Sunday, 28 March 2010

Honouring the child inside

Remember as a young child,
What it was to feel,
That trees could talk
And fairies danced
And all your dreams were real

Remember as a young child
The magic that you felt
Examining the undergrowth
The earth on which you knelt

Remember as a young child
The music that you heard
That made you want to dance and twirl
And sing to every word

Remember as a young child
Thinking you could fly
Jumping off the tallest chairs
Reaching for the sky

Remember as a young child
Watching rivers flow
Observing ripples that you made
With stones that you would throw

Remember as a young child
How it used to be
When every night the sandman came
And angels you would see

Remember as a young child
How you would want to write
And once the coloured pens came out
You’d want to write all night

Remember as a young child
The joy in every day
When life it seemed was one big game
You couldn’t wait to play

Never lose that inner child
The one who loves to play
That playful child you are inside
Seems to know the way.

Friday, 26 March 2010

Wrapped In Serenity's Arms

Serenity, this peace and calm
Wraps me in her gentle arms
So sweetly lost within her charms
I sigh and drift away

The angels blanket me with love
And from my heart flies one white dove
The mystery lifts me above
I turn and kiss the stars

Falling deeper ever falling
Until the dew soaked smell of morning
Wakes me up into my calling
I open up my heart

Another new day is now dawning
A golden heart within me forming
On angel wings I am now soaring
I turn and catch the sun

Writing songs in poetry
With synergy comes harmony
Such wonders open up my eyes to see
My sight becomes enhanced

Energy expanding light
Open heart & second sight
Have led me through the darkest night
And now I have become

I sit here naked at my core
With these new eyes I gaze in awe
The mystery of life once more
Holds me in her arms.


At zero point, bathed in light
I hear an owl hoot in the night
A whisper of an angel calling
I take a jump and now I’m falling

I’m falling deeper every day
The Tao is calling out the way
My heart it softens opens more
I’m now the person at my core

Beauty leaves me filled with awe
In ways I've never seen before
Filled with wonder each new day
I let go and float away

I feel my wings as they unfurl
Bathed in coloured lights that swirl
I AM LOVE and I now see
That angels fly with synergy

Give love to everyone I see
Just following my destiny
I share in this sweet energy
And this is perfect harmony.

Saturday, 20 March 2010

DREAMS (august 09)

Weaving life's magic
With medicine wheels
Always in motion
Pure energy heals

Swirling in colours
Of deep rainbow light
Dreaming of panthers
That roam through the night

Feeling the force
Of a strong energy
Bright figure 8's
reveal unity

I sink even lower
A tranced state of mind
I call out for healing
An eagle I find

A huge sphinx like eagle
A dark cave he guards
Pecks out a diamond
Straight from my heart

Deeming me worthy
He shows me the way
But he is my guardian
And he has to stay

Inside it was glowing
With deep dark red hues
I asked if this showed me
The anger I knew

A voice stated calmly
That the passion of red
Lived here deep inside me
Was nothing to dread

The eagle he stopped me
As I turned to leave
He said he had magic
He wanted to weave

He laid one golden egg
And with his large beak
He placed it inside me
Its treasure to seek

He said it contained
The creation of dreams
And wanted to hatch
Inside of me

And as I write this
I want you to know
That dream deep inside me
Is starting to grow

Thursday, 18 March 2010

The cave of dreams (19/03/10)

The gate is huge and shimmers gold
A lion stands beside me bold
White robes glow, a guardian stands
He smiles at me and takes my hand

A statue of a huge gold bird
Asks me if I know the word
I chant out 'OM' and 'Elohim'
That seems enough and now I'm in.

This gold bird asks me what I've learned
From the voices that I've heard
I tell him 'to trust in your heart'
He seems to think I've made a start

I'm lost in here, its all so new
Another realm, a different view
A wicker basket in my arms
Filled with flowers, magic charms

Suddenly I'm at a cave
Another bird here guards the way
I know that I've been here before
I'm now the person at my core

The bird had placed an egg of gold
Inside me for me to hold
He said it carried all the dreams
That wanted to hatch inside me

And now it seems I have returned
Back to this cave, with all I've learned
And here I stand now with the egg
That contains the dreams I've fed

The cave now glows with rainbow light
and shimmering gold, all clear & bright
What dreams may come I cannot say
As I travel on the way

I feel at one with all right now
I stand here and thank the Tao
And wipe away a single tear
In gratitude for being here

Friday, 12 March 2010

Mystic dreams

Come gather round an open fire
And watch the flames as they grow higher
Let them burn down to their embers
As phoenix rises, she remembers

Stories passed down through the ages
From the wise ones and the sages
Carried here on laser beams
Reveal themselves in vivid dreams

Pythagoras, wild shapes are bright
Sends down numbers in the night
Eights & nines and twenty sevens
Celestial music from the heavens

Dreams of trees and fields of flowers
Rainbow colours, gentle powers
Golden spheres that glow with light
And stars that sparkle in the night

Stopping clocks & timeless falling
The spinning vortex always calling
Reveals itself in spiral form
New ideas yet to be born

A hamsa hand worn for protection
In everything I see connection
The ancients bringing knowledge down
To share with everyone around

A story formed in poetry
Is written here for all to see
This journey seems all upside down
I laugh at the heyoka clown

Learning lessons every day
With all who choose to seek the way
With open heart shine love to all
And make this journey worth the call.

