Monday, 19 December 2011

Love & Peace

Two hands clasped around a torch
A flame of pure white light
Riding free upon a horse
Lighting up the night

Free from chains we laugh and sing
We love with heart and soul
There is no fear, just peace and joy
All things healed and whole

feeling, sensing whole in being
A golden dawn begun
This eternal miracle
The rising of the sun

We are human angels
Come to earth to sing
And love and laugh and live and breathe
And fly on angels wing

The magic is eternal,
Connections made of light
Love always finds its way back here
Stardust shining bright

All is peace, all is love
Every soul is free
A vision that is born of light
Love eternally

Like a blanket woven
whose medicine is this
Loving kindness, nurturance
Wrapped in heavenly bliss

Shining as bright angels
Breathing soft and slow
In our hands the seeds of life
That we wish to grow

Saturday, 26 November 2011

Shining love

As beauty shines with love of life
This song with which we sing
That says we are connected
At one with everything

As we share with love each day
The gifts to life we bring
Singing the most joyous song
In tune with everything

Each drop of rain, each sunbeam
Each rainbow in the skies
Each act of love, each kindness
The radiance in our eyes

We bring our smiles to life each day
From the joy within
Our spirits shine with love of life
Dressed in human skin

Breathing soft and breathing deep
angel hearts that beat
In this place of purest love
Where our spirits meet

Sunday, 10 July 2011

The gift of life

This moment so immaculate
No words could ever say
What moves a pure and beating heart
To trust in love this way

For where there’s love there is no fear
There is only this
This moment of eternal joy
A sigh of endless bliss

The peace like softened velvet streams
The music of the deep
That stirs the soul in harmony
Awakened from its sleep

In crystal caves a memory
Reverberates in space
Recalls the joy and ecstasy
Where there’s no time nor place

Beyond the place that labels life
Beyond all that we see
Where we touch the perfect sound
That sings in harmony

Creation lives in every breath
In stillness hear the hum
Of all that was and all that is
And all that we become

Every breath a gift of life
Each beating heart so true
The miracle of life itself
The magic that is you

In gratitude we bless each day
For every breath we take
we give our love and share our joy
Our souls now wide awake

Monday, 27 June 2011

The Unicorn

In ancient forest emerald green
The trees call out to you
The birds all sing their morning song
The forest drips with dew

The mists that rise above the lake
The fresh cool mountain breeze
A unicorn comes into view
You mount his back with ease

He’s glad you came and wants to ride
Through diamond rainbow light
And shine as though a million stars
Have touched your soul tonight

In meadows filled with wild flowers
The alpine morning air
You ride the back of unicorn
Sunlight in your hair

The ancient ones have called to you
They know you’re on a mission
They know the truth within your heart
The beauty of your vision

Keep breathing soft, keep breathing deep
Keep your connection strong
Keep sharing in the joy of life
And sing with love your song

A crystal cave high in the peaks
A candle flame burns bright
Magic stirring in the soul
Alive with joy tonight

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Peaceful Solstice Blessings

Solstice dawn comes sighing gently
Golden morning rise
Streaming sunlight, breathing softly
Azure blue the skies

Peaceful heart, this joy still rising
Every day a gift
The energy so bright & vibrant
Rumbles with the shift

burning sweetgrass, sage & cedar
Send blessing for the day
Drum with love in chanting trance
With gratitude, I pray

To each & everyone around
To every living thing
May you be healthy, loved & peaceful
Safe in angels wings

May you feel the loving presence
Everywhere you are
May you see the light within you
Shine with every star

May every day bring forth sweet blessings
May life forever sing
May each heart shine with love & laughter
At peace with everything

May every touch be one of healing
May angels walk with you
May every breath be filled with living
May you love the things you do

And as the velvet sky of evening
Bring stars that twinkle bright
May you feel the love of angels
Embrace you with their light

Monday, 13 June 2011

Gratitude for the blessing of life

So blessed are we to have each day
Another day to breathe
Another day to live and love
To give and to receive

So blessed are we to have this life
Such love to share with all
To have a warm and loving heart
If we see someone fall

So blessed are we and grateful too
For angels shining bright
For all the goodness and the love
Their pure angelic light

So blessed are to have this chance
To share in what we see
To spread the peace and spread the joy
Share creatively

So blessed are we to know such love
A flaming torch of light
That shines on through each single day
And keeps us warm at night

