Friday, 21 May 2010

In the Meadow

You can sow all your seeds in neat little rows,
I still love the places where the wild flowers grow.
Look at the tulips all standing like soldiers,
The wild flowers grow through the cracks in the boulders.

The bluebells they call me and I sit and listen,
And sit with the dewdrops at dawn as they glisten,
Obey all the rules of society's creation,
Or be who you are and enjoy your reflection.

Relax and be happy to be who you are,
Or be cut and arranged in a vase or a jar,
Our lives on this earth are so short you see,
You can grow as a tulip or branch out like a tree.

Be trained to grow around somebody's window,
Or let the wind blow you
Out here in the Meadow.

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