Thursday, 28 October 2010

Shining light

Be kind, be true, be good to you
In stillness sit and be
Open up your tender heart
And let your love run free

Sisters, brothers holding hands
joining hearts in song
All connected in the light
The love it shines as one

Light up your face with total joy
And smile at all you see
Find the peace within your soul
Where you can learn to be

Return to childlike innocence
Enjoy each single day
And one day you may be surprised
When life shows you the way

Don't ever underestimate
The beauty in your soul
Express yourself, enjoy your life
Be happy and be whole.

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

At the cabin

Catch a train in morning light
Dawn chorus fills the skies
Floating off in sleepy dreams
The sun is on the rise

Hoeing weeds in heavy rain
A robin starts to sing
The clouds float on, a bright sun shines
A red kite on the wing

A heron flies through crimson skies
The clouds tinged with rose gold
A blaze of fiery autumn light
A marvel to behold

An old man on the riverbank
His fishing rod in hand
Speaks of nature and of peace
This place we understand

In the woods the trees explode
A deep red, golden hue
The emerald grass it sparkles bright
The lake an azure blue

Sit with love and gratitude
Be as the evening sky
Give a little smile to life
And sigh a little sigh.

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Ride the waves

In the meadow feel the heat
burning underneath your feet
Rising up to to touch the sun
Connecting with all life as one.

Spinning spirals ever turning
From wise sages, always learning
The racing of a heart that quickens
In the stillness opens, listens

Bonds of friendship never lost
In love we trust, there is no cost
Keep on loving, keep on learning
The heat that rises, keeps on burning

Holding thoughts of pure intent
Some things it seems are heaven sent
Keep the channels open wide
On waves of light learn how to ride

Accept the darkness of the night
Howl at the moon that shines so bright
Arms outstretched pray to the source
Trust the guidance on your course

Feel the heartbeat of the One
Chanting the eternal OM
This miracle of life we see
Open, flow and learn to be.

Monday, 25 October 2010

Fluctuating energies

The world turns on its axis
The rumble of the night
Prayers for peace and unity
The bright beams of moonlight

Trembling in the darkness
A place at times I go
Breathing slow and breathing deep
allowing love to flow

Arms outstretched in stillness
Connecting with the One
The angel bells they twinkle
A deep resounding Om

Retreating into silence
The stillness runs so deep
The vital flowing life force
Preventing any sleep

The scent of sweet aromas
Blue lights that flash so bright
The ever spinning vortex
Spins late into the night

A heartbeat races, quickens
Re centre, balance, ground
Keep on breathing, feel the peace
As life keeps spinning round

Friday, 15 October 2010

trusting the magic

Sit gently in the sunrise
So radiant the glow
Breathe deep into the golden rays
Relax into the flow

Venus light, the morning star
Twinkles in the sky
Feel the light within your heart
And watch the sparkles fly

In the meadow feel the earth
So soft beneath your feet
The holy wind blows through your hair
So gentle and so sweet

Sit and gaze in wonder
This feeling deep inside
Be at peace feel love and joy
A heart that opens wide

Trusting in the magic
So radiant and bright
Dance and sing and shine with joy
Connected by the light

A hawk it hovers in mid air
And calls out whilst in flight
Breathing deep, an open heart
Beams out with love tonight

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Drifting through the night

So silently the twilight falls
A velvet cloak of night
Flying through the universe
On shining beams of light

Sweet Pegasus your wings unfold
Through starry skies take flight
Breathe deeply and immerse yourself
In neptune's bright blue light

This ship we call our mother earth
Spinning here in space
Wake to all the wonder
and beauty of this place

the waxing moon a sliver
Will be full in a while
The sun's light shines upon her face
a silver crescent smile

Sink into the nightime
The quiet gentle sound
And as the night sky drops its cloak
I feel the earth's heart pound

Sunday, 10 October 2010

The magic of an autumn day

So deep inside the heart now
Opening so wide
Expanded love just let it flow
From this place deep inside

Anchoring the energy
In rose gold shining light
Pulsating beaming life force
Magic shining bright

Call upon the angels
To gently guide you through
Twinkle as the starry sky
And sparkle as the dew

Touch each soul with kindness
With peace and unity
Surrender to each moment
Allow yourself to be

Reach out to mother nature
Connect with all as one
Be the love and harmonise
Shine brightly as the sun

Friday, 8 October 2010

The beauty of Autumn

The dragonflies dance,
A hawk on the wing,
The swallows all swoop and dive
as they sing

The warm wind that rustles
the bright golden leaves
That light up the path
As they fall from the trees

The green meadow sparkles
I dance and I sing
And throw up my arms
To embrace everything

An open heart glows
And radiates love
Connected to all
that's below and above

And as the sky darkens
And turns into night
Sweet melodies touch
And hearts fill with light

So touched by all life
And blessed for the chance
To feel so much peace
And joy while I dance

So blessed and enraptured
And filled with such bliss
I bow to the stars
And blow life a kiss

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Autumn Sunrise

Breathing deep & breathing slow
With each breath relax let go
Feel the heat beneath your feet
Become the sound of each heartbeat

Feel the tremble deep within
The spirit cloaked in human skin
Vibrations raised in joyous light
Pulsating life force burning bright

Sparkle in the starry sky
Embracing life now, heave a sigh
In the stillness sit and be
Feel the wind move silently

Radiate with dazzling light
light up the sky and sparkle bright
Breathing love into the one
The rising of the morning sun

Brothers sisters of the light
Holding hands and shining bright
Sweet angels in a timeless dance
No longer living in a trance

Sunday, 3 October 2010

Enjoy the dance

Electric blue and violet light
Colours flashing bold and bright
Rainbows shining, The Essenes
Slipping in and out of dreams

Blue tits on the window ledge
Turtle doves coo in the hedge
An owl hoots loudly in the tree
A red fox runs alongside me

Voices chanting, ears are ringing
Listening to the angels singing
Smile at everyone you see
Find the still point, sit and be

Become the music that you hear
Be the love, let go of fear
Dance and twirl with sheer delight
Light up the stars and shine tonight

Connecting with all hearts as one
breathing slowly, chant the OM
Feel the sparks of magic fly
Let go relax and breathe a sigh

Friday, 1 October 2010

An Autumn Gathering

The wind blows through the autumn leaves
All swirling round and round
Mesmerised the colours spin
And land upon the ground

Walking in the autumn rain
Each drop feels fresh and new
No matter what the weather brings
Always enjoy the view

A gathering of kindred souls
Leaves magic in the air
Each one has a tale to tell
So much we have to share

The cheerful smiling faces
The sparkling friendly eyes
The gentle warmth of each embrace
Love wears no disguise

The open hearted sharing
Of dreams within our souls
Expanded light, all rising up
And shining in rose gold

Buzzing with the energy
Of synergy and light
Each part of the one-ness
Shines so very bright

How blessed are we to be here now
Together all as one
Soul stars twinkle in the rain
And sparkle in the sun

Appreciate each moment
For what that moment brings
And learn to leap off hilltops
And fly with outstretched wings