So blessed are we that we have found
Another way to be
To know that every act of love
Brings peace and harmony

So blessed are we to know we are
Of nature and of love
So blessed for all that lies below
And all that is above

Monday, 6 June 2011

Gratitude to Life

Flowing with the river
Breathing with the trees
The warmth of morning sunrise
The soft and gentle breeze

The dew upon the meadow
Angelic orbs of light
The stars that twinkle in the sky
All radiate so bright

The childlike joy of life itself
Shining from within
Embrace the day & touch the earth
With beauty dance & sing

Passion rising in the soul,
Rainbows of pure light
Create with beauty, joy and love
Sparkling clear and bright

Sweet Mother Earth, we breathe with love
With open hearts so true
With gratitude we bring our peace
Our love and joy to you

Sharing smiles with everyone
Radiant glowing love
Connect with everything below
And everything above

Monday, 30 May 2011

Love and beauty

Vibrations rising from the earth
Embraced by light and sound
Kiss the sky with arms outstretched
Supported by the ground

Seeing, feeling with the soul
Heart eyes filled with love
Bless everything that lies below
And everything above

Walk in beauty every day
Have faith in what you do
Smile at life and give your love
And life will smile at you

See the beauty in all things
Recognise you are
A part of every thing that lives
A bright and shining star

Focus on what you can give
Grow your angel wings
Listen to the gentle song
That love shines out and sings

In this human form we take
The flame of love burns bright
A million stars vibrate with joy
The sun shines out its light

Each breath taken, filled with life
Our hearts all beat together
Sparkle bright & shine with love
Our souls live on forever

Desire a better world for all
Awakened and alive
Where there is only peace and love
And joy and beauty thrive

A rose is kissed by gentle rain
A cornflower dressed in blue
An oak shines brightly in the sun
All nature sings to you

This Sacred Earth our Mother
Our Father sky above
Help us walk the beauty way
With open hearts and love

Monday, 16 May 2011

Breathing love with a bright moon

Each day we pray we give our love
With joy, so very blessed
Each moment with such gratitude
We give to life our best

Learning how to roll with life
Just as the river flows
With grace and humble gratitude
Love expands and grows

Guided only by the source
Trusting intuition
Being love and breathing light
Using inner vision

So blessed are we that every day
We have a chance to be
Alive to dance with life and love
Trust in the Mystery

Loving life and breathing light
Listening to the earth
On bended knees, the gentle breeze
Whispers of self worth

Breathe with love and breathe with peace
Be the joy you are
Love with all your heart and soul
Shine out like a star

A glowing moon she beams and shines
Breathing pulsing light
Sending love around the world
And out to you tonight

The life force pulses constantly
Vibrating love so bright
Breathe slow, breathe deep, breathe with intent
And radiate with light

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Moments Of Beauty

The hawk that circles overhead
The cawing of the crow
The butterflies that flutter by
All have much to show

The beauty of the rainbow clouds
The rustling of the leaves
The meadows filled with buttercups
The gentle spirit breeze

The heady fragrance of the rose
The river flowing by
The sweet and gentle morning rain
That falls from father sky

The gulls that cry out on the wing
The sea that ebbs and flows
The fish that leap, The sandy beach
The rising sun that glows

The velvet cloak of evening time
The silver moon shines bright
The twinkling of the starry skies
That sparkle through the night

Healed and whole and breathing love
Each cell filled with light
The angel bells that ring out loud
Sing with pure delight

A mountain top, breathe in the air
Standing on its zenith
Embracing life and being love
Breathe slow, breathe deep, replenish.

Saturday, 7 May 2011

Creating with love

With an innate joy of life
Keep smiling, strong and true
Know that every moment here
Is blessed, a gift for you

Celebrate in who you are
And shine your light so bright
Just as the sun breaks through the clouds
And stars light up the night

Just as a flower blooms in May
Through nurturing the Earth
Use your breath, breathe with love
Awakened and rebirthed

In gratitude, bless all life
To your heart be true
Give your love, share your smiles
Give joy in all you do

Every joy that you create
Each smile you give away
Each time that you give your love
Love comes back your way

Sharing in a vision
That is starting to unfold
Love that shines around the world
Joyous stories told

Peace is spreading round the earth
As all our dreams come true
Harmony and unity
Love sparkles in the dew

See the joyous faces
Beaming out with love
All of this our mother earth
The father sky above

Wrapped up in these words embrace
A prayer of visions born
Creating from this sacred place
A beautiful new dawn

Create with love in heavens light
The sun and moon both shine
Every breath is paradise
Every breath sublime

So blessed with life so beautiful
Love that gives life to
A vision of a world at peace
Sharing love with you.

