Monday, 25 January 2010

Finding My Way

Driven by wildness
And strange intuition
I lost myself briefly
In the midst of the vision

I’ve found my way back
From a labyrinth of dreams
Stopped trying to figure out
What it all means

Let life be my guide
It will get me on track
Use all that I’m learning
To give something back

This journey I’ve taken
Has spun me around
Lost count of the times
That I’ve hit the ground

But deep strength is brewing
The messages come
Wherever life takes me
I’ll always be home.

Sunday, 24 January 2010

Reality Shift

Reality has shifted
And all that I can see
Is the vastness of this miracle
Laid out in front of me

With golden angels singing
I grow in strength each day
Building up my courage
Following the way

The beauty of this moment
And all that I have seen
Leaves me with no doubt at all
Just where I have been

The ancient ones are calling
The day is drawing near
Where I again must use my strength
And overcome all fear

With gentle words they whisper
And send out bright light beams
That guide me through eternity
With magic and with dreams

And now forever humbled
By everything in sight
I’ll do my best to give my all
And thank the Tao tonight.

Thursday, 21 January 2010

The misty veil

The misty veil has lifted
I see a brand new day
Perspective has now shifted
I’m following The Way.

The Pain no longer gripping
Tearing at my soul
Reality now shifting
I am becoming whole

A universe to travel
Into infinity
Where all is one and unified
For all eternity

The earth she moans and quivers
And changes there will be
With strength and perseverance
We’ll bring back harmony

Celestial music calls me
The angels show their wings
Golden words are written
Sweet songs the angels sing

Deep peace it overcomes me
And I once more let go
Trust in life and alchemy
To show me where to go

Surrounded by sweet angels
That guide me every day
I’ll do my best to thank them all
When I have found my way.