Friday, 12 February 2010

Walking the Path

I stand atop Mount Sinai a white rose in my hand
I’m talking to an angel who is showing me the land
I’m guided to a temple, wearing pure white robes
The guardian opens up the door the light inside just glows.

I’m staring at a stone now, carved, in emerald green
Looking at strange symbols that I have never seen
A glistening light a light so strong is now surrounding me
I can no longer read the signs, the light alone I see

This temple I remember from some place back in time
When alchemy and words of light did in those days shine
And words became like magic tools lent for all to share
And love and peace and magic became the order there

The words, the light the magic, the memories so real
And seeing even further back in time I did remove a veil
But destiny it pulls and pushes once again
Through love and understanding the kindness eases pain

A light within my being is starting to alight
A presence that envelops me guides me through the night
And peace it pulses deep inside the beating of my heart
And I can sense within my soul a new day set to start.

Letting go of everything life will guide the way
Surrendering my soul it seems, every single day
I see blue lights in small round orbs dancing in my sight
And swirly curly vortexes that seem to dance in light

Good service I must make now and smile along the way
And know that deep inside my heart that happiness will stay
With clarity of vision I hold my centre strong
And keep on walking down the path & bring with me a song.

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