Saturday, 29 January 2011

Giving thanks

Give thanks for this moment
For all that you see
Keep your heart open
Relax and just be

Give thanks for this moment
For all that you touch
For the smiles and the joy
And for loving so much

Give thanks for this moment
your eyes open wide
Reflect all the light
that shines from inside

Give thanks for this moment
For all that you hear
For all of the guidance
The light shining clear

Give thanks for this moment
Bless life and pray
That we wake again
To a beautiful day

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Love, peace & Joy

We press each others triggers
A synergetic flow
We see each other at our best
And help each other grow

Melting into oneness
In unity we flow
Deep within this core of peace
We radiate and glow

To be at peace completely
This pure love that we breathe
We touch our own Divinity
And miracles we weave

Our spirits strong inside our skin
The beauty that we see
We know the breath that gives us life
Love lives eternally

Brothers, sisters angels all
The wonders never cease
Such joy and rapture in our hearts
We share in love and peace

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

The witching moon

A bright golden moon that shines out so bright
She sees all three faces one wintry night
The maiden, the mother, the lover the crone
They all mould together and melt into one

The maiden will give you her innocent smile
The lover will dance under the moon for a while
The old crone she sits in her medicine wheel
She knows that through opening our hearts that we heal

She walks through the darkness and faces her fears
And breaks her heart open releasing the tears
She shakes and she quakes and will take you down deep
The last thing she has on her mind now is sleep

Accepting all faces she knows she must
Release all her fears in order to trust
The maiden is gentle as love starts to swell
The lover enchanted with this magic spell

The old crone is wise and she stands & watches
And knows of her failings, the graspy tight clutches
Face all your shadows, don't fear the night
Be who you are and sparkle with light

She knows in her heart that all of this yearning
The fire is strong the flame keeps on burning
Through shedding of skin, through our resurrection
We look through our heart eyes, love shows the direction

We're all on this journey, unique gifts we share
Removing all masks we strip ourselves bare
Connect with your heart light, in love there's no lack
Shed all your fears and never look back

Abundant and joyful and sparkling with light
She raises her arms up and thanks the dark night
And as the stars twinkle, now flowing with love
She thanks what's below her and and all that's above

Monday, 24 January 2011

Love flows

Feel your spirit light up
Angel wings unfurl
Keep the vision in your heart
Bring peace into the world

Step into the light
Know stillness of the mind
Expand with love and touch all hearts
Be gracious, humble, kind.

Though at times we stumble
And challenges we face
Know all of these we set ourselves
To bring us back to grace

Trusting in the source
We help each other through
Be gentle, patient, loving, kind
In everything you do

We learn to love all life
Our faces to the sun
We learn to love each other
And know all hearts as one

The door is always open
The love flows strong and true
We resonate and synchronise
And love will guide us through

Know yourself and love yourself
And do all you can do
Find the joy in life itself
And to your heart be true

Thursday, 20 January 2011

Be love

Surrender to the moment
In gratitude and grace
Kneel with great humility
Know the one true face

Recognise your shadows
And love them anyway
Be at peace within your soul
Keep following the way

Listen to the guidance
The stillness rings out clear
Bring peace and love into all hearts
Eliminate all fear

Touch each heart with kindness
At your core stay strong
Keep dancing to the hum of life
and Keep on keeping on

Sunday, 16 January 2011

Singing with nature

Oh come little bird that hops upon the ground
So we may hear your joyous song that ours in turn be found.
Come little seed that seeks the sun to grow
Allow yourself to blossom, smile at the sun and glow

Come oh mighty sun and the rain that falls to earth
Shower us with rainbows that lead us to rebirth
Shine oh crazy moon in the darkness of the night
That we may dance beneath your beams and laugh with great delight

Come oh shining stars and twinkle clear and bright
That we may feel your brilliance & radiate with light
Oh stand ye mighty trees so flexible and strong
Sink roots down deep, your branches high, heaven & earth as one

Oh come now all earth angels and sing a song of peace
So there may be an end to war and conflict will all cease
Oh come now shine your light and sing a song so true
That all the world will hear and will sing along with you