Sunday, 10 July 2011

The gift of life

This moment so immaculate
No words could ever say
What moves a pure and beating heart
To trust in love this way

For where there’s love there is no fear
There is only this
This moment of eternal joy
A sigh of endless bliss

The peace like softened velvet streams
The music of the deep
That stirs the soul in harmony
Awakened from its sleep

In crystal caves a memory
Reverberates in space
Recalls the joy and ecstasy
Where there’s no time nor place

Beyond the place that labels life
Beyond all that we see
Where we touch the perfect sound
That sings in harmony

Creation lives in every breath
In stillness hear the hum
Of all that was and all that is
And all that we become

Every breath a gift of life
Each beating heart so true
The miracle of life itself
The magic that is you

In gratitude we bless each day
For every breath we take
we give our love and share our joy
Our souls now wide awake