Friday, 12 November 2010

A joyful song

The twinkling of sweet angel bells
Sing to each heart that listens
Breathing deep, the morning air
The sunlit dewdrop glistens

Robins sing their morning tune
The crows they caw along
A hawk it whistles in the sky
The dawn she sings her song

Winter sun and driving rain
The rainbows shine so bright
Dance to the rhythm of the wind
In clear and sparkling light

Give to life the best you can
In stillness sit and be
Breathe with love give all you can
And trust in what you see

In truth and beauty angels sing
Dancing to their song
Open up your heart to love
And life will sing along

Love burns brightly like a flame
Each cell alive with light
Radiate with inner joy
Shine like a star tonight

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