Saturday, 20 February 2010


Do you feel a heartbeat
Rise up from your feet
Smell the sweetness of the rain
Soft upon your cheeks

Do you hold your arms out
To every gust of wind
And know that every element
Has a song to sing

Do you greet each sunrise
And breathe each golden ray
And feel the joy inside you grow
With every passing day

Does your spirit shine now
Each morning you arise
The wonder of creation
Bring tears into your eyes

Do you feel the starlight
The moon upon your face
Does the rumble of your heartbeat
Resonate in space

Are you back on earth yet
Cloaked in emerald green
Blue sparks flying from your hair
Loving where you’ve been

Are you standing still now
Allowing life to be
Filled with joy and wonder
At everything you see

Can you live each moment
And take each precious day
And harmonise with everyone
You meet along the way.

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