling deeper ever falling
Until the dew soaked smell of morning
Wakes me up into my calling
I open up my heart

Another new day is now dawning
A golden heart within me forming
On angel wings I am now soaring
I turn and catch the sun

Writing songs in poetry
With synergy comes harmony
Such wonders open up my eyes to see
My sight becomes enhanced

Energy expanding light
Open heart & second sight
Have led me through the darkest night
And now I have become

I sit here naked at my core
With these new eyes I gaze in awe
The mystery of life once more
Holds me in her arms.


At zero point, bathed in light
I hear an owl hoot in the night
A whisper of an angel calling
I take a jump and now I’m falling

I’m falling deeper every day
The Tao is calling out the way
My heart it softens opens more
I’m now the person at my core

Beauty leaves me filled with awe
In ways I've never seen before
Filled with wonder each new day
I let go and float away

I feel my wings as they unfurl
Bathed in coloured lights that swirl
I AM LOVE and I now see
That angels fly with synergy

Give love to everyone I see
Just following my destiny
I share in this sweet energy
And this is perfect harmony.

Saturday, 20 March 2010

DREAMS (august 09)

Weaving life's magic
With medicine wheels
Always in motion
Pure energy heals

Swirling in colours
Of deep rainbow light
Dreaming of panthers
That roam through the night

Feeling the force
Of a strong energy
Bright figure 8's
reveal unity

I sink even lower
A tranced state of mind
I call out for healing
An eagle I find

A huge sphinx like eagle
A dark cave he guards
Pecks out a diamond
Straight from my heart

Deeming me worthy
He shows me the way
But he is my guardian
And he has to stay

Inside it was glowing
With deep dark red hues
I asked if this showed me
The anger I knew

A voice stated calmly
That the passion of red
Lived here deep inside me
Was nothing to dread

The eagle he stopped me
As I turned to leave
He said he had magic
He wanted to weave

He laid one golden egg
And with his large beak
He placed it inside me
Its treasure to seek

He said it contained
The creation of dreams
And wanted to hatch
Inside of me

And as I write this
I want you to know
That dream deep inside me
Is starting to grow

Thursday, 18 March 2010

The cave of dreams (19/03/10)

The gate is huge and shimmers gold
A lion stands beside me bold
White robes glow, a guardian stands
He smiles at me and takes my hand

A statue of a huge gold bird
Asks me if I know the word
I chant out 'OM' and 'Elohim'
That seems enough and now I'm in.

This gold bird asks me what I've learned
From the voices that I've heard
I tell him 'to trust in your heart'
He seems to think I've made a start

I'm lost in here, its all so new
Another realm, a different view
A wicker basket in my arms
Filled with flowers, magic charms

Suddenly I'm at a cave
Another bird here guards the way
I know that I've been here before
I'm now the person at my core

The bird had placed an egg of gold
Inside me for me to hold
He said it carried all the dreams
That wanted to hatch inside me

And now it seems I have returned
Back to this cave, with all I've learned
And here I stand now with the egg
That contains the dreams I've fed

The cave now glows with rainbow light
and shimmering gold, all clear & bright
What dreams may come I cannot say
As I travel on the way

I feel at one with all right now
I stand here and thank the Tao
And wipe away a single tear
In gratitude for being here

Friday, 12 March 2010

Mystic dreams

Come gather round an open fire
And watch the flames as they grow higher
Let them burn down to their embers
As phoenix rises, she remembers

Stories passed down through the ages
From the wise ones and the sages
Carried here on laser beams
Reveal themselves in vivid dreams

Pythagoras, wild shapes are bright
Sends down numbers in the night
Eights & nines and twenty sevens
Celestial music from the heavens

Dreams of trees and fields of flowers
Rainbow colours, gentle powers
Golden spheres that glow with light
And stars that sparkle in the night

Stopping clocks & timeless falling
The spinning vortex always calling
Reveals itself in spiral form
New ideas yet to be born

A hamsa hand worn for protection
In everything I see connection
The ancients bringing knowledge down
To share with everyone around

A story formed in poetry
Is written here for all to see
This journey seems all upside down
I laugh at the heyoka clown

Learning lessons every day
With all who choose to seek the way
With open heart shine love to all
And make this journey worth the call.