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

The light of spring

Feeling the warmth & the light of the spring
Alive so vibrant in hue
The bluebells all nod
The sun wears a smile
The crescent moon shines out at you

Be who you are and do all you can
With love, with compassion and grace
Wake every morning
With joy in your heart
And share all the smiles on your face

Wherever life finds you, be loving and giving
Be guided in all that you do
Be true to your heart
Be blessed for this day
Each moment is there just for you

Melt into love and let nature’s soul
Whisper to you through the trees
Feel the connection
In every direction
As the wind gently rustles the leaves

The angels all sing with love on the wing
In harmony they sing to you
Create all you can
With beauty and love
And share in the things that you do

Floating in dreams of blue, gold & green
Breathing a rose coloured light
Shine out like a star
And sparkle with love
Beaming out into the night

You may have a dream or a song in your heart
And feel that you’re on some kind of mission
Trust in the source
Trust in yourself
And trust in the light of your vision

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

ode to love

Believe in a better world for everyone
Believe that peace love joy harmony and unity as a reality in the world
Make every act an act of love
Always come from the heart
Trust in your heart
Believe in the beauty of your dreams
Be grateful for all life always, love life no matter what
trust in the ways of the Great Mystery

Wednesday, 27 April 2011


Dancing in the soft green grass
A bright and beaming sun
Singing gently with the earth
With love for everyone

Tiny alpine flowers
a purple velvet hue
Such a wonder to behold
The sky an azure blue

Such beauty in this love we share
To be here now with you
A paradise so heaven sent
As fresh as morning dew

Resonating in our dreams
Of colour, light and sound
Singing out the chants of peace
The miracles abound

Creating beauty with each breath
Immortal and Divine
Sharing in this love of life
Our spirits start to shine

Our souls vibrate with energy
The life force shines so bright
Sharing love so tenderly
Sparkling in the light

Sunday, 17 April 2011

The Heart of Mother Earth

The Springtime sings her joyous tune
The melody so bright
Embracing Earth in vivid green
Shimmering with light

Touch the skies in azure blue
Soft earth beneath your feet
Feel her heart and breathing love
Dance with her gentle beat

Deep poetry moves through the soul
The words ring clear and true
Each colour shines with vivid tones
Breathe in the morning dew

Humming, om-ing body buzzing
A diamond of pure light
At peace within, breathing love
Clear and sparkling bright

Spread huge rainbow wings of love
Around the earth as though
Your very heart lies at its core
Its very soul you know

A bright star shines in evening skies
Filled with healing light
It twinkles down upon the earth
And shines with love tonight

Monday, 4 April 2011

A Spring Song

Open hearts with love connect
With gratitude and deep respect
Compassion rising, ever giving
This miracle of life we’re living

In stillness listen to the source
The presence guides us on our course
Angels sing their songs of light
Synchronistic second sight

To offer out our love each day
To find the truth that lights the way
To smile at life, embrace each thing
To feel the gentle holy wind

Vibrant colours shining bright
Expanded love in rainbow light
Feel the beauty of creation
Radiant shining pure elation

To trust in life and have a mission
To feel the oneness, share a vision
Create with love with joy and peace
As miracles each day increase

Thursday, 31 March 2011

Rainbows And Angels

Open up your gentle heart
And burst with rainbow light
Expanded love a diamond shines
Vibrating clear and bright

A sparkly temple shimmers,
Inside the angels sing
Beaming love around the world
To every living thing

Feel the presence, read the signs
To your heart be true
Share the gifts the angels bring
Their light I give to you

Celebrate this life you have
Don’t waste one single day
Joining hearts we share in love
We sing, we dance and play

Compassion, loving kindness
Connecting with the One
Rise up and greet the beauty
Of the morning sun

Friday, 25 March 2011

Love Connecting

Breathing soft and even
Unfolding like a flower
Breathing love in Springtime Sun
A strong and gentle power

Learn to sing with Angels
Respect our Mother Earth
Be at peace, calm in your soul
Awaken and rebirth

