Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Shekinah's wind

Shekinah's wind moves quietly
It whispers of divinity
With these eyes I look and see
Eight herons fly in unity

They glide into infinity
Flying slowly, gracefully
With all the beauty that I see
I sit with pure humility

On bended knees amongst the weeds
Surrounded now by bumble bees
Covered by the shady trees
Breathing deep into the breeze

A beating heart now opens wide
A wave of love, a rising tide
Shekinah's wind moves deep inside
And on these waves of light I ride

Monday, 28 June 2010

Held in the arms of the Great Spirit

With soft calm strength true words are spoken
There is no pain, no hearts are broken
Love and friendship still remain
Cleansed in the truth of gentle rain

Today my spirit sparkles new
I sit and rest, enjoy the view
And blackbirds sing their sweetest song
As nature carries me along

Another feather I have found
From the crow, dropped on the ground
It symbolises all the love
Great Spirit sends from up above

I sit and watch as butterflies
Flit all around, light up the skies
And moths as huge as hummingbirds
Help weave magic into words

Be at peace and rest a while
Its time to find your inner smile
The tired eyes that have known no sleep
Will rest before another leap

Tomorrow brings another day
Another step along the way
Another chance to sit and wonder
As miracles unfold in splendour

The gentle wind its soft sweet dance
Blows through me, I sit entranced
With gratitude, my breathing slow
Send out the love and spread the glow

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

The Kiss of Bliss

Feel your spirit start to hum
To the beat of nature's drum
Melt into the golden sun
The joining of all hearts as one

When angels touch with fingertips
Know your spirit has been kissed
Ride the waves of heavens bliss
Close your eyes and make a wish

The sweet caress of gentle wind
The universe begins to sing
And messages Great Spirit brings
Unfolding of a fairy's wings

Ride on the back of unicorn
And sit and watch the rising dawn
Breathe in deep the early morn
The dewy mist, a new day born

Sparks they shine from star drenched hair
A torch of peace held in the air
A spirit shining, naked, bare
Its in the love for life we share

Compassion burns within your soul
How wise they are those knights of old
A story now starts to unfold
And magic shines in hearts of gold

A truth so gentle, falls like rain
There is no fear, there is no pain
for open hearts can only gain
The way back into love again.

Monday, 14 June 2010

A stroll down the mountain

Strolling down the mountain
I smell the morning rain
The clearing mist, the fog it lifts
I dance with life again

Down inside a cavern
The womb of mother earth
I learn of crystals and of peace
I learn about rebirth

Deep inside the stillness
My heart beats deep and slow
With purest love and clear intent
Awareness starts to grow

I wipe away the raindrops
So soft upon my skin
And look back on the months now passed
And see where I have been

And in this present moment
The stillness of the night
I sit with childlike wonder
As I breathe in the light.

Thursday, 3 June 2010

Being with Nature

Oh sweet and tender gentle night
Touch the earth and breathe her light
With softened heart that glows so bright
Learn to flow with second sight

Pound out a rhythm on the drum
And send out love into the One
Into a trance I gently float
A beam of light becomes my boat

Breathe down deep let out a sigh
With spirit wings we learn to fly
Connect down deep with mother earth
From her womb ideas give birth

Great Spirit calls out loud to me
To calm my soul and I will see
That all the things you’re called to be
Are mapped out in your destiny

So live, enjoy and be at peace
May inspiration never cease
Tread lightly on this mother earth
For through her soil there is rebirth

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

keep on keeping on

To serve with love and joy and grace
To navigate through time and space
To touch our bliss and grow our wings
To see the beauty in all things

To know ourselves right to the core
To seek out peace where there is war
To give and love with heart and soul
To keep creating for the whole

To keep on laughing, keep on loving
To keep creating out of nothing
To open til our souls run bare
To bring forth what we have to share

To be at peace expand the love
To fly on eagles wings above
To reach on out and join in force
To ride barebacked on freedoms horse

To give and love with all our might
To keep on pushing through the night
To follow with our intuition
To learn to see with clearer vision

Hold your own through all the shifts
Life will always share her gifts
See magic moving all around you
I guarantee it will astound you.