Wednesday, 4 May 2011

The light of spring

Feeling the warmth & the light of the spring
Alive so vibrant in hue
The bluebells all nod
The sun wears a smile
The crescent moon shines out at you

Be who you are and do all you can
With love, with compassion and grace
Wake every morning
With joy in your heart
And share all the smiles on your face

Wherever life finds you, be loving and giving
Be guided in all that you do
Be true to your heart
Be blessed for this day
Each moment is there just for you

Melt into love and let nature’s soul
Whisper to you through the trees
Feel the connection
In every direction
As the wind gently rustles the leaves

The angels all sing with love on the wing
In harmony they sing to you
Create all you can
With beauty and love
And share in the things that you do

Floating in dreams of blue, gold & green
Breathing a rose coloured light
Shine out like a star
And sparkle with love
Beaming out into the night

You may have a dream or a song in your heart
And feel that you’re on some kind of mission
Trust in the source
Trust in yourself
And trust in the light of your vision

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