Sunday, 16 January 2011

Singing with nature

Oh come little bird that hops upon the ground
So we may hear your joyous song that ours in turn be found.
Come little seed that seeks the sun to grow
Allow yourself to blossom, smile at the sun and glow

Come oh mighty sun and the rain that falls to earth
Shower us with rainbows that lead us to rebirth
Shine oh crazy moon in the darkness of the night
That we may dance beneath your beams and laugh with great delight

Come oh shining stars and twinkle clear and bright
That we may feel your brilliance & radiate with light
Oh stand ye mighty trees so flexible and strong
Sink roots down deep, your branches high, heaven & earth as one

Oh come now all earth angels and sing a song of peace
So there may be an end to war and conflict will all cease
Oh come now shine your light and sing a song so true
That all the world will hear and will sing along with you

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