Saturday, 19 September 2009

A note to my dad....

Here's to the music dad.
To the music and the joy and the love you gave me.
I dedicate this journey to you.
your loving daughter
ju xxx

Nature’s Enchanted Garden

Blow dandelions seeds
Up to the sky
And watch with awe
As time floats by

Pick wild daisies,
Make a chain
Smell the sweet grass
After rain

Shine buttercups
Upon your skin
A yellow haze
Glows on your chin

In deep forests
Bluebells rise
A blaze of colour
Fills your eyes

Through wild meadows
Poppies dance
Their striking scarlet
Will entrance

Enchantment here
For all to find
Let Natures garden
Heal your mind


I slip through darkness
Bare my soul
Scattered dreams
Growing old

Grasp at life
With flowing word
Every movement
Can be heard

Kill a song
With bitter tongue
My dream has died
My song is sung.


Scattered lies,
Bloodshot eyes,
Demons that we fight inside.

Nightmare dreams
Bitter scenes
Only they can hear my screams

Leave me be,
Don’t torture me
I cannot help what I foresee

Michael fight,
With sword of light
Cast those demons out tonight


Oh little robin redbreast
Dancing on the ground
Sing to me of springtime
When new life will be found

Oh little robin redbreast
Sit upon my palm
And sing to me of summer days
When all is still and calm

Oh little robin redbreast
Sitting on the wire
Sing to me of Autumn time
When colours are on fire

Oh little robin redbreast
Sitting in the tree
Sing to me of Winter time
Survivors you and me

Oh little robin redbreast
Sitting here together
We’ve faced our own mortality
And here we sit forever.


Searing heat and sweaty palms
I’m melting into nature’s arms
The blazing sun, the dusty earth,
The constant cycle of rebirth

The Godhead watches over all
But will life catch me if I fall?

The darkest night, a star shines bright
The moon she throws a beam of light
An owl she cries across the skies..
“A warrior’s about to rise”

As nightfall turns to morning
A brand new day is dawning

Morning dew and misty light
Removes the darkness from our sight
And clarity this brand new day
A fresh beginning on its way

I believe in destiny
Does destiny believe in me?


With panther eyes I focus in
On what’s in front of me
One pure goal,
One pure aim
To set my spirit free

Entranced and wholly mystified
At how it came to be
That Nature’s soul
Has walked right in
And taken over me

For six years now I’ve toiled the earth
With mud all over me
But nature’s soul
Has seen to it
That my soul will be free

Through bitter cold of winter time
A robin’s been with me
He sings his song
With haunting tones
A touching melody

The springtime bursts with all new growth
And my heart sings to me
The driving force
Of all new life
A rebirth there will be

The summer days bring scorching sun
And proud the earth will be
Of all her work
A patchwork quilt
Laid out in front of me

The autumn time sees slowing down
With beauty she will be
Blowing leaves
Of coloured light
And mesmerising me

A part of mother nature’s soul
Is what I’ve come to be
Standing here
On her sweet earth
She lives inside of me

And now I’ve come to realise
To set my spirit free
All I need
To spread my wings
Is here for you to see.

Friday, 18 September 2009

Never ending cycles

I sit on the porch
And feel the hard rain
As it cleanses my soul
I cry again

A handful of finches
Flash past me in green
It touches my heart
I sit here and dream

My notebook is splattered
With tears I have shed
And storms they are brewing
The future
I dread

The cycles are endless
The changes flow fast
I look back and smile
At the joy of my past

I sit here and wonder
My hair soaking wet
Of what I am facing
With what I’ll regret

I’ll do what I can
With the time I have left
I’ll give all my love
I’ll give life my best

And all of the cycles
That nature provides
I’ll reach out my hand
Let her be my guide

For every black sky
And outbreak of rain
The sun will break through
And shine forth again

And nature it guides us
Through every dark night
Through every black cloud
There’s a glimmer of light

Its through all these cycles
That I start to learn
That everything passes
But life does return.

