Monday, 13 June 2011

Gratitude for the blessing of life

So blessed are we to have each day
Another day to breathe
Another day to live and love
To give and to receive

So blessed are we to have this life
Such love to share with all
To have a warm and loving heart
If we see someone fall

So blessed are we and grateful too
For angels shining bright
For all the goodness and the love
Their pure angelic light

So blessed are to have this chance
To share in what we see
To spread the peace and spread the joy
Share creatively

So blessed are we to know such love
A flaming torch of light
That shines on through each single day
And keeps us warm at night

So blessed are we that we have found
Another way to be
To know that every act of love
Brings peace and harmony

So blessed are we to know we are
Of nature and of love
So blessed for all that lies below
And all that is above

1 comment:

  1. Your beautiful words have touched my heart. Thank you for BEing so perfectly you. @Dj_Sojourner