Friday, 2 April 2010

Going with the flow

Hear the wind whisper as you fly on angel wings
Harmonising with the world, a song inside you sings
Catch a falling leaf that dances with the breeze
Smile at crocus fairy rings growing under trees

Stand and light a candle in the meadow of the runes
In hollowed out old yew trees where the bards would play their tunes
Take a sacred moment in reverence and prayer
To thank the Great Mystery for all that you can share

Sit amongst the bluebells and look upon the sky
Feel mossy earth beneath you and watch the clouds drift by
Stand upon a mountain outstretch your arms and breathe
Wave your magic wand up there as magic you will weave

Lift your eyes in wonder at the magic all around
Breathe in the light, sun on your face, your feet upon the ground
Be thankful for the miracle that life brings you each day
And for all the guidance you receive following the way

Let your heart burst open and let your love run free
See the river of your life flow to its destiny
A phoenix rises from the fire, purified in flames
Raise your arms for you are free and pain no longer reigns

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