Saturday, 7 May 2011

Creating with love

With an innate joy of life
Keep smiling, strong and true
Know that every moment here
Is blessed, a gift for you

Celebrate in who you are
And shine your light so bright
Just as the sun breaks through the clouds
And stars light up the night

Just as a flower blooms in May
Through nurturing the Earth
Use your breath, breathe with love
Awakened and rebirthed

In gratitude, bless all life
To your heart be true
Give your love, share your smiles
Give joy in all you do

Every joy that you create
Each smile you give away
Each time that you give your love
Love comes back your way

Sharing in a vision
That is starting to unfold
Love that shines around the world
Joyous stories told

Peace is spreading round the earth
As all our dreams come true
Harmony and unity
Love sparkles in the dew

See the joyous faces
Beaming out with love
All of this our mother earth
The father sky above

Wrapped up in these words embrace
A prayer of visions born
Creating from this sacred place
A beautiful new dawn

Create with love in heavens light
The sun and moon both shine
Every breath is paradise
Every breath sublime

So blessed with life so beautiful
Love that gives life to
A vision of a world at peace
Sharing love with you.

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