Wednesday, 10 February 2010

A fairy wish for everyone

May you always wake up with a smile on your face
May your days fill wonder your heart filled with grace
May you always have stillness and days filled with cheer
May the things that you treasure you hold always dear.

May you always hear laughter wherever you are
May you smile at the moon and bow to the stars
May your presence be filled with delight every day
May your light be so bright that it shows you the way

May love heal the world with a smile and a song
May you always be happy and healthy and strong
May your heart always shine a most radiant gold
May life always grant you the visions you hold.


  1. Oh, I love this!! Thank you Ju - and thank you fairies :) xxxx

  2. Very nice indeed. Look forward to many more.

  3. How Lovely to have found You!
    You are a Ray of Sunshine - *waves* to fairies!

    @purelycarrie ;)