Tuesday, 1 June 2010

keep on keeping on

To serve with love and joy and grace
To navigate through time and space
To touch our bliss and grow our wings
To see the beauty in all things

To know ourselves right to the core
To seek out peace where there is war
To give and love with heart and soul
To keep creating for the whole

To keep on laughing, keep on loving
To keep creating out of nothing
To open til our souls run bare
To bring forth what we have to share

To be at peace expand the love
To fly on eagles wings above
To reach on out and join in force
To ride barebacked on freedoms horse

To give and love with all our might
To keep on pushing through the night
To follow with our intuition
To learn to see with clearer vision

Hold your own through all the shifts
Life will always share her gifts
See magic moving all around you
I guarantee it will astound you.

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