Saturday, 20 March 2010

DREAMS (august 09)

Weaving life's magic
With medicine wheels
Always in motion
Pure energy heals

Swirling in colours
Of deep rainbow light
Dreaming of panthers
That roam through the night

Feeling the force
Of a strong energy
Bright figure 8's
reveal unity

I sink even lower
A tranced state of mind
I call out for healing
An eagle I find

A huge sphinx like eagle
A dark cave he guards
Pecks out a diamond
Straight from my heart

Deeming me worthy
He shows me the way
But he is my guardian
And he has to stay

Inside it was glowing
With deep dark red hues
I asked if this showed me
The anger I knew

A voice stated calmly
That the passion of red
Lived here deep inside me
Was nothing to dread

The eagle he stopped me
As I turned to leave
He said he had magic
He wanted to weave

He laid one golden egg
And with his large beak
He placed it inside me
Its treasure to seek

He said it contained
The creation of dreams
And wanted to hatch
Inside of me

And as I write this
I want you to know
That dream deep inside me
Is starting to grow

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  1. Stunning Ju xxxx You really should look at getting your work published, you know xxx