Monday, 27 June 2011

The Unicorn

In ancient forest emerald green
The trees call out to you
The birds all sing their morning song
The forest drips with dew

The mists that rise above the lake
The fresh cool mountain breeze
A unicorn comes into view
You mount his back with ease

He’s glad you came and wants to ride
Through diamond rainbow light
And shine as though a million stars
Have touched your soul tonight

In meadows filled with wild flowers
The alpine morning air
You ride the back of unicorn
Sunlight in your hair

The ancient ones have called to you
They know you’re on a mission
They know the truth within your heart
The beauty of your vision

Keep breathing soft, keep breathing deep
Keep your connection strong
Keep sharing in the joy of life
And sing with love your song

A crystal cave high in the peaks
A candle flame burns bright
Magic stirring in the soul
Alive with joy tonight

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Peaceful Solstice Blessings

Solstice dawn comes sighing gently
Golden morning rise
Streaming sunlight, breathing softly
Azure blue the skies

Peaceful heart, this joy still rising
Every day a gift
The energy so bright & vibrant
Rumbles with the shift

burning sweetgrass, sage & cedar
Send blessing for the day
Drum with love in chanting trance
With gratitude, I pray

To each & everyone around
To every living thing
May you be healthy, loved & peaceful
Safe in angels wings

May you feel the loving presence
Everywhere you are
May you see the light within you
Shine with every star

May every day bring forth sweet blessings
May life forever sing
May each heart shine with love & laughter
At peace with everything

May every touch be one of healing
May angels walk with you
May every breath be filled with living
May you love the things you do

And as the velvet sky of evening
Bring stars that twinkle bright
May you feel the love of angels
Embrace you with their light

Monday, 13 June 2011

Gratitude for the blessing of life

So blessed are we to have each day
Another day to breathe
Another day to live and love
To give and to receive

So blessed are we to have this life
Such love to share with all
To have a warm and loving heart
If we see someone fall

So blessed are we and grateful too
For angels shining bright
For all the goodness and the love
Their pure angelic light

So blessed are to have this chance
To share in what we see
To spread the peace and spread the joy
Share creatively

So blessed are we to know such love
A flaming torch of light
That shines on through each single day
And keeps us warm at night

So blessed are we that we have found
Another way to be
To know that every act of love
Brings peace and harmony

So blessed are we to know we are
Of nature and of love
So blessed for all that lies below
And all that is above

Monday, 6 June 2011

Gratitude to Life

Flowing with the river
Breathing with the trees
The warmth of morning sunrise
The soft and gentle breeze

The dew upon the meadow
Angelic orbs of light
The stars that twinkle in the sky
All radiate so bright

The childlike joy of life itself
Shining from within
Embrace the day & touch the earth
With beauty dance & sing

Passion rising in the soul,
Rainbows of pure light
Create with beauty, joy and love
Sparkling clear and bright

Sweet Mother Earth, we breathe with love
With open hearts so true
With gratitude we bring our peace
Our love and joy to you

Sharing smiles with everyone
Radiant glowing love
Connect with everything below
And everything above