Thursday, 11 March 2010

Walking with the angels

May sweet celestial angels
Bursting forth with light
Wrap their wings around you
And give you strength tonight

The whisper of their voices
So gentle, soft and wise
Bring joy and love into your heart
And lift you to the skies

May their compassion fill your soul
And see with clearer sight
The sweetness that you have to give
Their torches burning bright

May rays of sunlight break at dawn
and filter through your door
may your heart be filled with angel light
and never want for more

May you always feel protected
When curled up in your bed
And may you have the sweetest dreams
Always in your head

I wish for you the breath of life
So you will always dance
And may you see a brighter world
One that will entrance

When angels walk beside you
Know there is no fear
Wherever life may lead you
They always will be near

Your golden heart it shines now
You've flown on angel wings
So sing your song, light up the world
From where the magic springs

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

The Tree

Her tree roots sit beneath the earth
Her branches reach the stars
She’s looked around the universe
Peered at planet Mars

Her branches fill with birdsong
The squirrels running free
I rest my back on woody bark
And feel her energy

She’s been around a lifetime
Stood here in the ground
And yet she still awakens
From slumber deep and sound

I watch her in the winter
Branches steeped in snow
My gaze it fills with wonder
As buds begin to show

And as she re-awakens
Stronger than before
I feel her life force humming
Deep within her core

She’s been around a thousand years
This beautiful old tree
And there are many stories
That she has shared with me

Embracing all her beauty
The wisdom of her years
I’ve shared with her my secrets
Her roots have caught my tears

Together we have stood here
Watched clouds pass overhead
Braving stormy weather
Has kept us in good stead

She knows that I will love her
Come snow or rain or sun
She knows that I will nurture her
For she and I are one

Sunday, 7 March 2010

Sunny Days

Resting in the sunshine
Soaking up the rays
A butterfly’s unfolding wings
Takes flight on sunny days

Springtime brings emergence
New life cracks the earth
Beauty sings in harmony
Joy is bursting forth

The soft green grass it sparkles
With rainbows in the dew
Each single drop reflecting
A world within a hue

The trees they are all stretching
A time for getting dressed
With all the buds of springtime leaves
We are so truly blessed

And fountains of pink colour
Fill the clear blue skies
The cherry blossom flowers
Brings tears into the eyes

The gentle winds they whisper
That winters nearly gone
The robins now have changed their tune
And sing a cheerful song

Walking by the riverside
A flash of blues and greens
And golden sunlight fills the eyes
More vivid now it seems

A spark of bright clear energy
Ignites a time to sow
So plant the seeds of summertime
And watch the flowers grow

Friday, 5 March 2010

Love knows itself

In every person that you meet
Love knows itself
Through hearts that beat

Through every sparkle in the eyes
Love knows itself
In eyes that shine

In every little child you see
Love knows itself
And love runs free

In everyone who shines with light
Love knows itself
And love shines bright

In strong vibrations and connections
Love knows itself
In its reflections

With every heart that is awakened
Love knows itself
In all creation

In every gentle gust of wind
Love knows itself
And loves to sing

In suns that set & flaming skies
Love knows itself
In moons that rise

In every tree and every flower
Love knows itself
And shows its power

With universal force & might
Love knows itself
And love unites

And if you’re reading this you’ll see
Love knows itself

And what a difference love could make
If we learned to give
And not just take

We could make a better world
Where love’s true beauty
Would unfurl

So think on this next time you’re low
And let love’s beauty
Help you grow

Liberate your soul and see
Just how love
Can set you free

For my Dad

Puff the magic dragon
Is what you’d sing to me
When I was just a tiny tot
Sitting on your knee

Spinning the banana
A game we used to play
While sitting by the river Thames
On sunny summer days

Our London trips meant bookshops
And record fairs and tea
Our favourite little coffee shop
We sat in frequently

And then there were the marches
Standing for your rights
Running from the chaos
When it all broke out in fights

In life you always told me
Don’t bow down to the man
Just live your life and be sincere
And do the best you can

Walking in the woodlands
We’d talk of all our dreams
You would have been a rock star
If you’d had the means

Watching while you sat there
Playing the guitar
Listening while you softly sang
Sitting there in awe

Dancing at wild parties
In your robotic style
Always proud you were my dad
You always made me smile

Laughing at the stories
That you’d tell of your youth
Each one had a meaning
Each revealed a truth

I know you’re out there guiding
Each step along the way
Live your life, do all you can
Is what you used to say

Although you were my father
You were my best friend too
And everything I do in life
I always think of you

And though its hard without you
I’m finding joy each day
Just letting go and living life
And following the way.

