Monday, 15 February 2010

A simple truth

If I could heal the world
By taking on its pain
I’d cry with every tear that’s shed
Until it smiled again

If I could heal the earth
With all the love I share
I’d wrap it in a warm embrace
And leave the magic there

If I could take these words
And turn them into wishes
I’d sing my song to broken hearts
And my words would be kisses

If I could sing a song
That took away all fear
I’d clear my throat and sing out loud
For all the world to hear

If I could hold the hands
Of everyone in trouble
I’d hold them tight and whisper sweet
That gems lay in the rubble

I may not change the world
With a poem and a song
But if my words do resonate
Then please do sing along.


  1. Beautiful as always - thank you Ju :) xxxx

  2. Good poems have been written in blank verse, but it takes an accomplished poet to write a good poem in rhyme. Juliette has done this.

    Well done--Juliette