Go deeper now into your heart
And touch each living thing
Listen to the sound of light
The rays of sunshine sing

Green vibrant moss of springtime
So soft upon the toes
So beautiful the stillness
As love expands and grows

Following this inner joy
Love that shines so true
Breathing ruby rose gold light
Love shines in every hue

Feel the joy within your soul
Connecting deeper still
Giving service, being love
Trusting Divine will

All is beauty, all is Love
Our hearts connect as one
Be still and listen to the sound
The deep resounding OM

Our hearts connect in Oneness
So radiant and bright
Beaming love around the world
Expanding with the light

Pure energy in action
Do something that’s worthwhile
Do what makes you happy
And give the world your smile

Feeling this connection
To all that’s good and true
Look to the light of Sirius
And shine with love for you

Friday, 18 March 2011

Gratitude to Mother Earth

Mother Earth you sing your song
I kneel with you each day
I watch your seasons, move with you
With you I dance and play

Mother Earth I feel your soul
Talking through the trees
The sun shines through your branches
Your buds turn into leaves

Mother Earth this gentle rain
That nurtures your sweet earth
Brings for the shoots of springtime growth
Renewal and rebirth

Mother Earth I pledge my love
With joyous melodies
And as I sing with open heart
I feel you as a breeze

Mother Earth your beating heart
The love within your womb
The sun that shines, the bees that buzz
The magic of the moon

Mother Earth I send you light
And gratitude each day
So blessed for all the guidance
You share along the way

Mother Earth each day I walk
In oneness and in love
Connect with you below the ground
And all that is above

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Trusting in the Great Mystery

As radiant as a twinkling star,
calm as a tranquil sea,
feel the sunlight in your soul,
breathe deep, relax and be.

Keep Steady, balanced, centred
Rooted to the ground
Keep stillness deep within you
As the world spins round

Feel the joy and rapture
Shine with love so bright
Be there for those who ask for help
And help them find their light

And through all the changes
In unity we stand
Brothers, sisters of the light
Together hand in hand

With love we breathe and open up
And trust in the Divine
Use our hearts to guide the way
With clarity of mind

Trust in the great Presence
Of which we’re all a part
Know we’re all connected
One mind and one heart

Life will always guide you
To where you need to be
Use your gifts and share the love
With creativity

Every single heartbeat,
Every breath you take
The world you see in front of you
Is just what you create

This garden is so beautiful
May we all be blessed
With peace and joy & heaven on earth
Love shining at its best

Monday, 7 February 2011

The Last Days of Winter

As gentle as the morning rain
Falls upon your face
Watch the swan glide on the pond
In elegance and grace

Listen to the robin
Who sits upon the tree
Singing out his sweetest song
As happy as can be

The days of winter shedding
A crocus starts to bloom
Feel the wind blow through your soul
The spring will be here soon

The flowing of the river
The budding of the trees
The catkins on the willows
Dancing in the breeze

And quietly you breathe it in
So blessed to be alive
Within the arms of Mother Earth
Your soul has learned to thrive

She nurtures and protects us
And guides us on our way
If we would stop to listen
Hear what she has to say

No matter what the weather
Or what the seasons bring
The buds will always open
The birds will always sing

Find your greatest peace now
Touching the sweet earth
Watch the springtime rise again
Nature giving birth

Bless the cold of winter
For all it had to show
For giving you the chance to see
The beauty of the snow

As each day gets longer
The winter nights now gone
Sit with the little robin
And join in with his song

Saturday, 5 February 2011

Shine with light

Here in this Sanctuary burning sweet oil
Conscious of life and its mortal coil
The scent of the rose is heavenly bliss
The smell of the heavens touched by a kiss

And as life keeps spinning around and around
Become as a tree, its roots in the ground
Here in the stillness the sun always shines
Soft is the heart and quiet the mind

A rapturous joy, a heart filled with light
As light as a breeze that floats through the night
And standing on clouds, blessed by the sun
United in love all hearts beat as one

The south path of innocent trust we may find
Will open our hearts, all fear left behind
Learning to breathe, the dolphins at play
Sharing the joy as we follow the way

Through all the lessons of love we are learning
To feel the sweet passionate flames that are burning
The violet flame transforms into gold
All negativity that we may hold

