Sunday, 28 February 2010


My spirit melts into deep ruby red
A passionate heart
A colourful head

I’m twirling in colours of pink, gold & green
The most beautiful place
That I’ve ever been

A big purple diamond lights up my third eye
I am aware
That none of us die

I’ll dance with the magic of being alive
The wind in my hair
My heart open wide

Wave after wave of this deep elation
My soul is enraptured
By all of creation

And I feel the flames of a big raging fire
Not out of lust
Or selfish desire

They burn with the passion of daring to live
Of loving to write
And wanting to give

A white feathered cloak replaces old skin
I sparkle with joy
At this new place I’m in

I’ll dance with the moon, stars in my hair
Soft grass underfoot
Without one single care

I hold out my arms and thank the great Tao
For the wonderful chance
To be right here right now

Friday, 26 February 2010

A Song from Isis

Do you feel the softness
Does it make you sing
Do you feel the joy inside
The magic that life brings

Is the light so blinding
You have to look away
Do angels walk beside you
Lighting up the way

Are you resonating
With rainbows shining bright
Does the force of energy
Guide you through the night

Does a diamond shining
Give clarity of vision
Are you doing all you can
to carry out your mission

Are you breathing love now
To each corner of the earth
Is a mass awakening
Just about to birth

Thursday, 25 February 2010

A dance with words

I feel a vibration
A rumble inside
I yield and let go
my heart opens wide

A rosebud it opens
A flower in bloom
With joy overflowing
I gaze at the moon

The sun is now shining
It shimmers with gold
A diamond is sparkling
With light in my soul

With a dance and a smile
Enjoy every day
With soft flowing movement
I follow the way

Saturday, 20 February 2010


Do you feel a heartbeat
Rise up from your feet
Smell the sweetness of the rain
Soft upon your cheeks

Do you hold your arms out
To every gust of wind
And know that every element
Has a song to sing

Do you greet each sunrise
And breathe each golden ray
And feel the joy inside you grow
With every passing day

Does your spirit shine now
Each morning you arise
The wonder of creation
Bring tears into your eyes

Do you feel the starlight
The moon upon your face
Does the rumble of your heartbeat
Resonate in space

Are you back on earth yet
Cloaked in emerald green
Blue sparks flying from your hair
Loving where you’ve been

Are you standing still now
Allowing life to be
Filled with joy and wonder
At everything you see

Can you live each moment
And take each precious day
And harmonise with everyone
You meet along the way.

Tuesday, 16 February 2010


I drifted on a sailboat
Somewhere out at sea
I heard a little Selkie
Calling out to me

Her song was sweet and haunting
Melodic in her tone
She sang to me of how the sea
Had now become her home

In waters of emotion
Young selkie lost her way
She wanted to come into shore
In human skin to play

I looked into her big sad eyes
Her song so filled with sorrow
And told her just to float around
Not think about tomorrow

And as I looked at Selkie
Lost alone at sea
I saw that her emotions
Would never set her free

I sat and stroked her whiskers
And rubbed her little chin
And told her that we’d find a way
For her to find her skin

It took a bit of time and trust
But one day finally
Young silkie found her human skin
Another way to be

And all of that emotion
That lies inside the sea
Resides inside each human skin
The likes of you and me

So let yourself surf on the waves
Of every joy and sorrow
Don’t forget it matters not
What comes of you tomorrow

The depths of these emotions
May one day serve you right
For you may help another soul
To find their shining light

Just stop, relax and breathe now
No need to hold so tight
Trust in the Great Mystery
To always serve you right

Young selkie’s outside dancing
And playing with her drum
She knows she’ll always be alright
And she is having fun.

Monday, 15 February 2010

A simple truth

If I could heal the world
By taking on its pain
I’d cry with every tear that’s shed
Until it smiled again

If I could heal the earth
With all the love I share
I’d wrap it in a warm embrace
And leave the magic there

If I could take these words
And turn them into wishes
I’d sing my song to broken hearts
And my words would be kisses

If I could sing a song
That took away all fear
I’d clear my throat and sing out loud
For all the world to hear

If I could hold the hands
Of everyone in trouble
I’d hold them tight and whisper sweet
That gems lay in the rubble

I may not change the world
With a poem and a song
But if my words do resonate
Then please do sing along.

Sunday, 14 February 2010

Emerald eyes

Green eyed panther burning bright
Roaming on her own tonight
Staying hidden, out of sight
wildness burns in shafts of light

A moan and roar with burning fire
Wild potential flames grow higher
With pounding heart she moves with ease
Through winter’s stark & naked trees

Panther’s spirit wild and free
Fuelled with pure vitality
In a vast electric sea
Filled with light and synergy

She roars with creativity
With pure white crystal energy
With love and continuity
Through all of this great mystery

A panther walks alone tonight
She trusts in life with all her might
And shining stars of emerald light
Shine out from her eyes so bright.

Friday, 12 February 2010

Walking the Path

I stand atop Mount Sinai a white rose in my hand
I’m talking to an angel who is showing me the land
I’m guided to a temple, wearing pure white robes
The guardian opens up the door the light inside just glows.

I’m staring at a stone now, carved, in emerald green
Looking at strange symbols that I have never seen
A glistening light a light so strong is now surrounding me
I can no longer read the signs, the light alone I see

This temple I remember from some place back in time
When alchemy and words of light did in those days shine
And words became like magic tools lent for all to share
And love and peace and magic became the order there

The words, the light the magic, the memories so real
And seeing even further back in time I did remove a veil
But destiny it pulls and pushes once again
Through love and understanding the kindness eases pain

A light within my being is starting to alight
A presence that envelops me guides me through the night
And peace it pulses deep inside the beating of my heart
And I can sense within my soul a new day set to start.

Letting go of everything life will guide the way
Surrendering my soul it seems, every single day
I see blue lights in small round orbs dancing in my sight
And swirly curly vortexes that seem to dance in light

Good service I must make now and smile along the way
And know that deep inside my heart that happiness will stay
With clarity of vision I hold my centre strong
And keep on walking down the path & bring with me a song.

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

A fairy wish for everyone

May you always wake up with a smile on your face
May your days fill wonder your heart filled with grace
May you always have stillness and days filled with cheer
May the things that you treasure you hold always dear.

May you always hear laughter wherever you are
May you smile at the moon and bow to the stars
May your presence be filled with delight every day
May your light be so bright that it shows you the way

May love heal the world with a smile and a song
May you always be happy and healthy and strong
May your heart always shine a most radiant gold
May life always grant you the visions you hold.

Monday, 1 February 2010


Ever watched a fledging try and fly
Under Watchful guiding eyes
In the hedgerows safe it hides
Before it learns to touch the sky

Ever heard an Owl hoot in the night
Calling loud ‘It’ll be alright’
Look inside & find your light
And use the gift of inner sight

Ever seen a moon so bright & clear
& faced your passions with burning fear
The quickening is drawing near
The energy steps up a gear

Ever felt the earth beneath vibrate
Whispering don’t hesitate
Emotions swirling at your fate
Hoping you won’t be too late

Ever seen behind a stormy day
A golden dawn is on the way
And knelt on grass and tried to pray
For higher good now come what may

Ever heard a voice behind a song
Whisper gently, ‘come on be strong’
Hoping you won’t get it wrong
And hurt someone because you’re gone

Ever held the faith that Destiny
Would find you through Eternity
And stopped to think how it would be
If love could change the world we see