Saturday, 31 July 2010

Healing the self

Driven by a mission
That called out in the night
Something pulling at the soul
Reaching out for light

With a sense of purpose
And firm determination
Listening to the inner voice
Downloading information

We do not choose what surfaces
It comes out of the blue
And as it comes I write it down
and share it all with you

It isn't always easy
The path at times is steep
It takes a lot of courage
To go so very deep

The time has come for healing
The old wounds that we find
Until we are awake and whole
With clarity of mind

It may not be that easy
but when the peace is found
You'll find a place of harmony
where all is safe and sound

Thursday, 29 July 2010

With love, we grow

Going through a rebirth
Contractions squeeze so tight
Flowing with emotions
The grief hits hard tonight

Finding strength not easy
But something I must do
Until I reach self unity
The angels guide me through

The beauty locked inside me
Trapped in this cocoon
I hope that an emergence
Will happen very soon

Each time that my heart opens
And love begins to flow
I touch these deep emotions
Through all of this, I grow

The peace that I keep touching
Will one day fill the earth
It starts with self, with no one else
Its part of the rebirth

And with a flowing gentle love
A healing will take place
And one day soon a peaceful heart
Will fill with joy and grace

Its through the stiller moments
That yet more light is found
Connecting with the heavens
Rooted to the ground

And when I stop and focus
The vision that I see
Is all hearts filled with peace and love
The world in harmony

I’ll keep on writing through this
And sharing all I can
Its something I'm compelled to do
Its part of who I am.

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

The stars always shine

I know beyond the cloudy skies
That the moon will always rise
And the stars still shine so bright
in the darkness of the night

My heart still beats so deep and slow
surrendering and letting go
And with quiet introspection
Looking at my own reflection

When the morning comes around
You'll find me kneeling on the ground
Talking with the butterflies
Watching hearts float through the skies

Hearing rustles in the trees
Flowing with the soft cool breeze
Arms outstretched heart open wide
With each wave I'll learn to ride

And on the back of unicorn
I won't give up and be folorn
I'll do my best and give my all
And hope that I wont hit a wall

I know that really we're all one
Holy spirits having fun
Sparkling in the radiant light
Surrendering into the night

Life will always be alright.

Monday, 26 July 2010

Walk in Beauty

Walk in beauty each day of your life
No need for struggle, no need for strife
Let go of your fears and leave them behind
Relax and be still and just quieten your mind

Release old emotions into the wind
Feel the sun shining and hear your soul sing
With nature connect and raise your vibration
Bring all that you can into harmonisation

With the breeze in your hair dance with the Tao
Be as light as feather and to life, take a bow
Radiate peace send it out through the earth
Treasure and value all life and its worth

Each moment is precious so open your eyes
With eagle vision, soar up through the skies
Open your heart and pure love you will meet
Let it flow freely and softly and sweet

Be the temples of light that you are
Send out your love to those near and far
Feel yourself sparkle, sit and be still
Know you’re always guided by love’s divine will

Saturday, 24 July 2010

Breathing love

A waxing tender moon
A heart now filled with light
Breathing a soft gentle love
Intentions burning bright

Visualise the joy
And peace for all to see
As the laughter fills our hearts
The earth in harmony

The beauty that you see
You know can only stay
The fog is lifting once again
You see the light of day

Stripped down to the core
There is only love
Connect now with the earth below
Bring light down from above

Feel your heart expand
Breathe in the clear still night
Acceptance now for all you are
radiate your light

Stay in the present moment
Spread joy to all you see
And clear your mind of cluttered thoughts
Relax and simply be.

Friday, 23 July 2010


Trusting always trusting
a heart beats slow and deep
I'm praying now I'll stay awake
And won't go back to sleep

Any blocks to peace now
Have melted into light
Only love and pure sweet joy
Remain with me tonight

The energy now rising
Surrender to the night
And pray to the great spirit
To guide with second sight

The circle ever widens
With open hearts we touch
We share our love and beauty
Because we care so much

And all together in the light
We're following the way
We breathe the love within our hearts
And face a brand new day

I sit and say my thanks now
For all the love thats given
and All the love that is received
And clarity of vision

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

The winding path

Though the path may be winding
Know when you fall
With soft gentle strength
You learn through it all

It takes courage stand up
your heart open wide
And follow the voice
that whispers inside

Share all your joys
Light up all around
Breathe with the earth
Your feet on the ground

Create all you can
Whilst following the way
And Make sure you treasure
Each moment, each day

Try not to miss
The sun set and rise
Don't walk around blindly
Wipe the dust from your eyes

And with each little signpost
That points out the way
Be sure to find time
To let go and play

