Monday, 19 December 2011

Love & Peace

Two hands clasped around a torch
A flame of pure white light
Riding free upon a horse
Lighting up the night

Free from chains we laugh and sing
We love with heart and soul
There is no fear, just peace and joy
All things healed and whole

feeling, sensing whole in being
A golden dawn begun
This eternal miracle
The rising of the sun

We are human angels
Come to earth to sing
And love and laugh and live and breathe
And fly on angels wing

The magic is eternal,
Connections made of light
Love always finds its way back here
Stardust shining bright

All is peace, all is love
Every soul is free
A vision that is born of light
Love eternally

Like a blanket woven
whose medicine is this
Loving kindness, nurturance
Wrapped in heavenly bliss

Shining as bright angels
Breathing soft and slow
In our hands the seeds of life
That we wish to grow