Sunday, 28 February 2010


My spirit melts into deep ruby red
A passionate heart
A colourful head

I’m twirling in colours of pink, gold & green
The most beautiful place
That I’ve ever been

A big purple diamond lights up my third eye
I am aware
That none of us die

I’ll dance with the magic of being alive
The wind in my hair
My heart open wide

Wave after wave of this deep elation
My soul is enraptured
By all of creation

And I feel the flames of a big raging fire
Not out of lust
Or selfish desire

They burn with the passion of daring to live
Of loving to write
And wanting to give

A white feathered cloak replaces old skin
I sparkle with joy
At this new place I’m in

I’ll dance with the moon, stars in my hair
Soft grass underfoot
Without one single care

I hold out my arms and thank the great Tao
For the wonderful chance
To be right here right now

Friday, 26 February 2010

A Song from Isis

Do you feel the softness
Does it make you sing
Do you feel the joy inside
The magic that life brings

Is the light so blinding
You have to look away
Do angels walk beside you
Lighting up the way

Are you resonating
With rainbows shining bright
Does the force of energy
Guide you through the night

Does a diamond shining
Give clarity of vision
Are you doing all you can
to carry out your mission

Are you breathing love now
To each corner of the earth
Is a mass awakening
Just about to birth

Thursday, 25 February 2010

A dance with words

I feel a vibration
A rumble inside
I yield and let go
my heart opens wide

A rosebud it opens
A flower in bloom
With joy overflowing
I gaze at the moon

The sun is now shining
It shimmers with gold
A diamond is sparkling
With light in my soul

With a dance and a smile
Enjoy every day
With soft flowing movement
I follow the way

Saturday, 20 February 2010


Do you feel a heartbeat
Rise up from your feet
Smell the sweetness of the rain
Soft upon your cheeks

Do you hold your arms out
To every gust of wind
And know that every element
Has a song to sing

Do you greet each sunrise
And breathe each golden ray
And feel the joy inside you grow
With every passing day

Does your spirit shine now
Each morning you arise
The wonder of creation
Bring tears into your eyes

Do you feel the starlight
The moon upon your face
Does the rumble of your heartbeat
Resonate in space

Are you back on earth yet
Cloaked in emerald green
Blue sparks flying from your hair
Loving where you’ve been

Are you standing still now
Allowing life to be
Filled with joy and wonder
At everything you see

Can you live each moment
And take each precious day
And harmonise with everyone
You meet along the way.

Tuesday, 16 February 2010


I drifted on a sailboat
Somewhere out at sea
I heard a little Selkie
Calling out to me

Her song was sweet and haunting
Melodic in her tone
She sang to me of how the sea
Had now become her home

In waters of emotion
Young selkie lost her way
She wanted to come into shore
In human skin to play

I looked into her big sad eyes
Her song so filled with sorrow
And told her just to float around
Not think about tomorrow

And as I looked at Selkie
Lost alone at sea
I saw that her emotions
Would never set her free

I sat and stroked her whiskers
And rubbed her little chin
And told her that we’d find a way
For her to find her skin

It took a bit of time and trust
But one day finally
Young silkie found her human skin
Another way to be

And all of that emotion
That lies inside the sea
Resides inside each human skin
The likes of you and me

So let yourself surf on the waves
Of every joy and sorrow
Don’t forget it matters not
What comes of you tomorrow

The depths of these emotions
May one day serve you right
For you may help another soul
To find their shining light

Just stop, relax and breathe now
No need to hold so tight
Trust in the Great Mystery
To always serve you right

Young selkie’s outside dancing
And playing with her drum
She knows she’ll always be alright
And she is having fun.

Monday, 15 February 2010

A simple truth

If I could heal the world
By taking on its pain
I’d cry with every tear that’s shed
Until it smiled again

If I could heal the earth
With all the love I share
I’d wrap it in a warm embrace
And leave the magic there

If I could take these words
And turn them into wishes
I’d sing my song to broken hearts
And my words would be kisses

If I could sing a song
That took away all fear
I’d clear my throat and sing out loud
For all the world to hear

If I could hold the hands
Of everyone in trouble
I’d hold them tight and whisper sweet
That gems lay in the rubble

I may not change the world
With a poem and a song
But if my words do resonate
Then please do sing along.

Sunday, 14 February 2010

Emerald eyes

Green eyed panther burning bright
Roaming on her own tonight
Staying hidden, out of sight
wildness burns in shafts of light

A moan and roar with burning fire
Wild potential flames grow higher
With pounding heart she moves with ease
Through winter’s stark & naked trees

Panther’s spirit wild and free
Fuelled with pure vitality
In a vast electric sea
Filled with light and synergy

She roars with creativity
With pure white crystal energy
With love and continuity
Through all of this great mystery

A panther walks alone tonight
She trusts in life with all her might
And shining stars of emerald light
Shine out from her eyes so bright.