The dream of life

No need to be afraid
No need to feel alone
This journey we are making
Will only take us home

One day slowly
We will drift
Into a dream
A state of bliss

This life right now
Will disappear
As though we were
Never here

Again together
We will stand
And look upon
This wonderous land

Connection always
In my wheel
I know this truth
for me is real

Life is a dream
That will be broken
When once again
We are awoken

Freedom In Eden

I stand in my robes,
outside of the gate
I wonder how long
I’ll have to wait
I’m not even sure
if I’m dead or alive
Whether through all of these trials
I’ve survived

The gatekeeper watches
And keeps a close eye
I stand here defeated
He wonders why
He sees how I’ve strived
To move things along
He’s seen all my tears
And heard my sad song

He beckons me forward
And calls me by name
He says that he’s glad
That finally I came
He’s seen me slay demons
Until I burned down
He’s seen me crawling
Through mud on the ground

On every level he feels I’ve been tested
And now it is time that I resurrected
He gives me a smile
And tells me I’m through
And now that I’m here
I’ll know what to do

He tells me to take the key from my pocket
With one twist and turn
He quickly unlocks it
He holds out his hand
As I enter Eden
At last I have found
A place I call FREEDOM.

The Rainbow Bridge

Tonight the journey led me
Through hues of gold and green
I smoked my pipe
Sat in my wheel
And I began to dream

I stood upon a rainbow
A bridge into the sky
I stood there wearing pure white robes
I felt like I could fly

And as I walked across it
White Eagle as my guide
A gate in sparkling colours
Lay on the other side

The gate I couldn’t enter
Though I possessed a key
A magic combination lock
Its code word.. synergy

White Eagle talked of times ahead
But would not let me see
The full extent of what was there
And how these things would be

I saw some signs of structures
Breaking into sand
I also saw some signs ahead
Of people joining hands

Beyond the gate, a garden
With many special trees
The trees contained a golden fruit
That hung amongst the leaves

The fruit contained a knowledge
That needed to be shared
And handed out to those in need
And those within my care

I walked with Chief White Eagle
Who said its time to lead
To help guide those who fall behind
And point to what they need

The owl last night he called me
To listen hard and hear
To messages within the dreams
Of which I’ve held so dear

It seems the time is coming
Where I will stand and wait
In pure white robes
Upon a bridge
Outside a sparkling gate

It seems there is a magic key
Its hidden in my pocket
But unfortunately I cannot see
Just how to unlock it.


In mirrors, bare I have danced
I’ve searched my soul
I’ve been entranced
I’ve burned and died
In raging fire
I’ve lost myself
In all desire
And through all this
I have found
My feet still walk
On hallowed ground
My heart still beats
My eyes still weep
I’m unafraid to search down deep
A chrysallis in her cocoon
A butterfly emerging soon
Will rest her wings in summer sun
And bless the new life
That’s begun

A Dark Autumn Night

The panther has roared
She’s lain down her sword
She’s too tired to fight
On this dark Autumn night

The quiet night air
Exposed, naked, bare
Her soul cleansed and new
She hides now from view

For the second night now
An owl cries out loud
It calls out her name
It knows of her pain

The message is clear
That it wants her to hear
“Hold on to your dreams
Not all’s as it seems”

She has no idea
What happens from here
So she lies in wait
Not knowing her fate

Alone and serene
She drifts off into dreams
Of green healing light
On this dark autumn

The Blue Light of Venus

Trembling with primal energy
I’m now in unknown territory
And wild
My spirit free
I wield my sword
For all to see

Enchanting night wind calls to me
My humbled soul stands quietly
She sweetly
Her song to me
I writhe and moan in ecstacy

With arching back, howl at the moon
I mount with ease this magic broom
The stars
The serpent snake
A flower now in bloom

Blue Venus light glows through my soul
Emerald spires in dreams untold
The Pleiades
The sisters see
A heart that shines with gold

