Tuesday, 22 June 2010

The Kiss of Bliss

Feel your spirit start to hum
To the beat of nature's drum
Melt into the golden sun
The joining of all hearts as one

When angels touch with fingertips
Know your spirit has been kissed
Ride the waves of heavens bliss
Close your eyes and make a wish

The sweet caress of gentle wind
The universe begins to sing
And messages Great Spirit brings
Unfolding of a fairy's wings

Ride on the back of unicorn
And sit and watch the rising dawn
Breathe in deep the early morn
The dewy mist, a new day born

Sparks they shine from star drenched hair
A torch of peace held in the air
A spirit shining, naked, bare
Its in the love for life we share

Compassion burns within your soul
How wise they are those knights of old
A story now starts to unfold
And magic shines in hearts of gold

A truth so gentle, falls like rain
There is no fear, there is no pain
for open hearts can only gain
The way back into love again.

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