Friday, 30 April 2010

Moving from grief

Melt into rays of streaming sunrise
Peer through the cracks of sleepless tired eyes
Volcanic eruptions, ash fills the skies
The time has now come for a Phoenix to rise

Cast the old emotions aside
The tears have been shed, the brain has been fried
Time for the eagle to fly free in the skies
Time now to wipe the tears from my eyes

Where do we go to in rainbow filled dreams
Tired of falling apart at the seams
Explosions of light emanate from my heart
Somehow just knowing I'm alive is a start

Tired of pushing, tired of pulling
Like some shooting star that feeling of falling
stand in my centre solid and strong
Allowing life now to just pull me along

Sunday, 11 April 2010

Thanking the Great Mystery

Thanks for the love that flows from my being
Thanks for showing a new way of seeing
Thanks for each new beautiful day
Thanks for the garden in which we play
Thanks for the souls that guide with their light
Thanks for the darkness from which we gain sight
Thanks for connections surrounding us all
Thanks for the times when I slip and fall
Thanks for the strength to get up again
Thanks for the joy of the dance in the rain
Thanks for the magic, the stars in the sky
Thank you for showing that we do not die
Thanks for my family thanks for my friends
And thanks for the journey, its twists and its bends
Thanks most of all for this gift of living
And for all the love, the receiving and giving.

Thursday, 8 April 2010

out on the porch

Alone at night I hold a torch
Drinking tea out on the porch
listen as the wise owl sings
watch him fly with silent wings

Drifting off and under trance
watch the late night fairies dance
watch the starlight in the sky
Connect to it with inner eye

drift off into golden dreams
Of azure pools and magic beams
Reflecting out with diamond light
Shining on the world tonight

hear the future, see the past
See the changes flowing fast
Slipping through realities
hear sweet music in the trees

I lose myself become the night
Disappear into the light
And everything’s so clear and bright
Out here on the porch tonight

Monday, 5 April 2010

A rhyme

This rhyme may seem like just a token
For the ones that are are awoken
links of old will not be broken
Golden words they will be spoken
You may think you’ve just been smitten
But these words they will be written
Words will form from ages past
And words of truth will always last
With courage now shed no more tears
For open hearts they hold no fears
With gentle strength & with your light
Illuminate the darkest night
We know the tests prove hard and long
They are there to make you strong
Trust your heart it is not wrong
And friendships borne from trust will grow
There’s more to learn, there’s more to show
The bridges built from rainbows stay
And love & truth will guide the way

Friday, 2 April 2010

Going with the flow

Hear the wind whisper as you fly on angel wings
Harmonising with the world, a song inside you sings
Catch a falling leaf that dances with the breeze
Smile at crocus fairy rings growing under trees

Stand and light a candle in the meadow of the runes
In hollowed out old yew trees where the bards would play their tunes
Take a sacred moment in reverence and prayer
To thank the Great Mystery for all that you can share

Sit amongst the bluebells and look upon the sky
Feel mossy earth beneath you and watch the clouds drift by
Stand upon a mountain outstretch your arms and breathe
Wave your magic wand up there as magic you will weave

Lift your eyes in wonder at the magic all around
Breathe in the light, sun on your face, your feet upon the ground
Be thankful for the miracle that life brings you each day
And for all the guidance you receive following the way

Let your heart burst open and let your love run free
See the river of your life flow to its destiny
A phoenix rises from the fire, purified in flames
Raise your arms for you are free and pain no longer reigns

Thursday, 1 April 2010

Trusting the Great Mystery

I find myself back with the pull of the moon,
Again in the fire I tremble and swoon
I breathe and re focus I let go and pray
And trust the Great Mystery will show me the way.

When your heart is wide open, the love is astounding
I cannot breathe, my heart has been pounding
The universe grants us this life that we make
I have to refocus and give not just take

I slow down my breathing, relax and let go
And let all this beautiful energy flow
I send it all out with compassion and love
With all that’s below me and all that’s above

And all of this journey I may one day pass on
If I thought for one minute it might help someone
Emotions I touch on, though so hard to show
if I’m not open, how are we to grow

And laughing with joy at the peace I can find
If I just let go and stop using my mind
I stand in the sunshine and breathe in the air
And let the wind gently blow through my hair