Sunday, 28 February 2010


My spirit melts into deep ruby red
A passionate heart
A colourful head

I’m twirling in colours of pink, gold & green
The most beautiful place
That I’ve ever been

A big purple diamond lights up my third eye
I am aware
That none of us die

I’ll dance with the magic of being alive
The wind in my hair
My heart open wide

Wave after wave of this deep elation
My soul is enraptured
By all of creation

And I feel the flames of a big raging fire
Not out of lust
Or selfish desire

They burn with the passion of daring to live
Of loving to write
And wanting to give

A white feathered cloak replaces old skin
I sparkle with joy
At this new place I’m in

I’ll dance with the moon, stars in my hair
Soft grass underfoot
Without one single care

I hold out my arms and thank the great Tao
For the wonderful chance
To be right here right now

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