Monday, 26 August 2013

Autumn Glow

The gentle wind that whispers/ As raindrops gently fall/ Replenishing the earth/ The trees stand firm and tall/ A hawk in morning sunlight/ Hear his whistling call/ A messenger on angel wings/ Bringing light to all/ Embraced by morning sunlight/ A warm deep ruby gold/ Shining like the dew at dawn/ Dispelling any cold/ The sweet bliss of creation/ Being birthed into/ A song that knows the lyrics/ To the music that is you.

Friday, 28 September 2012

Ecstatic Dance Of Joy

The gentle early morning light
The dawn calls out in sound
Feel the deep and rising heat
Connecting with the ground

Keeping focused on the breath
Joining hearts as one
In this place of purest love
Melt into the sun

Feel the heartbeat of the earth
The stars that sing in tune
The joy of this ecstatic dance
The rising of the moon

Flying now, so high, so high
With smiles that light the earth,
Entwined in love, as one as one
Experiencing rebirth

Chant the Om with bowl and drum
Vibrations filled with light
Trembling with ecstatic bliss
Pulsating love so bright

Rising higher, vital flight,
Merge deeper into this,
Celestial realms, the angel sounds
Breathing heavenly bliss

Wild and joyous, filled with light
Compassion fills the soul
Humanity in harmony
All things healed and whole

Monday, 19 December 2011

Love & Peace

Two hands clasped around a torch
A flame of pure white light
Riding free upon a horse
Lighting up the night

Free from chains we laugh and sing
We love with heart and soul
There is no fear, just peace and joy
All things healed and whole

feeling, sensing whole in being
A golden dawn begun
This eternal miracle
The rising of the sun

We are human angels
Come to earth to sing
And love and laugh and live and breathe
And fly on angels wing

The magic is eternal,
Connections made of light
Love always finds its way back here
Stardust shining bright

All is peace, all is love
Every soul is free
A vision that is born of light
Love eternally

Like a blanket woven
whose medicine is this
Loving kindness, nurturance
Wrapped in heavenly bliss

Shining as bright angels
Breathing soft and slow
In our hands the seeds of life
That we wish to grow

Saturday, 26 November 2011

Shining love

As beauty shines with love of life
This song with which we sing
That says we are connected
At one with everything

As we share with love each day
The gifts to life we bring
Singing the most joyous song
In tune with everything

Each drop of rain, each sunbeam
Each rainbow in the skies
Each act of love, each kindness
The radiance in our eyes

We bring our smiles to life each day
From the joy within
Our spirits shine with love of life
Dressed in human skin

Breathing soft and breathing deep
angel hearts that beat
In this place of purest love
Where our spirits meet

Sunday, 10 July 2011

The gift of life

This moment so immaculate
No words could ever say
What moves a pure and beating heart
To trust in love this way

For where there’s love there is no fear
There is only this
This moment of eternal joy
A sigh of endless bliss

The peace like softened velvet streams
The music of the deep
That stirs the soul in harmony
Awakened from its sleep

In crystal caves a memory
Reverberates in space
Recalls the joy and ecstasy
Where there’s no time nor place

Beyond the place that labels life
Beyond all that we see
Where we touch the perfect sound
That sings in harmony

Creation lives in every breath
In stillness hear the hum
Of all that was and all that is
And all that we become

Every breath a gift of life
Each beating heart so true
The miracle of life itself
The magic that is you

In gratitude we bless each day
For every breath we take
we give our love and share our joy
Our souls now wide awake

Monday, 27 June 2011

The Unicorn

In ancient forest emerald green
The trees call out to you
The birds all sing their morning song
The forest drips with dew

The mists that rise above the lake
The fresh cool mountain breeze
A unicorn comes into view
You mount his back with ease

He’s glad you came and wants to ride
Through diamond rainbow light
And shine as though a million stars
Have touched your soul tonight

In meadows filled with wild flowers
The alpine morning air
You ride the back of unicorn
Sunlight in your hair

The ancient ones have called to you
They know you’re on a mission
They know the truth within your heart
The beauty of your vision

Keep breathing soft, keep breathing deep
Keep your connection strong
Keep sharing in the joy of life
And sing with love your song

A crystal cave high in the peaks
A candle flame burns bright
Magic stirring in the soul
Alive with joy tonight

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Peaceful Solstice Blessings

Solstice dawn comes sighing gently
Golden morning rise
Streaming sunlight, breathing softly
Azure blue the skies

Peaceful heart, this joy still rising
Every day a gift
The energy so bright & vibrant
Rumbles with the shift

burning sweetgrass, sage & cedar
Send blessing for the day
Drum with love in chanting trance
With gratitude, I pray

To each & everyone around
To every living thing
May you be healthy, loved & peaceful
Safe in angels wings

May you feel the loving presence
Everywhere you are
May you see the light within you
Shine with every star

May every day bring forth sweet blessings
May life forever sing
May each heart shine with love & laughter
At peace with everything

May every touch be one of healing
May angels walk with you
May every breath be filled with living
May you love the things you do

And as the velvet sky of evening
Bring stars that twinkle bright
May you feel the love of angels
Embrace you with their light