Thursday, 1 April 2010

Trusting the Great Mystery

I find myself back with the pull of the moon,
Again in the fire I tremble and swoon
I breathe and re focus I let go and pray
And trust the Great Mystery will show me the way.

When your heart is wide open, the love is astounding
I cannot breathe, my heart has been pounding
The universe grants us this life that we make
I have to refocus and give not just take

I slow down my breathing, relax and let go
And let all this beautiful energy flow
I send it all out with compassion and love
With all that’s below me and all that’s above

And all of this journey I may one day pass on
If I thought for one minute it might help someone
Emotions I touch on, though so hard to show
if I’m not open, how are we to grow

And laughing with joy at the peace I can find
If I just let go and stop using my mind
I stand in the sunshine and breathe in the air
And let the wind gently blow through my hair

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