Saturday, 17 July 2010

Gentle Soul

Breathing slowly, breathing deeply
Sweetened soul at peace completely
No more tugging, no more pulling
Gentle softness, calmly calling

With sparkling eyes look to the skies
Its all a dream and nothing dies
Feel the spirits gentle breeze
flowing now through life with ease

Hold out your arms, embrace it all
Allow yourself to slowly fall
Land in the meadow, soft and sweet
Feel the grass beneath your feet

No manic chatter in your mind
All of that you've left behind
Serenity she waves and smiles
She's seen you walk for many miles

Awakened child that you've become
Turn your face towards the sun
For many mountains you have climbed
Through the vortex in your mind

Melt into the warm night air
You no longer have a care
No jabbing of internal fight
Hold out your arms, embrace the night

And in the sweetened dew of morning
Hear the birds awake and calling
With purest heart you bow and pray
Love is guiding all the way

1 comment:

  1. how beautiful, your spoken word
    you put into words what we all feel in our hearts,bless you always!!!