Friday, 12 March 2010

Mystic dreams

Come gather round an open fire
And watch the flames as they grow higher
Let them burn down to their embers
As phoenix rises, she remembers

Stories passed down through the ages
From the wise ones and the sages
Carried here on laser beams
Reveal themselves in vivid dreams

Pythagoras, wild shapes are bright
Sends down numbers in the night
Eights & nines and twenty sevens
Celestial music from the heavens

Dreams of trees and fields of flowers
Rainbow colours, gentle powers
Golden spheres that glow with light
And stars that sparkle in the night

Stopping clocks & timeless falling
The spinning vortex always calling
Reveals itself in spiral form
New ideas yet to be born

A hamsa hand worn for protection
In everything I see connection
The ancients bringing knowledge down
To share with everyone around

A story formed in poetry
Is written here for all to see
This journey seems all upside down
I laugh at the heyoka clown

Learning lessons every day
With all who choose to seek the way
With open heart shine love to all
And make this journey worth the call.

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