Sunday, 21 November 2010

A heart song

In gratitude

Anam cara soul friend
You touched this soul with light
Opened up this heart to love
When all was dark as night

So numb this human body
had walked round in a daze
Going through the motions
Everything a haze

Then one night it happened
I saw you in a dream
My heart exploded into light
Remembered where i'd been

And all of nature called out
The planets, earth and sky
All the rivers and the seas
And my heart heaved a sigh

Embraced within the presence
The love of our sweet mother
This love expands and reaches out
To each sister and each brother

And as the sun keeps rising
My heart it opens wide
And deep compassion fills my soul
Light sparkles from inside

And deep within my beating heart
This vision still holds true
To bring this planet back to peace
I share my dreams with you

In oneness and in unity
This garden that I see
is paradise for every soul
A song of harmony

And through the silent stillness
This feeling way down deep
This resonance within my soul
I won't go back to sleep

With everything that is below
And all that is above
My heart expands with peace and joy
And rests within Pure Love

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