Friday, 28 September 2012

Ecstatic Dance Of Joy

The gentle early morning light
The dawn calls out in sound
Feel the deep and rising heat
Connecting with the ground

Keeping focused on the breath
Joining hearts as one
In this place of purest love
Melt into the sun

Feel the heartbeat of the earth
The stars that sing in tune
The joy of this ecstatic dance
The rising of the moon

Flying now, so high, so high
With smiles that light the earth,
Entwined in love, as one as one
Experiencing rebirth

Chant the Om with bowl and drum
Vibrations filled with light
Trembling with ecstatic bliss
Pulsating love so bright

Rising higher, vital flight,
Merge deeper into this,
Celestial realms, the angel sounds
Breathing heavenly bliss

Wild and joyous, filled with light
Compassion fills the soul
Humanity in harmony
All things healed and whole