Friday, 12 February 2010

Walking the Path

I stand atop Mount Sinai a white rose in my hand
I’m talking to an angel who is showing me the land
I’m guided to a temple, wearing pure white robes
The guardian opens up the door the light inside just glows.

I’m staring at a stone now, carved, in emerald green
Looking at strange symbols that I have never seen
A glistening light a light so strong is now surrounding me
I can no longer read the signs, the light alone I see

This temple I remember from some place back in time
When alchemy and words of light did in those days shine
And words became like magic tools lent for all to share
And love and peace and magic became the order there

The words, the light the magic, the memories so real
And seeing even further back in time I did remove a veil
But destiny it pulls and pushes once again
Through love and understanding the kindness eases pain

A light within my being is starting to alight
A presence that envelops me guides me through the night
And peace it pulses deep inside the beating of my heart
And I can sense within my soul a new day set to start.

Letting go of everything life will guide the way
Surrendering my soul it seems, every single day
I see blue lights in small round orbs dancing in my sight
And swirly curly vortexes that seem to dance in light

Good service I must make now and smile along the way
And know that deep inside my heart that happiness will stay
With clarity of vision I hold my centre strong
And keep on walking down the path & bring with me a song.

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

A fairy wish for everyone

May you always wake up with a smile on your face
May your days fill wonder your heart filled with grace
May you always have stillness and days filled with cheer
May the things that you treasure you hold always dear.

May you always hear laughter wherever you are
May you smile at the moon and bow to the stars
May your presence be filled with delight every day
May your light be so bright that it shows you the way

May love heal the world with a smile and a song
May you always be happy and healthy and strong
May your heart always shine a most radiant gold
May life always grant you the visions you hold.

Monday, 1 February 2010


Ever watched a fledging try and fly
Under Watchful guiding eyes
In the hedgerows safe it hides
Before it learns to touch the sky

Ever heard an Owl hoot in the night
Calling loud ‘It’ll be alright’
Look inside & find your light
And use the gift of inner sight

Ever seen a moon so bright & clear
& faced your passions with burning fear
The quickening is drawing near
The energy steps up a gear

Ever felt the earth beneath vibrate
Whispering don’t hesitate
Emotions swirling at your fate
Hoping you won’t be too late

Ever seen behind a stormy day
A golden dawn is on the way
And knelt on grass and tried to pray
For higher good now come what may

Ever heard a voice behind a song
Whisper gently, ‘come on be strong’
Hoping you won’t get it wrong
And hurt someone because you’re gone

Ever held the faith that Destiny
Would find you through Eternity
And stopped to think how it would be
If love could change the world we see

Monday, 25 January 2010

Finding My Way

Driven by wildness
And strange intuition
I lost myself briefly
In the midst of the vision

I’ve found my way back
From a labyrinth of dreams
Stopped trying to figure out
What it all means

Let life be my guide
It will get me on track
Use all that I’m learning
To give something back

This journey I’ve taken
Has spun me around
Lost count of the times
That I’ve hit the ground

But deep strength is brewing
The messages come
Wherever life takes me
I’ll always be home.

Sunday, 24 January 2010

Reality Shift

Reality has shifted
And all that I can see
Is the vastness of this miracle
Laid out in front of me

With golden angels singing
I grow in strength each day
Building up my courage
Following the way

The beauty of this moment
And all that I have seen
Leaves me with no doubt at all
Just where I have been

The ancient ones are calling
The day is drawing near
Where I again must use my strength
And overcome all fear

With gentle words they whisper
And send out bright light beams
That guide me through eternity
With magic and with dreams

And now forever humbled
By everything in sight
I’ll do my best to give my all
And thank the Tao tonight.

Thursday, 21 January 2010

The misty veil

The misty veil has lifted
I see a brand new day
Perspective has now shifted
I’m following The Way.

The Pain no longer gripping
Tearing at my soul
Reality now shifting
I am becoming whole

A universe to travel
Into infinity
Where all is one and unified
For all eternity

The earth she moans and quivers
And changes there will be
With strength and perseverance
We’ll bring back harmony

Celestial music calls me
The angels show their wings
Golden words are written
Sweet songs the angels sing

Deep peace it overcomes me
And I once more let go
Trust in life and alchemy
To show me where to go

Surrounded by sweet angels
That guide me every day
I’ll do my best to thank them all
When I have found my way.