Monday, 30 May 2011

Love and beauty

Vibrations rising from the earth
Embraced by light and sound
Kiss the sky with arms outstretched
Supported by the ground

Seeing, feeling with the soul
Heart eyes filled with love
Bless everything that lies below
And everything above

Walk in beauty every day
Have faith in what you do
Smile at life and give your love
And life will smile at you

See the beauty in all things
Recognise you are
A part of every thing that lives
A bright and shining star

Focus on what you can give
Grow your angel wings
Listen to the gentle song
That love shines out and sings

In this human form we take
The flame of love burns bright
A million stars vibrate with joy
The sun shines out its light

Each breath taken, filled with life
Our hearts all beat together
Sparkle bright & shine with love
Our souls live on forever

Desire a better world for all
Awakened and alive
Where there is only peace and love
And joy and beauty thrive

A rose is kissed by gentle rain
A cornflower dressed in blue
An oak shines brightly in the sun
All nature sings to you

This Sacred Earth our Mother
Our Father sky above
Help us walk the beauty way
With open hearts and love

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