Thursday, 11 March 2010

Walking with the angels

May sweet celestial angels
Bursting forth with light
Wrap their wings around you
And give you strength tonight

The whisper of their voices
So gentle, soft and wise
Bring joy and love into your heart
And lift you to the skies

May their compassion fill your soul
And see with clearer sight
The sweetness that you have to give
Their torches burning bright

May rays of sunlight break at dawn
and filter through your door
may your heart be filled with angel light
and never want for more

May you always feel protected
When curled up in your bed
And may you have the sweetest dreams
Always in your head

I wish for you the breath of life
So you will always dance
And may you see a brighter world
One that will entrance

When angels walk beside you
Know there is no fear
Wherever life may lead you
They always will be near

Your golden heart it shines now
You've flown on angel wings
So sing your song, light up the world
From where the magic springs

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

The Tree

Her tree roots sit beneath the earth
Her branches reach the stars
She’s looked around the universe
Peered at planet Mars

Her branches fill with birdsong
The squirrels running free
I rest my back on woody bark
And feel her energy

She’s been around a lifetime
Stood here in the ground
And yet she still awakens
From slumber deep and sound

I watch her in the winter
Branches steeped in snow
My gaze it fills with wonder
As buds begin to show

And as she re-awakens
Stronger than before
I feel her life force humming
Deep within her core

She’s been around a thousand years
This beautiful old tree
And there are many stories
That she has shared with me

Embracing all her beauty
The wisdom of her years
I’ve shared with her my secrets
Her roots have caught my tears

Together we have stood here
Watched clouds pass overhead
Braving stormy weather
Has kept us in good stead

She knows that I will love her
Come snow or rain or sun
She knows that I will nurture her
For she and I are one

Sunday, 7 March 2010

Sunny Days

Resting in the sunshine
Soaking up the rays
A butterfly’s unfolding wings
Takes flight on sunny days

Springtime brings emergence
New life cracks the earth
Beauty sings in harmony
Joy is bursting forth

The soft green grass it sparkles
With rainbows in the dew
Each single drop reflecting
A world within a hue

The trees they are all stretching
A time for getting dressed
With all the buds of springtime leaves
We are so truly blessed

And fountains of pink colour
Fill the clear blue skies
The cherry blossom flowers
Brings tears into the eyes

The gentle winds they whisper
That winters nearly gone
The robins now have changed their tune
And sing a cheerful song

Walking by the riverside
A flash of blues and greens
And golden sunlight fills the eyes
More vivid now it seems

A spark of bright clear energy
Ignites a time to sow
So plant the seeds of summertime
And watch the flowers grow

Friday, 5 March 2010

Love knows itself

In every person that you meet
Love knows itself
Through hearts that beat

Through every sparkle in the eyes
Love knows itself
In eyes that shine

In every little child you see
Love knows itself
And love runs free

In everyone who shines with light
Love knows itself
And love shines bright

In strong vibrations and connections
Love knows itself
In its reflections

With every heart that is awakened
Love knows itself
In all creation

In every gentle gust of wind
Love knows itself
And loves to sing

In suns that set & flaming skies
Love knows itself
In moons that rise

In every tree and every flower
Love knows itself
And shows its power

With universal force & might
Love knows itself
And love unites

And if you’re reading this you’ll see
Love knows itself

And what a difference love could make
If we learned to give
And not just take

We could make a better world
Where love’s true beauty
Would unfurl

So think on this next time you’re low
And let love’s beauty
Help you grow

Liberate your soul and see
Just how love
Can set you free

For my Dad

Puff the magic dragon
Is what you’d sing to me
When I was just a tiny tot
Sitting on your knee

Spinning the banana
A game we used to play
While sitting by the river Thames
On sunny summer days

Our London trips meant bookshops
And record fairs and tea
Our favourite little coffee shop
We sat in frequently

And then there were the marches
Standing for your rights
Running from the chaos
When it all broke out in fights

In life you always told me
Don’t bow down to the man
Just live your life and be sincere
And do the best you can

Walking in the woodlands
We’d talk of all our dreams
You would have been a rock star
If you’d had the means

Watching while you sat there
Playing the guitar
Listening while you softly sang
Sitting there in awe

Dancing at wild parties
In your robotic style
Always proud you were my dad
You always made me smile

Laughing at the stories
That you’d tell of your youth
Each one had a meaning
Each revealed a truth

I know you’re out there guiding
Each step along the way
Live your life, do all you can
Is what you used to say

Although you were my father
You were my best friend too
And everything I do in life
I always think of you

And though its hard without you
I’m finding joy each day
Just letting go and living life
And following the way.