Sunday, 30 May 2010


We’re on our way, the journey’s begun
Talk to the wind, melt into the sun
Keep the mind focused on love and good service
With loving humility live life in earnest

Through all the shifts and the twist and the turns
Be loving, forgiving, be open to learn
Be all you that can, don’t hide behind bars
You know in your heart that we’re all shining stars

The gifts we’re all born with to share with the world
Use them with goodness and life will unfurl
Surf your way gently through waves of resistance
Be open to magic, of this our existence

So talk to the wind,
feel the sun on your face
And know that you'll one day
Fall into Grace.

Friday, 21 May 2010

In the Meadow

You can sow all your seeds in neat little rows,
I still love the places where the wild flowers grow.
Look at the tulips all standing like soldiers,
The wild flowers grow through the cracks in the boulders.

The bluebells they call me and I sit and listen,
And sit with the dewdrops at dawn as they glisten,
Obey all the rules of society's creation,
Or be who you are and enjoy your reflection.

Relax and be happy to be who you are,
Or be cut and arranged in a vase or a jar,
Our lives on this earth are so short you see,
You can grow as a tulip or branch out like a tree.

Be trained to grow around somebody's window,
Or let the wind blow you
Out here in the Meadow.

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Simply Be

You know that life's quite easy
If you would simply be
There's beauty in most everything
If you would only see

The sunshine and the laughter
Will raise you to new heights
Your heart it will be joyous
Filled with love and light

And if you get a bad day
When you are sad and blue
Don't be too harsh upon yourself
You know that you'll pull through

All it takes is knowing
That everythings okay
Allow the love that flows through you
To guide you on your way

Find what makes you happy
And then in time you'll see
That life itself is easy
Allow yourself to be.

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

The seeds of creation

In the hazy midday heat
Feel the earth beneath your feet
Open heart send out your love
To all around, below, above

Balanced now and harmonised
Taking life now in your stride
Shining bright and flowing free
New life bursts forth creatively

Through the chaos and destruction
Knock down the walls before creation
In time all things come to an end
Before they are rebuilt again

Watch your thoughts and be aware
Choose them wisely and with care
Within each thought a seed there lies
When it fruits don’t be surprised.

Surrender to the mystery,
And all the things your eyes can’t see
Let go and drift on down the stream
Gently taken by the dream

Wish for good and you will find
That good will come to you in time
All these seeds inside are growing
From the dreams that you are sowing

Friday, 7 May 2010

The Morning Star

A true heart is pounding
The sound of the drum
The energy’s rising
Face to the sun

Exploding with colour
Rainbows of light
The morning star calls
A message to write

When your spirit calls you
Some strange intuition
Will guide and will lead you
To follow a mission

Take note of the voices
That whisper to you
When gentle wind blows
Its message through you

Your heart it will open
And love will start growing
From Earth to the Heavens
With strength will start flowing

So reach out your arms
And melt into love
Become as the earth
The stars up above

The start of a change
Comes only with you
Let go of your pain
Allow love to flow through

In every direction
Become as the one
The starlight inside you
The big glowing sun

And rainbows will guide you
With bridges of light
And the moon will shine down
And brighten your night

Be open and soften
To each changing shift
And soon you will see
Through curtains of mist

When spirit it calls you
To follow a mission
Be sure that you listen
To your intuition

Your spirit will take you
On some strange adventure
Just open your heart
And stand strong in your centre

Thursday, 6 May 2010

A flower in the desert

A flower in the desert grows
In isolation she still knows
The sun still shines its golden light
And in the darkest of the night
The stars like diamonds always shine
She has no need to sit and pine
The desolation resonates
She still feels love,
she still vibrates
And now she knows she needs no one
To pick her up and take her home
For she knows in isolation
She's still part of this creation

Saturday, 1 May 2010

Opening up to love

The loving universal source says
dry your eyes and set your course
With kind and loving pure intent
On winds of change your dreams are sent

Spin through time all senses lost
Melt in the sun, become the frost
Feel the pound of each heart beat
As mother earth gives off her heat

At the core of our earth mother
She cries for us to love each other
Don’t get caught up in discontentment
And lead yourself to deep resentment

Instead she cries for us to bleed
To open up and voice our needs
To find ourselves and be at one
For us to know we’re always home

And once you find that love inside
Don’t hold it in with some false pride
Release the beauty in a stream
Of flowing words and rainbow dreams

And don’t forget to send your love
Out from your heart straight through the earth
And send it out into the skies
And know that love wears no disguise