Sunday, 17 April 2011

The Heart of Mother Earth

The Springtime sings her joyous tune
The melody so bright
Embracing Earth in vivid green
Shimmering with light

Touch the skies in azure blue
Soft earth beneath your feet
Feel her heart and breathing love
Dance with her gentle beat

Deep poetry moves through the soul
The words ring clear and true
Each colour shines with vivid tones
Breathe in the morning dew

Humming, om-ing body buzzing
A diamond of pure light
At peace within, breathing love
Clear and sparkling bright

Spread huge rainbow wings of love
Around the earth as though
Your very heart lies at its core
Its very soul you know

A bright star shines in evening skies
Filled with healing light
It twinkles down upon the earth
And shines with love tonight

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