Seeing all lifetimes stretched out in a line
Here there is no sense of space or of time
A pure Divine love that sparkles so bright
A radiant joy bursting forth into light

In love and in service we find our wings
And know the sweet sound of the Om as it sings
Surrounded by love of the angels tonight
With joy & humility sparkle with light

Saturday, 29 January 2011

Giving thanks

Give thanks for this moment
For all that you see
Keep your heart open
Relax and just be

Give thanks for this moment
For all that you touch
For the smiles and the joy
And for loving so much

Give thanks for this moment
your eyes open wide
Reflect all the light
that shines from inside

Give thanks for this moment
For all that you hear
For all of the guidance
The light shining clear

Give thanks for this moment
Bless life and pray
That we wake again
To a beautiful day

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Love, peace & Joy

We press each others triggers
A synergetic flow
We see each other at our best
And help each other grow

Melting into oneness
In unity we flow
Deep within this core of peace
We radiate and glow

To be at peace completely
This pure love that we breathe
We touch our own Divinity
And miracles we weave

Our spirits strong inside our skin
The beauty that we see
We know the breath that gives us life
Love lives eternally

Brothers, sisters angels all
The wonders never cease
Such joy and rapture in our hearts
We share in love and peace

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

The witching moon

A bright golden moon that shines out so bright
She sees all three faces one wintry night
The maiden, the mother, the lover the crone
They all mould together and melt into one

The maiden will give you her innocent smile
The lover will dance under the moon for a while
The old crone she sits in her medicine wheel
She knows that through opening our hearts that we heal

She walks through the darkness and faces her fears
And breaks her heart open releasing the tears
She shakes and she quakes and will take you down deep
The last thing she has on her mind now is sleep

Accepting all faces she knows she must
Release all her fears in order to trust
The maiden is gentle as love starts to swell
The lover enchanted with this magic spell

The old crone is wise and she stands & watches
And knows of her failings, the graspy tight clutches
Face all your shadows, don't fear the night
Be who you are and sparkle with light

She knows in her heart that all of this yearning
The fire is strong the flame keeps on burning
Through shedding of skin, through our resurrection
We look through our heart eyes, love shows the direction

We're all on this journey, unique gifts we share
Removing all masks we strip ourselves bare
Connect with your heart light, in love there's no lack
Shed all your fears and never look back

Abundant and joyful and sparkling with light
She raises her arms up and thanks the dark night
And as the stars twinkle, now flowing with love
She thanks what's below her and and all that's above

Monday, 24 January 2011

Love flows

Feel your spirit light up
Angel wings unfurl
Keep the vision in your heart
Bring peace into the world

Step into the light
Know stillness of the mind
Expand with love and touch all hearts
Be gracious, humble, kind.

Though at times we stumble
And challenges we face
Know all of these we set ourselves
To bring us back to grace

Trusting in the source
We help each other through
Be gentle, patient, loving, kind
In everything you do

We learn to love all life
Our faces to the sun
We learn to love each other
And know all hearts as one

The door is always open
The love flows strong and true
We resonate and synchronise
And love will guide us through

Know yourself and love yourself
And do all you can do
Find the joy in life itself
And to your heart be true

Thursday, 20 January 2011

Be love

Surrender to the moment
In gratitude and grace
Kneel with great humility
Know the one true face

Recognise your shadows
And love them anyway
Be at peace within your soul
Keep following the way

Listen to the guidance
The stillness rings out clear
Bring peace and love into all hearts
Eliminate all fear

Touch each heart with kindness
At your core stay strong
Keep dancing to the hum of life
and Keep on keeping on

Sunday, 16 January 2011

Singing with nature

Oh come little bird that hops upon the ground
So we may hear your joyous song that ours in turn be found.
Come little seed that seeks the sun to grow
Allow yourself to blossom, smile at the sun and glow

Come oh mighty sun and the rain that falls to earth
Shower us with rainbows that lead us to rebirth
Shine oh crazy moon in the darkness of the night
That we may dance beneath your beams and laugh with great delight

Come oh shining stars and twinkle clear and bright
That we may feel your brilliance & radiate with light
Oh stand ye mighty trees so flexible and strong
Sink roots down deep, your branches high, heaven & earth as one

Oh come now all earth angels and sing a song of peace
So there may be an end to war and conflict will all cease
Oh come now shine your light and sing a song so true
That all the world will hear and will sing along with you