Sunday, 21 November 2010

A heart song

In gratitude

Anam cara soul friend
You touched this soul with light
Opened up this heart to love
When all was dark as night

So numb this human body
had walked round in a daze
Going through the motions
Everything a haze

Then one night it happened
I saw you in a dream
My heart exploded into light
Remembered where i'd been

And all of nature called out
The planets, earth and sky
All the rivers and the seas
And my heart heaved a sigh

Embraced within the presence
The love of our sweet mother
This love expands and reaches out
To each sister and each brother

And as the sun keeps rising
My heart it opens wide
And deep compassion fills my soul
Light sparkles from inside

And deep within my beating heart
This vision still holds true
To bring this planet back to peace
I share my dreams with you

In oneness and in unity
This garden that I see
is paradise for every soul
A song of harmony

And through the silent stillness
This feeling way down deep
This resonance within my soul
I won't go back to sleep

With everything that is below
And all that is above
My heart expands with peace and joy
And rests within Pure Love

Beautiful life

Children of the universe
Creating all we see
Each one of us is so unique
With potentiality

Be still and in the silence
The angels they will sing
And guide you with their strength and light
Their sweetness they will bring

Connect with our Great Mother
Feel her love and breathe
Open wide your beating heart
And it will never leave

Touch the earth, be humbled
This garden shines so bright
Be thankful for each moment
And sing with pure delight

The beauty it is endless
Feel it deep inside
Open up express yourself
Love will always guide

Immortal spirits on this earth
Wrapped in a human shape
Give to life the best you can
I stand in awe, agape

Friday, 19 November 2010

A beautiful morning

A ruby sun rises
A Cold frosty morning
Be with the stillness
And watch the day dawning

The birch trees are shining
The rainbow dew glistens
Give thanks for the moment
The universe listens

Each moment is sacred
Each breathe that we take
Each thought that we think
Is what we create

I touch the sweet earth
And breathe with a sigh
My heart opens wider
Pulsating third eye

Such beauty I feel
Such beauty I see
I taste the sweet moment
And sit here and be

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Joyful souls dance

Hearts wide open loving giving
Bodies move in time
Sweetness, softness gently flowing
Dance with love and shine

Sparkling souls with love expanding
Radiate so bright
Breathing, touching, holding, feeling
Stand naked in the light

Look deep into the eyes of truth
such vulnerability
Breathing slow, relax and sigh
Love flows so easily

Dancing gently softly sweetly
Miracles unfold
Deep inside this beating heart
Breathing with rose gold

Deep peace and sweet serenity
The angel bells all ring
So grateful for this life so blessed
As love and beauty sing.

Friday, 12 November 2010

A joyful song

The twinkling of sweet angel bells
Sing to each heart that listens
Breathing deep, the morning air
The sunlit dewdrop glistens

Robins sing their morning tune
The crows they caw along
A hawk it whistles in the sky
The dawn she sings her song

Winter sun and driving rain
The rainbows shine so bright
Dance to the rhythm of the wind
In clear and sparkling light

Give to life the best you can
In stillness sit and be
Breathe with love give all you can
And trust in what you see

In truth and beauty angels sing
Dancing to their song
Open up your heart to love
And life will sing along

Love burns brightly like a flame
Each cell alive with light
Radiate with inner joy
Shine like a star tonight

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

A heart Song

The story of your heart song
Learn to sing it raw
Go within your beating heart
And open up the door

Allow yourself really feel
The fire that burns bright
Sit and breathe and radiate
That love into the night

Keep focused on the source now
the wobbles will subside
Know the joy inside your heart
and keep it open wide

The spinning vortex flashes
Sparkling with light
And blue spots dance around the room
A mesmerising sight

Sit inside the stillness
And offer out your love
With everything below you
and Everything above

Watch it all unfolding
no need to push or force
Just surrender to the night
And let it take its course

Embrace each single moment
for what that moment brings
And do what gives the greatest joy
Is what the heart-song sings

Its time to drop the masks now
and know yourself as love
And learn to fly on angel wings
As peaceful as a dove

The power of joy

Open your heart to the beauty inside
Allow it to be both your compass and guide
Archangels will tinkle their bells to your song
And life will support you and help you along

The power of Joy is what comes when you find
A road to the soul that brings peace of mind
In stillness the source will point out the way
Be loving, be kind be respectful and play

And Nature will sing you her favourite tune
Delight in the sunshine and dance with the moon
Bring laughter and smiles to all that you meet
Be gracious and bless each day that you greet

There'll be days when you wibble and wobble along
Be kind to yourself its just part of the song
Know your own worth and with each passing day
Connect to the source and trust in the way

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

A mystical dance

A Pounding heart races
The sound of the drum
Pulsating rhythm
A resonant hum

The fire is burning
Feel the heat rise
A strong vibrant life force
sparkling eyes

Move with the rhythm
Of this sacred dance
Dive into the mystic
deep into trance

Heart now wide open
Exploding with bliss
Singing with angels
Breathe love,blow a kiss.

Let go and surrender
Go deep and fly high
Hover in stillness
Breathe out with a sigh