Monday, 30 May 2011

Love and beauty

Vibrations rising from the earth
Embraced by light and sound
Kiss the sky with arms outstretched
Supported by the ground

Seeing, feeling with the soul
Heart eyes filled with love
Bless everything that lies below
And everything above

Walk in beauty every day
Have faith in what you do
Smile at life and give your love
And life will smile at you

See the beauty in all things
Recognise you are
A part of every thing that lives
A bright and shining star

Focus on what you can give
Grow your angel wings
Listen to the gentle song
That love shines out and sings

In this human form we take
The flame of love burns bright
A million stars vibrate with joy
The sun shines out its light

Each breath taken, filled with life
Our hearts all beat together
Sparkle bright & shine with love
Our souls live on forever

Desire a better world for all
Awakened and alive
Where there is only peace and love
And joy and beauty thrive

A rose is kissed by gentle rain
A cornflower dressed in blue
An oak shines brightly in the sun
All nature sings to you

This Sacred Earth our Mother
Our Father sky above
Help us walk the beauty way
With open hearts and love

Monday, 16 May 2011

Breathing love with a bright moon

Each day we pray we give our love
With joy, so very blessed
Each moment with such gratitude
We give to life our best

Learning how to roll with life
Just as the river flows
With grace and humble gratitude
Love expands and grows

Guided only by the source
Trusting intuition
Being love and breathing light
Using inner vision

So blessed are we that every day
We have a chance to be
Alive to dance with life and love
Trust in the Mystery

Loving life and breathing light
Listening to the earth
On bended knees, the gentle breeze
Whispers of self worth

Breathe with love and breathe with peace
Be the joy you are
Love with all your heart and soul
Shine out like a star

A glowing moon she beams and shines
Breathing pulsing light
Sending love around the world
And out to you tonight

The life force pulses constantly
Vibrating love so bright
Breathe slow, breathe deep, breathe with intent
And radiate with light

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Moments Of Beauty

The hawk that circles overhead
The cawing of the crow
The butterflies that flutter by
All have much to show

The beauty of the rainbow clouds
The rustling of the leaves
The meadows filled with buttercups
The gentle spirit breeze

The heady fragrance of the rose
The river flowing by
The sweet and gentle morning rain
That falls from father sky

The gulls that cry out on the wing
The sea that ebbs and flows
The fish that leap, The sandy beach
The rising sun that glows

The velvet cloak of evening time
The silver moon shines bright
The twinkling of the starry skies
That sparkle through the night

Healed and whole and breathing love
Each cell filled with light
The angel bells that ring out loud
Sing with pure delight

A mountain top, breathe in the air
Standing on its zenith
Embracing life and being love
Breathe slow, breathe deep, replenish.

Saturday, 7 May 2011

Creating with love

With an innate joy of life
Keep smiling, strong and true
Know that every moment here
Is blessed, a gift for you

Celebrate in who you are
And shine your light so bright
Just as the sun breaks through the clouds
And stars light up the night

Just as a flower blooms in May
Through nurturing the Earth
Use your breath, breathe with love
Awakened and rebirthed

In gratitude, bless all life
To your heart be true
Give your love, share your smiles
Give joy in all you do

Every joy that you create
Each smile you give away
Each time that you give your love
Love comes back your way

Sharing in a vision
That is starting to unfold
Love that shines around the world
Joyous stories told

Peace is spreading round the earth
As all our dreams come true
Harmony and unity
Love sparkles in the dew

See the joyous faces
Beaming out with love
All of this our mother earth
The father sky above

Wrapped up in these words embrace
A prayer of visions born
Creating from this sacred place
A beautiful new dawn

Create with love in heavens light
The sun and moon both shine
Every breath is paradise
Every breath sublime

So blessed with life so beautiful
Love that gives life to
A vision of a world at peace
Sharing love with you.

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

The light of spring

Feeling the warmth & the light of the spring
Alive so vibrant in hue
The bluebells all nod
The sun wears a smile
The crescent moon shines out at you

Be who you are and do all you can
With love, with compassion and grace
Wake every morning
With joy in your heart
And share all the smiles on your face

Wherever life finds you, be loving and giving
Be guided in all that you do
Be true to your heart
Be blessed for this day
Each moment is there just for you

Melt into love and let nature’s soul
Whisper to you through the trees
Feel the connection
In every direction
As the wind gently rustles the leaves

The angels all sing with love on the wing
In harmony they sing to you
Create all you can
With beauty and love
And share in the things that you do

Floating in dreams of blue, gold & green
Breathing a rose coloured light
Shine out like a star
And sparkle with love
Beaming out into the night

You may have a dream or a song in your heart
And feel that you’re on some kind of mission
Trust in the source
Trust in yourself
And trust in the light of your vision

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

ode to love

Believe in a better world for everyone
Believe that peace love joy harmony and unity as a reality in the world
Make every act an act of love
Always come from the heart
Trust in your heart
Believe in the beauty of your dreams
Be grateful for all life always, love life no matter what
trust in the ways of the Great Mystery