Wednesday, 27 April 2011


Dancing in the soft green grass
A bright and beaming sun
Singing gently with the earth
With love for everyone

Tiny alpine flowers
a purple velvet hue
Such a wonder to behold
The sky an azure blue

Such beauty in this love we share
To be here now with you
A paradise so heaven sent
As fresh as morning dew

Resonating in our dreams
Of colour, light and sound
Singing out the chants of peace
The miracles abound

Creating beauty with each breath
Immortal and Divine
Sharing in this love of life
Our spirits start to shine

Our souls vibrate with energy
The life force shines so bright
Sharing love so tenderly
Sparkling in the light

Sunday, 17 April 2011

The Heart of Mother Earth

The Springtime sings her joyous tune
The melody so bright
Embracing Earth in vivid green
Shimmering with light

Touch the skies in azure blue
Soft earth beneath your feet
Feel her heart and breathing love
Dance with her gentle beat

Deep poetry moves through the soul
The words ring clear and true
Each colour shines with vivid tones
Breathe in the morning dew

Humming, om-ing body buzzing
A diamond of pure light
At peace within, breathing love
Clear and sparkling bright

Spread huge rainbow wings of love
Around the earth as though
Your very heart lies at its core
Its very soul you know

A bright star shines in evening skies
Filled with healing light
It twinkles down upon the earth
And shines with love tonight

Monday, 4 April 2011

A Spring Song

Open hearts with love connect
With gratitude and deep respect
Compassion rising, ever giving
This miracle of life we’re living

In stillness listen to the source
The presence guides us on our course
Angels sing their songs of light
Synchronistic second sight

To offer out our love each day
To find the truth that lights the way
To smile at life, embrace each thing
To feel the gentle holy wind

Vibrant colours shining bright
Expanded love in rainbow light
Feel the beauty of creation
Radiant shining pure elation

To trust in life and have a mission
To feel the oneness, share a vision
Create with love with joy and peace
As miracles each day increase