Tuesday, 16 February 2010


I drifted on a sailboat
Somewhere out at sea
I heard a little Selkie
Calling out to me

Her song was sweet and haunting
Melodic in her tone
She sang to me of how the sea
Had now become her home

In waters of emotion
Young selkie lost her way
She wanted to come into shore
In human skin to play

I looked into her big sad eyes
Her song so filled with sorrow
And told her just to float around
Not think about tomorrow

And as I looked at Selkie
Lost alone at sea
I saw that her emotions
Would never set her free

I sat and stroked her whiskers
And rubbed her little chin
And told her that we’d find a way
For her to find her skin

It took a bit of time and trust
But one day finally
Young silkie found her human skin
Another way to be

And all of that emotion
That lies inside the sea
Resides inside each human skin
The likes of you and me

So let yourself surf on the waves
Of every joy and sorrow
Don’t forget it matters not
What comes of you tomorrow

The depths of these emotions
May one day serve you right
For you may help another soul
To find their shining light

Just stop, relax and breathe now
No need to hold so tight
Trust in the Great Mystery
To always serve you right

Young selkie’s outside dancing
And playing with her drum
She knows she’ll always be alright
And she is having fun.

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