As night draws a curtain
You let out a sigh
And watch the moon waxing
So bright in the sky

Sit there and bathe
in her sweet beams of light
As your energy rises
To meet her tonight

Sunday, 18 July 2010

Following the light

Eagle wears white hawks disguise
And hovers over clear blue skies
With tears of joy you wipe your eyes
Expanded heart, love starts to rise

Open slowly tender flower
Melt with softness, gentle power
with sweet fragrance, open wide
This place of peace so deep inside

Glow with colour shining bright
Let the rainbows find their light
Touch the source and be as one
Turn your face towards the sun

Find your treasure deep inside
On gentle waves of light you ride
The blue star guides you on her course
Flowing gently with no force

Thanking spirit for the call
With humble gratitude to all
And bless each thing you see with love
All that's below, All that's above.

Saturday, 17 July 2010

Gentle Soul

Breathing slowly, breathing deeply
Sweetened soul at peace completely
No more tugging, no more pulling
Gentle softness, calmly calling

With sparkling eyes look to the skies
Its all a dream and nothing dies
Feel the spirits gentle breeze
flowing now through life with ease

Hold out your arms, embrace it all
Allow yourself to slowly fall
Land in the meadow, soft and sweet
Feel the grass beneath your feet

No manic chatter in your mind
All of that you've left behind
Serenity she waves and smiles
She's seen you walk for many miles

Awakened child that you've become
Turn your face towards the sun
For many mountains you have climbed
Through the vortex in your mind

Melt into the warm night air
You no longer have a care
No jabbing of internal fight
Hold out your arms, embrace the night

And in the sweetened dew of morning
Hear the birds awake and calling
With purest heart you bow and pray
Love is guiding all the way

Friday, 16 July 2010

Return to innocence

Returning to innocence
Laugh like a child
Enjoy every moment
So magic and wild

Fly with the wind
Embrace all the love
On sweet dew soaked earth
Watch the clouds float above

Dance out your joy
Your heart filled with bliss
Wave at the moon
and blow it a kiss

See yourself walking
on bridges of light
With angels beside you
Dream sweetly tonight

Friday, 9 July 2010

Let your spirit shine!

There’s no mistakes.. in life we learn
To watch the ego growl and burn
There is a choice to let it be
Light up your heart and you will see
With joy and love, each passing day
Will guide the steps along the way
No longer will you spin around
Keep falling flat upon the ground
To gain in strength and see the light
And learn to use your second sight
Release the fears that do not serve
Become the witness and observe
And laugh at days when you are weak
It doesn’t mean that you’re a freak
The ego fights to take control
But there is light within your soul
Just watch and laugh and learn and grow
And joy and peace you’ll come to know
Be kind to those who sit and judge
As all reflections get a nudge
Just love yourself for all you are
And twinkle brightly as a star
In your heart a diamond shines
Its sparkling light will heal the mind
And join all hearts in rose gold light
And know the darkness of the night
Befriend the things that you would fear
Shekinah’s wind is always near
To blow you with a gentle breeze
So you may hear the rustling leaves
Just laugh and live and learn and play
And let Great Spirit guide the way

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

A Wild Nature Child

Does it make your heart glow
To gaze upon a rainbow
Does it make your passion rise
To feel the warmth of summer skies

Do dewdrops shine like diamond glass
When you lie down upon the grass
Does Great Spirit sing to you
In deep lagoons of Azure blue

Do the rocks with smiling faces
Guide you through the stony places
Do woodland nymphs dance in the night
Underneath a bright moonlight

Do you sense the rustling leaves
When you gaze up at gnarled old trees
Do crows pull out their brightest feathers
To give you signs in stormy weather

Does the buzzing of the bees
Keep you praying on your knees
Does the spray of sea air mist
Engulf you in ecstatic bliss

Do you clap your hands in sheer delight
to see a shooting star at night
Do bolts of lightning, rumbling skies
Excite your soul, light up your eyes

Do you wake with joy each day
Jump out of bed and want to play
And give the world your sweetest smile
You are alive wild nature child

Sunday, 4 July 2010

a torch of light

A butterly emerging
Sits upon a rose
Silently unfolding wings
Every day she grows

Being led by nature
The gentle soothing breeze
Following the blackbirds
The buzzing of the bees

A sudden flash of lightning
Strikes with pure connection
And in the sea of ectascy
She sees her own reflection

Now tender with her new wings
Resting for a while
She sighs into the night sky
And gives the stars a smile

All this gentle power
Each breath forms new creation
Of clearest light & total love
and purest of intention

Silently she whispers
In gratitude, with grace
To the miracle she calls her life
That's brought her to this place

Her passion is now forming
Into words of light
And with compassion burning
her torch is shining bright.