The vastness now of time and space
It has no meaning in this place
Courageous, bold
These Knights of old
I swoon in their embrace

And all of this Great Mystery
Has opened up her heart to me
I shake
I quake
For now I see
All this exists as part of me

And with each breath I slowly take
A universe I re-create
Each thought
Is caught
In webs of fate
And through us all it does vibrate

I land my broom in meadows sweet
Another time where I shall meet
A soul
Of old
And tales unfold
Of melting in the heat

The wild panther unleashed

She hesitates,
she sits,
she waits,
She licks her lips
Her skin vibrates

She’s wilder now
Her body quivers
In new found power
She shakes,
she shivers

A new day dawns
Can’t wait much longer
The tremble now
Is getting stronger

She takes her prey
She lunges in
All at once
Its skin on skin

She feasts upon
Lusts raw heat
She tastes the fire
Delicious, sweet

The dark one now
Is on his knees
He looks at her
He begs, he pleads

She holds him down
There’s no escape
For him, for now
This is his fate

He’ll be consumed
In her desire
He’ll melt and moan
She’ll never tire

The dark one sleeps
She turns again
Her naked flesh
Steams in the rain

Her appetite
It seems that now
She’s never full

A new day dawns
The panther roars
To wild new heights
Her power soars

Finding True Peace

I hear a voice
Is it mine?
All it seems to do
Is whine

I hear it want
I hear it need
I hear it beg
I hear it plead

I see its anger
And frustration
I see the movement
And hesitation

I feel its hunger
And its longing
It looks for places
Of belonging

I watch and laugh
Cos I can see
That none of this
Is really me

Do I watch
The naughty child
Her temper tantrums
Drive her wild

Do I ignore
Her burning fire
Or do I give in
To her desire

I’ll watch and laugh
Cos I can see
That all of this
Is part of me

When I let go
Of all of this
Falling here
In this abyss

I’ll find a way
To move from self
To put my needs
Up on a shelf

And when the I
Begins to cease
That’s when
My spirit
Will find peace.


Did the universe open?
Did it leave a gap?
Did I snare myself
Like a mouse in a trap?

Did I get so caught up
In all the desire
That I nearly fell
Straight into the fire?

Did I forget
This wasn’t about
Just breathing it in
But giving it out?

Is this the pain
That’s all part of growing
Of giving/receiving
Of nurture and loving?

Giving is easy
Of that I’ve no doubt
All of my life
I’ve been breathing out

But letting love in
With such passionate desire
I’m not used to living
with this burning fire

But now I am learning
A new way to be
Of letting this love
Flow right through me

And I will map out
This journey ahead
If you lose your way
If you lose your head

I hope you will find
Some comfort in this
If you lose your mind
To ecstacy’s bliss.

An exploding star

Shaking, quaking, strangely vibrating
A star exploding in space
Spinning, twirling and all that’s unfurling
I’ve been touched by a weird kind of grace

Laughing, crying, ecstatically flying
Wild energy racing through me
I try to ground, I try to calm down
Wind blows as I centre my chi

Electrical pulses, the stereo pauses
The energy’s thrashing about
I try to ground, I turn off the sound
Try to focus and send this love out

As soon as I start to sink into trance
It s racing at speed through my heart
There’s no escape that I can now take
I feel like I’m coming apart

I pray to the stars, to open my heart
And let all this feeling pour through
I feel it start flowing, its coming and going
At each breath creation renewed

I try and surrender to this big adventure
As everything’s moving so fast
The pull of a future, that I’ve tried to nurture
Is more than the push of the past

So I’ll keep on writing as energy’s lightning
Throws me way out into space
I’ll melt in this fire as it takes me higher
And keep a big smile on my face!


There is a passion
and there is a fire
There is great power
that lurks in desire

But fires burn out quickly
along with the lust
and then all too quickly
The flames turn to dust

But out of the ashes
A phoenix will rise
and one who has burned
Becomes very wise

Initiation by fire

If I close my eyes in this raging fire
Will the flames fail to touch me?
Will I end up on the pyre?

