Sunday, 22 August 2010

peace love and joy

Wrap yourself in starlight
Shine on with the moon
Open as a flower
With sweet and deep perfume

Keep your heart wide open
Radiate with light
Beam with love out to the world
And keep on shining bright

See beauty in each moment
Arrive within your skin
Be at peace, enjoy the flow
Love the place you're in

Create with love and joy
Give to life your best
Treat everyone with deep respect
And take some time to rest

Thursday, 19 August 2010

Keep breathing

From a rugged mountain peak
Spread your wings and soar
With eagle eye see from above
Bring peace where there is war

Hover silent in the air
Do not make a sound
Know these wings can hold you
High above the ground

Sit upon a pure white cloud
Stop a while and rest
Gentle, strong with open heart
Be love at its best

Give thanks for every new day
Another chance to fly
Spread the joy within your heart
Breathe slow, breathe deep and sigh

Sunday, 15 August 2010

Fields of Lavender

Lie down in fields of lavender
Where I may watch the sky
And be at peace among the bees
And watch the clouds float by

Breathe deeply in the fragrance
So sweet upon the skin
Wear a cloak of angel dreams
Love the place you’re in

Let go ,let go, surrender
To the beauty that’s inside
And from the highest mountain peak
Spread your wings and glide

Catch a thermal, feel yourself
Rising ever higher
And free yourself from all constraints
Flying with white fire

Alive and fresh I lie here
Peaceful, calm at ease
And dream of fields of lavender
The buzzing of the bees

Thursday, 12 August 2010

A leap of faith

In sweet awakened journeys
A rememberance of the soul
Going deeper every day
Let go and lose control

Breathing in the sunshine
With hearts so filled with love
With mother earth below your feet
Light shining from above

Be at peace extend an arm
To everyone around
Hold in your hand the lamp of light
That’s passed from underground

Letting go into the void
A strange time for us all
Don’t be afraid, just take the leap
And jump into free-fall

Brothers, sisters holding hands
Standing in the light
All hearts being joined in love
So radiant and bright

Be present in the moment
For each has much to show
No matter what each moment brings
Its helping us to grow

Trust in your heart it tells you
That love will light the way
Be thankful for the peace and joy
That life brings you each day

Saturday, 7 August 2010

I am a flower, I am a bee
I am the river that flows to the sea
I am the clouds that drift through the sky
I am the butterfly fluttering by

I am the leaf that floats on the breeze
I am the wind that blows through the trees
I am the branch from which the leaf springs
I am the bird that perches and sings

I am the fox that weaves through the night
I am the moon who beams out her light
I am the owl, I am the bat
I am a mysterious magic black cat

I am the soil, I am the earth
I am a new life coming to birth
I am the innocent trust of a child
I am a witch sometimes daring and wild

I am a reflection in which you all see
I am all you and you are all me

Thursday, 5 August 2010

Being with nature

Oh sweet gentle wind
Blow through my human skin
I will stand in stillness
And breathe what you may bring

Sweet Mother Earth
On your sweet soil I dance
Without a care in meadows sweet
I fall into your trance

Wise trees of the wood
What magic you have seen
I breathe you in, your air so sweet
Cloaked in emerald green

Beautiful sky so blue
With heart shaped clouds you bring
You fill my soul with peace and joy
I raise my arms and sing

River running by
You teach me how to flow
And gently with the current
Into the sea I go

Monday, 2 August 2010

Dance in the light

Lighten up your heart
Dance within the light
When you're strong and centred
Everythings alright

Each person that you meet
A part of your reflection
Strive to reach self unity
And see your own perfection

When we see the blocks
We never knew existed
Its only then we realise
This is how we've resisted

So celebrate your life
be glad for who you are
No matter where the journey leads
You've come so very far

Keep an open heart
Its easy now to see
That with this self acceptance
Comes self unity

Love all life

Each time that we surrender
We learn to be more humble
To yield to life and trust it all
Although the skies may rumble

When all you feel is love
For your sisters and your brothers
Learn also how to love yourself
As you would love all others

Learn to love each moment
for beauty you will find
Allow the deep tranquility
To hush your chattering mind

In your heart a diamond
Shines so very bright
Reflect your love out to the world
And fill it with your light

Sunday, 1 August 2010

Thank you life

Thank you for each moment
The passing of the day
Thanks to all the friends I have
That guide me on my way

Thank you for the words
And all the love thats given
Thank you for the life I have
The work that keeps me driven

Thank you for the wind
That blows right through my soul
Thank you for the shining stars
When nights are black as coal

Thank you for the sunrise
The brightness of its rays
And thank you for each moment
The passing of the days

Thank you for the journey
For nature at its best
Thank you for the stillness
When my mind is at rest

Thank you for the love
That open hearts do show
Its teaching a new way to be
Its helping me to grow