Thursday, 23 September 2010

Autumn play

Dance amongst the rainbows
Reflecting diamond light
Each colour radiates with joy
And sings with pure delight

Sit amongst the flowers
And listen to the bees
Feel the wind arouse the soul
And rustle through the leaves

Wake to sparkling dewdrops
That glisten in the dawn
And say a prayer of gratitude
As each new day is born

Shine down silver moonbeams
That radiate with light
As all the stars light up the sky
This gentle autumn night

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Grateful for....

Waking up to clear blue skies
A deep red ruby/gold sunrise
Birds that sing from lofty trees
The wind that rustles through the leaves

The rain that falls, a fragrant rose
Making rainbows with a hose
Connecting with old friends and new
The morning air, the sparkling dew

Reaching out with hearts of love
Twinkling stars in skies above
The moon that shines on through the night
A chance to radiate with light

Learning, loving, living, breathing
All the giving and receiving
The guidance given on the way
Living life with joy each day

All the beauty that I see
A chance to sit and learn to be
A peaceful heart, a quiet mind
To love, to nurture and be kind

Monday, 13 September 2010

Fairy dreams

A key that fits a lock
A gate already open
There is no need to knock
For those who are awoken

A fairy skips on through
And does a little dance
She sings a little song
And drifts into a trance

She wakes next to a well
That twinkles in the sun
And with a flick she waves her wand
A wish for everyone

May all beings be at peace
May joyful laughter be
The natural way to live each day
With ease and harmony

May each heart be filled with love
May every mind be free
May there always be clear vision
May beauty always be

And in the dew of morning
The sparkling emerald green
The sun rose up above the hills
And golden light was seen

The spirit fairy dancer
Sings a joyful song
And offers out these words to you
That you might sing along.

Sunday, 12 September 2010

The story of a wand

There was a tree that shed a branch
That lay there on the ground
Until one day it called out loud
That day the branch was found

The branch it talked and gave a name
And there a story starts
Of how one day a conker tree
Shed a little branch

The rain had come, the wind blew wild
The tree it swayed with might
And dug its roots into the soil
That dark and stormy night

The night seemed never ending
The tree it held its own
But when a branch fell to the ground
It gave a little moan

It thought its days were over
That there would be no light
And so its roots held firm and strong
And danced right through the night

Suddenly the storm it passed
The skies became so clear
And through that night the conker tree
Overcame its fear

The tree looked out with sadness
As the branch lay on the ground
And so it came to be that day
That branch was to be found

The branch was whittled gently
A wand it came to be
But always it remembers
Its connection to the tree

The moral to this story
If there is one at all
Is learn to dance right through the storms
Don't be afraid to fall

And if one day whilst walking
In woods of sparkling gold
A branch calls out, a wand is made
A story may be told.

Saturday, 11 September 2010


See the beauty with your eyes
Breathing in the rose pink skies
Angel feathers soft and white
Drift silently into the light

Golds and reds and orange hues
Float in skies of azure blues
Shimmering golds and emerald green
Sparkles from the fairy queen

Wings outstretched and soaring high
Looking out with Eagle eye
Bring joy and love to all around
share the magic you have found

Rustling leaves, the spirit breeze
A heaving sigh, the life force breathes
Beating hearts they open wide
Become the love thats held inside

Each and every breath we take
Creates the world we wish to make
bring forth the colours in your mind
Be beautiful, be gentle, kind

Make a difference, shine so bright
Use your heart to guide you right
Surrender to the starry night
Melt in this bliss and be the light

Serve with kindness and with grace
Bring a smile to every place
Connect with every star above
Bring to the world a gift of love