Thursday, 27 August 2009


The words that are unspoken
I hear.
The emotion barely touched on
I feel.
With depths of awareness
I heal.

The things that are hidden
I see.
The clarity of vision
I hold.
A story not yet written
Is told.

The veil of illusion
I break.
With self observation
I know.
With truth of reality
I grow.

Monday, 24 August 2009

Silent Snowfall

I stand alone
And listen
To the magical sound
Of silent snowflakes
As Winter envelops me in her frozen arms

Thursday, 20 August 2009

In conversation with the Wind

Oh gentle wind, blow softly thru my chestnut hair
But leave no trace
That you were there.

Don’t roar with force or hold me back
For raging winds if you attack
I’ll hold my ground I’ll stand and stare
So whip and lash my chestnut hair

You know I’m right,You’ve seen me fight,
You’ve seen me stand against your might
But now the time for fighting’s done
One more attack and I’ll be gone
No longer will you rip and tear
And whip right through my chestnut hair

So stop your games
Be kind and calm
I do not mean you any harm

Oh gentle wind I’ve braved it all
The storms of winter and the fall
And now I stand with you alone
And as I talk, wind gently moans….

“I promise I will compromise
If you will see that I am wise
I do not come here in disguise

For I am wind I have the power
To lift you up to knock you over
To rip and roar and fly and tear
And whip right through your chestnut hair

Its true I know
That I can blow
More powerful than you would know
But I am wind, its what I do,
I do not mean to trouble you,

I blow with force,
I blow with ease
I help the leaves fall from the trees

But you know me
I play with you
Its in these games that you get through

The times when you are racked with sorrow
Fearing what will be tomorrow
I come to you and rip and tear
And blow right through your chestnut hair

You face me out
You stand and shout
Forget what you were sad about”

Oh gentle wind I did not know
That you had come to know me so
And in these times, well you are right
You pull me back and make me fight

You whip me round
You stand your ground
But always I am safe and sound

Oh gentle wind then if you care,
Blow softly through my chestnut hair
And let me know
That you are there.


Heading for the clouds I fly
Magnified vision, eagle eye,
Wings outstretched I soar,
Far above the forest floor.

Golden eagle, in your flight,
Your strength, power and your might,
Help me seek the answers clear,
That I may help those most dear.

A healing quest she cries to me
Take your vision, you will see,
Life never ending, souls return
Seek with strength and you will learn.

A heart most true can never die,
Use your Power, learn to fly,
Fly with grace and you will find,
Answers clear, peace of mind.

Swooping down at breakneck speed
I return with answers that I need,
I give to you my gift of love
Brought from Eagle, heaven above.

Give your love and seek with truth,
For those who age, for those with youth,
Give your love and you will see,
Love is the truth, love is the key.

Eagle soaring with no fear,
Brings her message for all to hear,
In this life I give to you,
My gift of love and heart most true.

Seek your answers, find your vision,
This is your quest, this is your mission.
With love return and give to all,
Arms outstretched to those who fall.

Golden eagle in your might,
Help us in our daily fight,
To keep our vision clear and true,
That we may give our love to you.


The Morning mist is rising
Over rolling hills
And silent lakes
Breathe your dew soaked air
My soul is now awake

The Morning sun emerges
Through cloudy skies
And misty haze
A ball of glowing dazzling fire
Will set the sky ablaze

Gentle raindrops falling
From wafting clouds
To Mother Earth
Gives life to all her creatures
The cycle of rebirth