Does my soul need to burn?
In these fires of hell
Is this how I learn
To see through the veil

Will I be engulfed?
In torture and pain
In order that I should
Rise up again

Have I been blinded?
Is the vision too bright?
Am I now in the darkness?
And can’t see the light

Let the fires keep on burning
Let the light never fade
In disintegration
Breakthroughs are made

Monday, 7 September 2009

THE TEST – A turning point

Is this all just one big illusion
Am I just suffering with fits of delusion
Have I a gift I can share with the world
Is this part of the journey that life will unfurl

Do the signs all point to destiny’s trail
If I give up does this mean that I failed
Is what I’m giving not nearly enough
Is it me that is making my own life so tough

Am I just testing myself once again
Am I just driving myself round the bend
Do I give up this truth that I talk
Turn away now from the path that I walk

I seem to have reached another dead end
Do I turn around and walk back again
Or do I move forward with thanks and with grace
And know this is part of the journey I face

Why do I dare threaten the gift of the muse
When really I have nothing much left to lose
Is this the point where I have to question
Whether this is all just part of the lesson

For I almost turned and just walked away
Until something just stopped me and told me to stay
Was it the grace of White Eagle my guide
Who told me he’d stay for a while by my side

I’ll have to commune with my pipe, Little Bear
Maybe the answers I seek will lie there
All I can do is sit here and pray
And hope that the answer will find me one day.

I guess all the while that the Muse wants to play
I’ll have to take care not to scare her away
For if she is right and I do have a mission
I’ll have to see this as part of the vision.

Sunday, 6 September 2009

The hunger to belong

Oh what is this longing
This deep sense of yearning
When I close my eyes
I hear my soul calling

Is it the fear
that I’m getting older
And now see my youth
Way over my shoulder

Is it the fear
or sense of foreboding
At doors in my life
That seem to be closing

I try to ignore it
While I try and write
But always the sense
Of this internal fight

I try to look out
At what help I could be
To someone who’s falling
And feels just like me

I have to succeed
In what I must do
So when the time comes
I’ll be there for you

I’ll guide the way
with love in my heart
And tell you that trust
And faith is a start

And maybe together,
When all this is done
We’ll find our belonging
And then we’ll be home

Thursday, 3 September 2009

The song of Ecstacy

Entranced by some strange synergy
Some deep hum keeps moving me
Its guiding and its leading me
To heights of spiritual ecstacy

Ekstasis sings her song to me
She says her song is energy
And power that fills unity
This tune vibrates all over me

I sense this is transforming me
A shamans drum beats rhythmically
It’s guiding and it’s leading me
To heights I’ve never known

Deep inside this ecstasy
Divinity and unity
The serpent coils its smoke round me
And visions I am shown

And in this blissful energy
The big bass drum beats constantly
I shake inside deep poetry
The song becomes my own

The Goddess

I am the Goddess
I am the light
It is I who transforms
the dark of the night.

I am the Goddess
You are the fire
I am the one who
lends you my power

I am the one
Who sits on the throne
whose veil of deep wisom
You want to be shown

I am the panther
With emerald green sight
Its my darkest power
That you have to fight

I am the goddess
The Grandmother moon
And you are the wolf
That howls me your tune

I am the owl
Who sits in the tree
I see that you
Are no wiser


Where energy flows
Creation it grows
And blossoms inside like a tree
A big cauldron bubbles
With spells on the boil
The spells form in deep poetry

In figures of eight
Two people wait
Its symbol carved into the sand
Passing the ball
Where creation is formed
Ideas begin to expand

Now imagine if I
Connect to the sky
And also connect to the ground
A big figure eight
Suspended in space
Infinity there can be found

And imagine if we
Connect to the sea
And mountains that rise from the earth
Imagine the flow
Where energy goes
And what those ideas
Would be worth

Now Imagine connection
In every direction
With each living thing that you see
Imagine creation
On that kind of level
And you will have found