Friday, 7 May 2010

The Morning Star

A true heart is pounding
The sound of the drum
The energy’s rising
Face to the sun

Exploding with colour
Rainbows of light
The morning star calls
A message to write

When your spirit calls you
Some strange intuition
Will guide and will lead you
To follow a mission

Take note of the voices
That whisper to you
When gentle wind blows
Its message through you

Your heart it will open
And love will start growing
From Earth to the Heavens
With strength will start flowing

So reach out your arms
And melt into love
Become as the earth
The stars up above

The start of a change
Comes only with you
Let go of your pain
Allow love to flow through

In every direction
Become as the one
The starlight inside you
The big glowing sun

And rainbows will guide you
With bridges of light
And the moon will shine down
And brighten your night

Be open and soften
To each changing shift
And soon you will see
Through curtains of mist

When spirit it calls you
To follow a mission
Be sure that you listen
To your intuition

Your spirit will take you
On some strange adventure
Just open your heart
And stand strong in your centre

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