Monday, 1 February 2010


Ever watched a fledging try and fly
Under Watchful guiding eyes
In the hedgerows safe it hides
Before it learns to touch the sky

Ever heard an Owl hoot in the night
Calling loud ‘It’ll be alright’
Look inside & find your light
And use the gift of inner sight

Ever seen a moon so bright & clear
& faced your passions with burning fear
The quickening is drawing near
The energy steps up a gear

Ever felt the earth beneath vibrate
Whispering don’t hesitate
Emotions swirling at your fate
Hoping you won’t be too late

Ever seen behind a stormy day
A golden dawn is on the way
And knelt on grass and tried to pray
For higher good now come what may

Ever heard a voice behind a song
Whisper gently, ‘come on be strong’
Hoping you won’t get it wrong
And hurt someone because you’re gone

Ever held the faith that Destiny
Would find you through Eternity
And stopped to think how it would be
If love could change the world we see

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