Wednesday, 10 March 2010

The Tree

Her tree roots sit beneath the earth
Her branches reach the stars
She’s looked around the universe
Peered at planet Mars

Her branches fill with birdsong
The squirrels running free
I rest my back on woody bark
And feel her energy

She’s been around a lifetime
Stood here in the ground
And yet she still awakens
From slumber deep and sound

I watch her in the winter
Branches steeped in snow
My gaze it fills with wonder
As buds begin to show

And as she re-awakens
Stronger than before
I feel her life force humming
Deep within her core

She’s been around a thousand years
This beautiful old tree
And there are many stories
That she has shared with me

Embracing all her beauty
The wisdom of her years
I’ve shared with her my secrets
Her roots have caught my tears

Together we have stood here
Watched clouds pass overhead
Braving stormy weather
Has kept us in good stead

She knows that I will love her
Come snow or rain or sun
She knows that I will nurture her
For she and I are one

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