Saturday, 1 May 2010

Opening up to love

The loving universal source says
dry your eyes and set your course
With kind and loving pure intent
On winds of change your dreams are sent

Spin through time all senses lost
Melt in the sun, become the frost
Feel the pound of each heart beat
As mother earth gives off her heat

At the core of our earth mother
She cries for us to love each other
Don’t get caught up in discontentment
And lead yourself to deep resentment

Instead she cries for us to bleed
To open up and voice our needs
To find ourselves and be at one
For us to know we’re always home

And once you find that love inside
Don’t hold it in with some false pride
Release the beauty in a stream
Of flowing words and rainbow dreams

And don’t forget to send your love
Out from your heart straight through the earth
And send it out into the skies
And know that love wears no disguise

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