Monday, 28 June 2010

Held in the arms of the Great Spirit

With soft calm strength true words are spoken
There is no pain, no hearts are broken
Love and friendship still remain
Cleansed in the truth of gentle rain

Today my spirit sparkles new
I sit and rest, enjoy the view
And blackbirds sing their sweetest song
As nature carries me along

Another feather I have found
From the crow, dropped on the ground
It symbolises all the love
Great Spirit sends from up above

I sit and watch as butterflies
Flit all around, light up the skies
And moths as huge as hummingbirds
Help weave magic into words

Be at peace and rest a while
Its time to find your inner smile
The tired eyes that have known no sleep
Will rest before another leap

Tomorrow brings another day
Another step along the way
Another chance to sit and wonder
As miracles unfold in splendour

The gentle wind its soft sweet dance
Blows through me, I sit entranced
With gratitude, my breathing slow
Send out the love and spread the glow

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